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5, Rue Chomel, 75007 Paris France
5, Rue Chomel, 75007 Paris France

Hotel Signature St Germain des Pres


572 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardensadviceboutiquerestaurant reservation
 - This 4* rated boutique hotel provides all you will need for a fun stay in Paris.
 - We spent 3 nights at this beautiful boutique hotel and enjoyed every aspect of our stay.
 - Comfortable boutique hotel with a domestic feeling.
 - This boutique hotel is full of charm and hospitality!
 - Lovely boutique hotel in Paris.
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 - The street was quite and the neighborhood is lovely, very walkable, amazing shops window shopping is top notch and you must explore the Luxembourg Gardens area and visit the Bon Marche and other famous shops in the neighborhood.
 - Super close to the metro, great boulangeries/patisseries, shopping, restaurants and Luxembourg Gardens for morning runs.
 - The hotel is within easy walking distance of many sites including Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin, Louvre, and Luxembourg Gardens.
 - Walking distance to attractions including the Luxembourg Gardens.
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 - Front desk was always friendly and helpful providing us with excellent restaurant recommendations and unique places.
 - They arrange transportation at the airport and secured all our dinner reservations which we picked from an extensive list of recommendations that were all within walking distance of the hotel.
 - They helped us with directions, restaurant recommendations and reservations before our arrival and while there, taxis etc.
 - On nights we didn't have specific plans Alice and Manuela were ready and happy to provide recommendations and they never let us down.
 - They provided restaurant recommendations and directions and made the reservations.
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 - They arrange transportation at the airport and secured all our dinner reservations which we picked from an extensive list of recommendations that were all within walking distance of the hotel.
 - The reception staff were SO helpful, and even made last minute dinner reservations for us because we had not planned ahead!
 - They booked restaurants for us , advised on covid testing, provided a kettle and a corkscrew and were just generally lovely people!
 - They booked and helped us out with museum tickets, dinner reservations, breakfast venues, travel tips, plus put our minds at ease regarding areas to visit/shop, currency, and customs.
 - They answered many, many questions and helped us get set up with dinner reservations, Paris Museum passes, tips and recommendation.
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 - Room fresh, clean, nicely decorated with a good mix of lighting.
 - The breakfast room was fun and breakfast was yummy, order the eggs.
 - Room was kept clean and the hotel sits on a very quiet street;
 - The rooms are comfortable and well maintained.
 - The rooms are very spacious and the location is perfect.
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 - A note to less experienced American travelers - the standard room is quite small compared to American hotel rooms,
 - though the rooms are really small they have added shelving and storage so very well.
 - The room was small, as advertised, yet so well appointed that nothing was missing, and I never felt cramped.
 - While the rooms are quite small (this is Paris after all!)
 - The hotel itself is small and so are the rooms,
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107 boulevard Saint Michel, 75005 Paris France
107 boulevard Saint Michel, 75005 Paris France

Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg


459 reviews

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roomluxembourg-gardensluxembourg-gardens proximityfriendlygarden
 - All staff always very friendly and professional.
 - Staff are friendly and helpful!
 - The reception staff was very friendly and l always ready to help.
 - The staff was very welcoming and friendly.
 - The staff was friendly, helpful, and when our French ran out, their English was excellent.
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 - Well positioned cosy hotel near the Luxembourg gardens.
 - We spent several enjoyable hours doing just that: strolling around the Luxembourg Gardens, visiting the nearby Pantheon and St. Etienne du Mont, and enjoying the Parisian vibe.
 - The location near Luxembourg Gardens was perfect for us.
 - This is a lovely small hotel right by Luxembourg Gardens.
 - And it's right across the street from the Luxembourg Gardens, which, had it not been raining, would have been great to enjoy for more than a quick walk there and back in the rain!
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 - Well positioned cosy hotel near the Luxembourg gardens.
 - The location near Luxembourg Gardens was perfect for us.
 - The hotel is perfectly located near to the Luxembourg Gardens and has a restaurant serving pleasant moderately priced food which was welcome in the context of the pandemic restrictions.
 - In Paris itself, it is in the best location - just near the Luxembourg gardens, where we go running every morning.
 - We were close to Luxembourg Gardens and within walking distance of St Germain and the Left Bank sites.
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 - Luxembourg garden is also just across a street, latin quarters, notre dame is just 10-15 mins walk away.
 - Nice to be on the corner of Luxembourg Garden and easy walking distance to bookstores, restaurants and beautiful, iconic buildings of Paris.
 - It is across the street from Luxenberg gardens one of the most beautiful parks in all of Paris.
 - Some rooms have a nice view over gardens.
 - but not least, the location can't be beat: southern part of the Latin Quarter, across the street from the Luxembourg Garden.
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 - We stayed in the family room and next time definetly stay again here.
 - We received a wonderful breakfast every morning - either downstairs or in our room.
 - Once he came in, he tried to gaslight me- the guest- and say the room was temperate.
 - The rooms and the hotel were beautiful.
 - Rooms are clean and cosy, with a good view overlooking the streets.
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 - The room was little tiny
 - The room is a bit small, which I was okay with.
 - Our room was small,
 - I would’ve given it 5 stars except for the very small room.
 - You have to get used to small rooms - it's Paris.
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 - It was rather loud at night.
 - The sirens were loud
 - It wasn't incredibly loud,
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55 rue Monge, 75005 Paris France
55 rue Monge, 75005 Paris France

