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Avenida Atlântica, 3668, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-001 Brazil
Avenida Atlântica, 3668, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-001 Brazil

Miramar Hotel by Windsor


342 reviews

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restaurantsugarloaf-mountainrooftop poolchampagne
 - We could also hear the lifts as the room was right beside them.
 - Very noisy fridge that would "buzz" when it would cool itself during the night.
 - but even whilst being there only a few days, we did hear a few people in the hotel state they were mugged.
 - Breakfast was very good with lots of choice - we didn’t get an ocean view room - whilst the view might have been good the noise I think would have been really bad.
 - Dont afraid about private tour sounds expensive
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 - The rooftop pool has a nice view
 - Pool at the Rooftop was amazing!
 - The roof top pool was also hard to resist.
 - The rooftop pool and bar is fun to hang out in at night.
 - Check in, drop your bags in the beautiful comfy room and head to the rooftop pool.
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 - There was a number of times during my stay when I would be laying in bed and was awoken from people talking in the hall and doors slamming.
 - Be sure to have your taxi drop you at the front door on the side street rather than on the main avenue if navigating curbs is difficult.
 - Also the doors don't close unless you pull them too so the auto close would eliminate 2 issues.
 - The bathroom also had a weird layout which meant you could not close the door unless you maneuvered awkwardly into the shower first.
 - The only tip I would give is the concierge at the door of the hotel don’t seem to be that knowledgable of all the food restaurants and bars!
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 - From champagne greeting, to the frontdoor man(person) walking you to the car with an umbrella in the rain.
 - We got served with champagne
 - Check in smooth complimentary champagne.
 - Anyways, we're happy the service, positioning of the hotel, and the champagne breakfast buffet made it work out at the end
 - The breakfast was very good offering wide choice of food even champagne for those that want to start the day fresh :).
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 - The restaurant was very nice.
 - - We ordered a hamburger (room service) which was really good!
 - The restaurant is very very good.
 - In spite of a city wide quarantine in Rio during my stay (restaurants and bars shut down at either 5 pm or 9 pm depending on the evening) the hotel restaurant and bar remained open until 11 pm in order to accommodate guests.
 - The attached restaurant was also very good, exceptional service, as expected.
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 - There are only 2 things that I think they could do to make it better : blackout curtains and guest cards to use elevator!
 - Plenty of 220v sockets to charge our phones and gadgets.It rained pretty much for the 3 full days we were in Rio so we did not miss the view-as it would have been grey and cloudy anyway.
 - It is so suprising that using the coffee inroom was charged.
 - They went out of their way and checked us in at that time for no additional charge and also upgraded our room at no charge.
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 - Although we arrived in the pouring rain, by the second day, the sunshine allowed a stunning view of Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain from our room.
 - The location is difficult to beat and the rooftop pool area offers jaw-dropping views of the beach, Sugarloaf mountain and the surrounding neighborhood.
 - The pool on top of the hotel is really nice, perfect view over the sugarloaf mountain!
 - We fell in love with the views facing sugarloaf mountain.
 - Lovely pool with views right along the beach to sugarloaf mountain.
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Phone number icon011552139589204
Praia de Botafogo 242, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22250-145 Brazil
Praia de Botafogo 242, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22250-145 Brazil