Hotel Monge


419 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardensbus stationspaboutique
 - but there's two metro stations that are a few steps away.
 - Metro stations are very close by
 - Excellent hotel, clean, freindly and helpful staff, centered, two metro stations close, restaurants and bars close to the hotel, grocery stores also.
 - Hotel Monge is conveniently located on a beautiful classic Parisian street with markets, restaurants, pharmacies , bakeries, shops and two metro stations steps away.
 - but also close to two metro stations and bus line.
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 - Not only will you love the super clean and modern rooms - yes the beds are amazing- you will appreciate how the ambience of Hotel Monge makes you feel at home.
 - Rooms are updated and spotless, our stay was very quiet.
 - Our room had all the amenities.
 - Our room was very comfortable, with a king size bed,
 - Rooms are very well decorated and cosy with a private bathroom.
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 - Our massages were very relaxing and the robes provided were cozy!
 - Incredibly helpful and everything they organized was of a very high standard to dinning, sights yo see, spa treatments, flowers and chocolates……everything.
 - It was so nice to relax in the hamam, unfortunately I didn’t have time to try the massage,
 - Beautiful steam room downstairs!
 - The Hammam (steam room) is clean and very relaxing.
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 - Looking for a luxurious yet reasonably priced boutique hotel in Paris?
 - Wonderful boutique hotel on quiet street just a few blocks from Rue St. Germain and Rue Des Ecoles.
 - Nice little boutique hotel adjacent to many of the city’s universities.
 - A lovely boutique hotel in a brilliant, central and lovely part of paris, close to all main attractions.
 - This boutique hotel is great.
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 - We walked from the hotel to just about everywhere (Left Bank, Le Marais, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint Chapelle, Picasso Museum, The Louvre, etc.).
 - The hotel is wonderfully located in the Latin Quarter, a short walk from Notre Dame and Luxembourg Gardens.
 - The Hotel Monge is well situated in the Latin Quarter, a few minutes walk from two Metro stops and within an easy 15 minute stroll to both Ile de la Cite / Notre Dame, as well as the Luxembourg Gardens.
 - Just a short walk brings you to Notre Dame, the Seine, Luxembourg Gardens.
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 - The rooms are small (but that’s to be expected in a repurposed original residence)
 - Small room
 - The room we had was small,
 - Rooms are very small
 - The only remake I can think about is that the room is quite small, even the triple room.
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41 boulevard Saint Michel, 75005 Paris France
41 boulevard Saint Michel, 75005 Paris France

Le Lapin Blanc


450 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardenstouchcomfortable bedroom cleanliness
 - Even complimentary afternoon tea for after a lovely day sightseeing - very thoughtful extra touches
 - Pros: Excellent central location, friendly staff, good value for money, nicely decorated rooms, and the room delivered free breakfast was a nice, COVID safe touch.
 - There's been a lot of great finishing touches made in this hotel to make it as unique as possible.
 - So clean, with crisp quality linens, and lots of welcoming touches, like complimentary macarons in the room and free afternoon tea with delicious snacks.
 - Fun touches like bunny-shaped coffee mugs and trash cans resembling wrinkled scraps of paper.
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 - The room was spacious, comfortable and uniquely designed with a freestanding bath in the room and lots of mirrors and complementary colours.
 - St. Michel, the room was quiet.
 - had the perfect stay in a gorgeous room, amazing location right next to a metro stop couldn't recommend more!
 - but once in the room you see the quality of the hotel.
 - The room was perfect, loved the bathtub opening on to the room.
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 - but the room was far too small to have comfortably stayed any longer.
 - We each had our own room as they are small and European sized,
 - Room was a bit small and tight
 - The room was really small
 - Daily small treats in the rooms, high quality linens, small room
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 - The was plenty of storage space, bed was comfortable and shower was good.
 - The bed was very comfy and the pelows amazing (would love to know the brand!).
 - The bed was the most comfortable I have ever slept in and it was a struggle to leave it's warm embrace.
 - Comfy queen bed, private water closet, smart furniture & fixture design.
 - We had a 3-person family suite on the 5th floor - room was very spacious and clean, with comfortable beds.
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 - The hotel itself is amazing with comfortable and clean rooms.
 - The hotel is perfectly located, the rooms are clean and nicely decorated, and the staff is so friendly.
 - but the rooms are VERY clean and cute.
 - The room was clean.
 - My single room was immaculate, well-furnished and arranged.
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 - It’s walking distance from restaurants, Notre Dame, Luxembourg gardens, very convenient location.
 - Near Luxembourg gardens tons of restaurants and museums.
 - The hotel is very close to the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens.
 - So close to The Cluny Museum, Luxembourg Gardens and Notre Dame.
 - Luxembourg Gardens 5 minutes away, Louvre about 20 minutes away, Pantheon 10 minutes.
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 - In some respects the hotel is indeed “pocket-sized” as self-described (e.g., “lobby” is more of a small sitting area for 2-3; also the maximum for persons in the lift.
 - The only things that were odd were the narrow hallway to the lounge and the small elevator.
 - Sometime it takes a while for the elevator to arrive.
 - these is not a 4 stars, is a 2 stars renovated, the room, the bed and the bathroom are very bad, the reception non existent, the elevator and the escalator are very limited and dangerous, one hand towel for a couple, breakfast elemental in a small basement
 - The elevator (lift) was so small that only 3 of us could us it at a time.
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 - The only things that were odd were the narrow hallway to the lounge and the small elevator.
 - but kept scrupulously clean, stairwell and lift are tiny but what do you expect in the heart of Paris?
 - Only need to point out that the lift is small and just fit 2-3 person to get it.
 - The elevator is also very small.
 - The only downside - which didnt bothered me much - is that the reception is quite small, and we had to carry the luggage thru a few steps then inside a very tiny elevator that can only fit like two adults.
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14, rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris France
14, rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris France