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro


127 reviews

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restaurantsugarloaf-mountainrooftop barrooftop view
 - Probably the best part of the hotel is the rooftop bar which has a fantastic view of Botatfogo beach and the Sugar Loaf.
 - Yoo2 Botafogo has one of the nicest rooftop bars in Rio.
 - Our stay at Yoo2 has been great and service has been perfect, especially at the rooftop bar.
 - We came thanks to the hotels social media presence that shows the amazing rooftop bar and we weren’t disappointed!!!
 - I went to Yoo2 Rooftop Bar for New Years and it was simply amazing! Great location, staff super helpful (especially Diego!)
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 - though a bit expensive.
 - UBER seemed cheap so no issues on costs to go from one borough to another.
 - Being intrusive by complaining at the check-in, again complaining at the check-out and again complaining by Email afterwards only led to the promise that they are willing to pay me back the money by two different staff persons.
 - but of course these cost more.
 - Not extremely expensive
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 - We had lunch and dinner here a number of times and you can also just relax with drinks if you prefer.
 - The staff was very helpful, many spoke English and the food.
 - The variety, quality and his knowledge of cocktails is spectacular!
 - I tried Marcelus Negroni, a new version, this time with a special beer flavour.
 - Also excellent option for drinks at the rooftop and some nice food at the restaurant.
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 - Superb hotel, with incredible views of Rio and Sugarloaf Mountain.
 - Our room had a view of both the sugarloaf mountain and the Corcovado.
 - The views from the rooftop bar of Sugarloaf mountain were also wonderful.
 - My room was spacious, well-designed and with breathtaking views of Sugarloaf Mountain.
 - The room had the most beautiful view to the sugarloaf Mountain, also had a smart tv witch was awesome to connect YouTube and the Rooftop had a great bar with a dj by the weekends with great view of the surroundings.
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 - Great breakfast options and the roof top views of Christ de Redeemer and Pão de Acúcar are basically worth the entire stay!
 - but the rooftop views are amazing.
 - The location of the hotel, the view and the rooftop bar are definitely pretty nice.
 - The views from the rooftop bar of Sugarloaf mountain were also wonderful.
 - Don't miss getting a drink on the rooftop the view is amazing
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 - When we arrived in the morning after 15 hours of flight they did not even offer a glass of water , they just showed us common toilets where we did not even have the opportunity to take a shower and told us to wait until 2 pm to get the room .
 - but where the water pollution is such that nobody swims there).
 - the water was burning hot, then, all of a sudden, freezing cold, then, hot again, and so on!
 - Shower is small and the door opens inwards which makes no sense as all the water goes out the shower this way ( bad design).
 - but dirty water.
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Phone number icon011558556050316
Avenida Atlantica 1020, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22010-000 Brazil
Avenida Atlantica 1020, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22010-000 Brazil

Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana


466 reviews

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restaurantsugarloaf-mountaincopacabana-beachrooftop poolbeach view
 - Got an amazing view from the 33th floor of the Copacabana beach and Cristo Redentor.
 - The hotel offers a direct Copacabana beach service (just opposite side) with their contracted partner Flavio, also he and his people are very nice and welcoming!
 - but spacious part of Copacabana Beach, very safe location with a great rooftop pool; staff was extremely accommodating and courteous.
 - The hotel is very close by to a lot of the famous attractions around Rio and of course, since it’s beach front, easy access to copacabana beach.
 - We really enjoyed our stay because of the close location to the Copacabana beach, sugar loaf and close location to Christ the Redeemer statue.
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 - but if you are going to use it, prefer the morning because in the afternoon the water was already cloudy.
 - The jacuzzi in the spa area was dirty and with murky / cloudy waters (again).
 - Tap water is not safe for drinking.
 - There is no drinkable water dispenser except in 38th flood were the gym is.
 - Complementary water bottles does not seem to be a norm in South American hotels.
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 - The beach is just on the other side of the street and there are many restaurants in the area.
 - Rooms are new and modern with lots of amenities, staff very friendly and professional, spa, excellent and fare priced food and drinks, gym, swimming pools on 4th floor and rooftop .
 - Room service was very easy
 - Special thanks to all the food servers and bartenders.
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 - The rooftop pool is in great shape as well as the bar, best for a day stay.
 - The rooftop pool and Isabel Lounge is fantastic, so the view!
 - but spacious part of Copacabana Beach, very safe location with a great rooftop pool; staff was extremely accommodating and courteous.
 - The roof top pool is great,
 - Right alongside the Copacabana beach the location is superb, as is the roof top pool and bar.
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 - but had a stunning view of the beach.
 - A huge selection at the breakfast buffet and a very nice dinner restaurant that overlooks the beach.
 - Our room looked refreshed, we had a higher room floor and a wonderful view of the beach.
 - In addition, the room offered a spectacular view over the Beach.
 - The view of the beach from the rooms and from the rooftop pool is amazing.
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 - Then its another 15 minutes to get on an elevator to go anywhere else.
 - Were there no specific service elevators for these containers to be carried around?
 - constant slamming doors and noise from lifts.
 - Sometimes there were long waits for the elevators, 10 minutes to get into the breakfast room, another 15 minutes in line for the omelet an 25 minutes for the bellboy.
 - The walls are thin and the noise from the elevator and adjacent rooms is quite noticeable.
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 - The views are spectacular: you can see Copacabana and depending on the room even the Christ Statue and the Sugarloaf Mountain.
 - It is right across the famous beach and its boardwalk, a short ride to Corcovado and Cristo Redentor, a leisurely walk to Pao de Azucar or Sugarloaf Mountain, as well as the metro station, Cardeal Arcoverde, that takes you to the city's tourist spots.
 - I loved that the view from the shower was Sugarloaf mountain.
 - Great location, great views of the Christ and sugarloaf mountain.
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 - however, this is not an excuse for poor service and lack of hygiene, even less in a hotel like this one.
 - Operator was very inexperienced & poor English for an international hotel.
 - Housekeeping service was very poor.
 - We travel 2-3 times a year over seas and the Hilton experience has been so far poor to disappointing at the whole extend.
 - The New Years dinner party was over priced and the end head count was poor making it less of a party atmosphere probably because of how pricey it was and more for gold members.
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 - But the management is running a clown show, and the sheer size of the property sinks it.
 - The bathroom tap had a leak and dripped all day and night. 4.
 - but the bathroom will soon require a renovation.
 - It completely put me and my brother off as soon as we used it for the first time (and the last one, for sure) and we jumped out of the water and went for a shower in our suite right after, as it was truly disgusting (please see attached pictures).
 - The floor was not carpeted and there was no robe or slippers provided.
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Avenida Atlantica 3264 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-001 Brazil
Avenida Atlantica 3264 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-001 Brazil