Hotel Le Six


344 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardensmodernbus stationneighborhood
 - It is close to at least 3 different metro station and a really clean place.
 - Kind stuff, central hotel, close to many restaurants, bars and the metro station, many supermarkets and pharmacies around.
 - Whilst ever so slightly off the beaten track it is a short stroll into main areas and there is a Metro station within a minutes walk.
 - Very convenient location, very near to 2 Metro stations, very close to Luxembourg park and Saint Germain.The personnel were very friendly and help us a lot with finding local restaurants, attractions etc.
 - Stepped out of the metro station and saw the hotel just across the street.
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 - There is a small park on the street and it is a short walk to the wonderful Luxembourg gardens.
 - With Hotel le-Six being on the other side of Luxembourg Gardens, near so many Metro stops, restaurants, and easy walking distance from much of the top attractions, we had everything we needed at our feet.
 - A delightful 35-minute walk through the Luxembourg Gardens to Notre Dame.
 - Luxembourg gardens, a half block from three different metros, and a quiet street.
 - This location is near the luxembourg gardens, which is a lovely stroll with the family, we also had a wonderful dinner on Blvd saint Germain, and saw the sun set over the Seine. Lovely.
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 - Room was clean and modern.
 - The rooms are very clean with modern decor.
 - The hotel itself is fairly modern in standard.
 - Beautiful, very clean and modern.
 - The decor is modern , the lobby and lounge have photography, fashion and art books .
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 - It’s very well located for those who like this neighborhood, and the manager at that time was very nice and remembered the preferences of the clients, and lot of complementary drinks where offered every time.
 - Neighborhood is tidy and safe.
 - I have been to Paris many times and stayed at many different places in many different neighborhoods.
 - The hotel's location is perfect - easily accessible and yet tucked away on a very quiet neighborhood side street.
 - Special Thanks to Leticia, the Front Desk Manager, who was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood, where to dine and shop, and who helped us make the most of our brief visit to Paris.
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 - The rooms really comfortable with fabulous showers and L’Ocitanne amenities, bottled water and home made cookies waiting with a handwritten note of welcome.
 - I really enjoyed the private room and amazing bathtub with a skylight and great water pressure.
 - The rooms are clean and elegant.
 - The quality and cleanliness of the room was good, the staff nice and helpful.
 - Rooms and bathrooms were very clean, nice welcome products (delicious macarons, bottles of water every day, exclusive bathrooms products).
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 - It’s true in Paris rooms are small,
 - The room is small,
 - The staff is attentive and professional and the rooms small
 - The rooms were small
 - Rooms were as small as most part is hotels
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 - knocking on the door of the 70's me and my wife were struggling to spice things up if you get me ;)
 - He looked quite upset and started pacing the lobby and going out the door to get some fresh air.
 - and a separate walk-in shower, good-size dividing cupboard between beds and room door.
 - Some bathrooms are not well separated (they have a sliding door) with the remaining room, and this is uncomfortable for couples.
 - There was a minor problem with the lock on our inter leading door, which was really of no concern to us, yet the staff gave us an ice bucket full of soft drinks and champagne to apologize (a much appreciated gesture).
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17 Place du Pantheon, 75005 Paris France
17 Place du Pantheon, 75005 Paris France

Hotel des Grands Hommes


299 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The hoel is located on the majestic Pantheon square ,with Saint Germain Des Pres , and Quartier Latin at your doorsteps , within a short walking distance to the Luxembourg Gardens , 10 minutes .
 - You are a short walk from the 10, 7 and 4 subway lines, and an easy stroll to the Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame, the Musee d'Orsay and the Louvre.
 - Close to very good restaurants, excellent Fromagers, Boulangeries, wine stores,metro,buses, Luxembourg Gardens, etc.
 - Very close to train station Luxembourg gardens and bars and restaurants.
 - Convenient to Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens, Sainte Chapelle.
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 - but were delighted to find the dining room once more available for breakfast.
 - When you return to your room, in the evening.
 - I LOVED the room perfume.
 - We had others in our party with a different room that wasn’t overlooking the Pantheon,
 - The room was very clean, quiet and comfortable.
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 - The room was lovely and had a good view of the Panthéon.
 - Easily accessible by public transport, they are located right on the Panthéon square.
 - Our room was very clean and comfortable, and we were able to benefit from a balcony with an incredible view of the Panthéon.
 - Stylish decor, great view of the Panthéon from our room plus a warm welcome from reception.
 - First of all, it had an AMAZING view of Panthéon and really cute and romantic decor.
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 - Inside the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.
 - So incredibly helpful and friendly.
 - Front desk staff were so friendly and helpful the entire stay.
 - A very nice hotel with friendly staff and great facilities.
 - The breakfast was well presented and the service was excellent and friendly.
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 - Our room was small in size and I only counted 5 rooms in a floor.
 - The room itself was small (as to be expected in European hotels)
 - The only negative was our room was a little small
 - Rooms are small
 - We got a standard room and yes it is a bit small by US standards,
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 - No problem since there is an elevator right? Wrong.
 - Everything is on the small side, the lobby, the elevator, the room,
 - There is one elevator and a single spiral staircase.
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43 rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris France
43 rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris France

Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche


362 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardensbusstreet quietnessrestaurant
 - Short walkr yo metro , pantheon ,+ Notre Dame.
 - Also less than 5 minutes to the metro station.
 - Everything was a short walk or quick metro away.
 - Close to several Metro stations.
 - We arrived to Paris by train and were able to take a metro train from Gare du Nord to the hotel.
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 - Our room was spacious, comfortable and beautifully decorated.
 - We had two adjoining rooms, one with a rooftop view of the Pantheon.
 - The bed was very comfortable, our room was a good size (for Paris hotel), and the location is excellent.
 - The decor of the hotel is wonderfully quirky and the room was really comfortable, the toilet/shower/bathroom was spotless and lots of hot water and water pressure.
 - The hotel is well located, the staff are helpful and the room was very nice.
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 - Rooms and bathrooms are very small.
 - Very small room, extra tiny shower, there were hairs in the bathroom.Very poor breakfast with no fruit, no eggs, no ham, no cheese… No Hotel facilities.
 - Mini bar in room, small bathroom
 - The bathroom shower was tiny
 - Bathroom was also very small
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 - butter, coffee, jam and yogurt Hotel is located on quiet street and nearby subway and walking distance from everything Staff has unequalled amability
 - The windows were well insulated and kept out any street noise at night.
 - but in a quiet street.
 - Just an absolutely gorgeous little hotel, tucked away in a quiet street
 - but on a quiet street.
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 - Some nice restaurants nearby - try the Vietnamese restaurant directly across the road, also Au pere Louis on the corner.
 - We were close to everything, there were lots and lots of great places to eat nearby and yet it was really quiet.
 - The location is perfect, close to many restaurants and attractions, and is on a quiet side street across from a convenient laundromat.
 - but also very easy to walk around the St Germain neighborhood with tons of options for cafes and bars.
 - The hotel is also situated in a great area with lots of restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacy, etc.
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 - The hotel is very conveniently located close to the Luxembourg Gardens and the St German area and within walking distance of many lovely places.
 - I love the Left Bank and the Luxembourg Gardens, and this hotel is centrally located for visiting both.
 - It is ideally located very close to the Luxembourg Gardens, the perfect launching point for any visit to Paris.
 - Located in the heart of the city in the 6th arrondissement on the Left Bank, near the Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the hotel is on a quiet, narrow one-way street.
 - The hotel is situated with easy walks to the Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Musée d’Orsay.
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 - Very small room, extra tiny shower, there were hairs in the bathroom.Very poor breakfast with no fruit, no eggs, no ham, no cheese… No Hotel facilities.
 - The rooms are small (as most are in Europe)
 - Small rooms,
 - Rooms are rather small (normal in Paris),
 - Room was small
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 - When one enters the room, there is a small slot next to the door where a plastic key card is inserted to turn on the lights.
 - Plus the sheets sounded like plastic was underneath when you moved.
 - but the bed was covered in some sort of plastic mattress cover—like a college dorm room—which made getting a good night’s sleep impossible.
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19 Place du Pantheon, 75005 Paris France
19 Place du Pantheon, 75005 Paris France

Hotel les Dames du Pantheon


299 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The hotel staff are very friendly and accommodating… they are available for anything you need.
 - The staff was very friendly and the location was fantastic!
 - A very comfortable, welcoming and friendly hotel.
 - The staff is efficient, friendly, and extremely helpful, all speaking English.
 - The hotel is superbly located next to the Pantheon; has extremely friendly and helpful staff; its rooms, while not very large, are nicely decorated, have comfortable beds and a great shower even on higher floors; and there’s a small bar downstairs.
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 - Excellent hotel option for staying in a central location in Paris - walking distance to Notre Dame, the Seine, Luxembourg Gardens.
 - Beautiful location beside Pantheon and close to attractions (including Luxembourg Gardens) and public transit (subway and buses).
 - It's near the Luxembourg gardens and station which is really handy.
 - The Luxembourg Gardens were about three blocks away, and after a quick 10-minute walk we found ourselves in the heart of the Latin Quarter with a view of Notre Dame from across the river.
 - The area is the 5th arrondisment with easy access on foot to shopping, the Eiffel Tower , churches, and Luxembourg gardens.
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 - The room are super comfortable and the view of the Panthéon is exceptional.
 - A charming, intimate hotel in the shadow of Le Panthéon, a rather quiet corner of Paris.
 - My wife and I stayed at Les Dames du Panthéon over Christmas and had a great time.
 - Hotel les Dames du Panthéon is located on the right-hand side of the famous Paris Monument.
 - We had high up balcony room and able to sit outside and have a coffee overlooking Panthéon
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 - Quiet, perfectly located with great amenities.
 - The location is quiet,
 - I was concerned that because the hotel is located so close to the Pantheon that it might be noisy BUT it was quiet and peaceful.
 - Although the room we stayed in was on the fourth floor facing Pantheon Square, noise was not a problem.
 - It is in a very quiet area, not far from Metro lines and great places to eat.
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 - We had a great room with a view of the Panheon.
 - The best was the ubication and the Room
 - The room are super comfortable and the view of the Panthéon is exceptional.
 - Rooms are a nice size, have a small frigo & nespresso machine, with nice views of the Pantheon & Sacre Coeur in the distance.
 - The room was facing the Pantheon and was very beautiful.
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 - Rooms are actually quite small and pictures on website ,
 - Many rooms have small balconies with a small table and chairs to enjoy a morning espresso.
 - The room is small
 - The room was typical of a Parisian hotel, a very small room
 - The room while small (as is the way in Paris), was full of character, and all rooms have their own unique style.
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 - Rooms were a bit dark in decor for my liking,
 - The suite on the first floor was decorated in the Belle époque style with dark reds and blacks in abundance.
 - It was also a little dark and claustrophobic
 - Room lights are not enough and sometimes makes it very dark!
 - However, the lighting on the floor on which we stayed was incredibly dark, hence the 4 stars.
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22, rue de Buci 06 Arr., 75006 Paris France
22, rue de Buci 06 Arr., 75006 Paris France