Rio Othon Palace Hotel


276 reviews

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restaurantsugarloaf-mountainrooftop poolbeach viewroom view
 - The sink in the bathroom was practically clogged whereas it took a long time for water to go down the drain.
 - In addition, items like sheets and pillow cases are threadbare and even moldy.
 - Our room smelled of damp and the breakfast situation is unbelievable.
 - The rooms are outdated, we changed 2 times becauae if the smell of the rugg.
 - There was even dust on the furniture and MOLD in the BATHROOM‼️🤨 Thus, I called down to Solange to have my room CHANGED.
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 - Fantastic location on the south end of Copacabana beach - lots of options for restaurants and nightlife.
 - Location was good in Copacabana to beach, restaurants and stores.
 - The buffet breakfast is also of pretty low quality, so much so that we ended up going out to eat the last two mornings of our stay.
 - The breakfast was sad (best way I can describe it), the coffe tasted really bad and I often had to go to a starbucks to buy my morning coffe, and the rest of the food was just ok. got give them credit for diversity in food they had.
 - Many Restaurants nearby!
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 - Rooftop pool was an excellent addition as well as the free breakfast.
 - Good vibe from the rooftop pool scene.
 - The staff was fine, the pool on the rooftop and buffet breakfast are ok.
 - But overall hotel has a great rooftop pool awesome views 30th floor and free breakfast.
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 - Booked a corner suite overlooking Copacabana beach and the Sugarloaf mountain.
 - Great skylab restaurant on 30th floor with great view of sugarloaf mountain and christ the redeemer.
 - From the very start we were entered our room with an amazing view over the beach and sugarloaf mountain.
 - The room was very comfortable and spacious with an awesome view of the beach and Sugarloaf Mountain (V. Nice Sunrise).
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 - The hotel is old and the rooms are in need of renovation.
 - Also the lobby could use some updating.
 - The rooms taste outdated and you will find very simple outdated furniture.
 - but they’ve still NOT updated anything. ?
 - but have basic restrooms that could use some aesthetic renovations.
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 - Instead, if security is so important to the hotel, upgrade the elevator so only guests with cards can go up.
 - But the killer point for me was the elevator, the hotel was full and it took a REALLY long time to pick us up everytime we had to go down the elevator or up.
 - When we did manage to get, in the lift would not function as it was over-loaded.
 - buttons didn’t work, so people were getting in any lift and riding up to go down and so on.
 - but the lifts were atrocious.
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 - The hotel itself was spacious, and the room had a view over the whole of Copacabana beach - breakfast buffet was extensive to cater for all options, with stock always replenished.
 - Lets start with the pros: Had a top suite and the view from my room was truly amazing!
 - The hotel is nice and well located, the view from the rooms is amazing, as well as the rooftop with the heated swimming pool.
 - Amazing view from the rooms.
 - is the position central on the Av Atlantica some rooms have a great view. On.
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 - but comfortable with some outstanding views across the beach.
 - I had a nice view on the beach.
 - Very reasonable prices we were on the 25th floor with wonderful views of the beach.
 - We were on 7th floor so had side view of the beach
 - Try to get at least a room with a partial view of the beach.
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Av. Atlantica, 4240 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-002 Brazil
Av. Atlantica, 4240 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-002 Brazil

Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana


226 reviews

Trip advisor
 - A special mention must be made of the concierge service (in particular Leonel) who helped source carnival and day trip tickets to visit Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.
 - Spacious living room, bedroom and closet space and 2 balconies with full view of Copacabana beach and the sugarloaf mountain.
 - Sugarloaf mountain will be right in your vision.
 - Poolside has amazing views to sugarloaf mountain and has great drinks and nipples on offer.
 - Ramon who properly prepared me for how I was going to feel when I went to see Sugarloaf Mountain.
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 - A very relaxed atmosphere, music everywhere, people well educated The Spa is highly professional, the gym is huge, modern machines.
 - The rooms, spa, and gym are great.
 - Gym and Spa are great - spacious and everything on offer.
 - We enjoyed the sauna and the dedicated spa "elevator" was an added plus for privacy.
 - Comfortable rooms, stylishly renovated, attentive and cheerful staff (we especially love Ariane and Fabian at the Spa and Leonel at the Concierge).
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 - Furthermore, exclusive concierge (thanks Gustavo!
 - During checkin I was offered the opportunity to upgrade to Gold status which offered the exclusive use of the 'Gold' lounge on the 4th floor and almost private dinning to include breakfast.
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 - The first night they had a party until 02.00h which made sleep impossible due to the lousy insulation of the windows.
 - When asked if I can be upgraded from a city view room to an ocean view due to the inconvenience, I was told that I would have to pay for it.
 - The only negative is the hotel was very expensive due to the local holiday weekend.
 - Everything had to be cancelled due to Covid virus and all my guests were guests of the FAIRMONT .
 - The restaurant does not have a good service, dinner can take you almost 3 hours due to the slow staff.
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 - The food and drinks options by the pool are really good an reasonably priced.
 - The Fairmont offered many different nice restaurants and Cafe options and the location between Impanema and Cocacabana was ideal.
 - We also enjoyed lunch in the cafe beside the pool, and at the Michelin Marine Resto for a dinner to celebrate a birthday.
 - Special thanks to Marcio Nascimento for very good service during breakfast in restaurant.
 - Cocktails were good too.
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 - Although the hotel wasn’t busy at all , we were told we would have to pay half a day’s rate to keep the room ,that s their policy.
 - And to finalize, i forgot something at hotel, and they just use one kind of postal service, not the faster, just the expensive one.
 - Breakfast is overpriced, if it is not included in your rate it is definitely not worth the price.
 - but needs to make reservation and people statying in the hotel also pay the cover :(
 - but not for the level of facilities provided versus the price paid.
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 - Perfect location between Ipanema and Copacabana, great service.
 - The Fairmont offered many different nice restaurants and Cafe options and the location between Impanema and Cocacabana was ideal.
 - I am a accor guy, i love the style, the support, locations, its awesome.
 - Staff is very friendly and helpful (maybe the highlight of our stay), good location (exactly between Copacabana and Ipanema), comfortable rooms, clean and safe.
 - The location is incredible.
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