Hotel De Buci


395 reviews

Trip advisor
roomluxembourg-gardensdecorstreetrestaurant reservation
 - It is steps away from great food and wine, whether at Atlas or Maison Sauvage, and has a with a lively cafe scene for well deserved after dinner drinks.
 - Rooms are quaint and decorated beautifully with an updated bathroom which included a waterfall shower!
 - The bed was comfortable, the decor was attractive, the breakfast was good and much better than the breakfast offering we had in the 5* hotel we stayed in the previous four nights.
 - Perfectly situated at the end of the pedestrian area of Rue de Buci, the Hotel is elegant and refined, with no pretention or anything like that.
 - Be sure to talk so Sanjay, the Chef Concierge, who has lots of great ideas on things to do all over Paris, whether art, food, culture or otherwise.
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 - Our hotel room was quaint and well appointed and the location is central to all attractions.
 - Rooms are quaint and decorated beautifully with an updated bathroom which included a waterfall shower!
 - but very little of that percolated into our room which was suitably provided with double glazed and well sealed (but opening) windows.
 - The hotel concierge, Sanjay, was extremely helpful in providing food recommendations, helping us set up our covid test for return to the US, and getting us acclimated with the room.
 - Rooms are nice, gathering area off lobby very comfortable for an espresso or cocktail, and the location cannot be beat.
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 - And, I hope to check out some of their other hotels - the Artus just up the street,
 - Even with all of the hustle and bustle on the streets below, once we turned in for the night and closed our blackout curtains, it was as if you were in the countryside part of France--very very quiet.
 - The room was very quiet, no street noise.
 - The bistros on this quaint street provide a perfect opportunity to relax and review the day.
 - They have especially good windows allowing not to hear the noise from the lively street it is located.
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 - His attention to detail and arrangements for our French Health pass and dinner reservations made our stay comfortable and carefree.
 - Not only did Sanjay help us with hard to get restaurant reservations in Paris,
 - They helped us with all the restaurant reservations.
 - Our every need was taken care, from booking tours on the Seine or the Eiffel Tower, in addition to recommendations and reservations for the best dining experiences.
 - but this is the type hotel that one can ask the concierge for any thing and they will accommodate from restaurant reservations to tourist advise.
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 - Within blocks of the hotel are some of the finest restaurants in Paris; the Louvre, the Luxembourg Gardens and Ile de Cite are a short walk away.
 - Charming decor (v “French”), amazing location (surrounded by restaurants, a grocery store around the corner, 10min walk to Louvre, Tuileries, and Luxembourg gardens), and best of all, warm and attentive staff.
 - Sanjay also thought we might enjoy an art exhibit at Luxembourg Gardens that we found very interesting.
 - The location is perfect for exploring Saint-German, surrounding by bistros, patisseries, and restaurants and within walking distance of the Seine, Notre Dame and the Luxembourg gardens.
 - A quick walk from the Ile de la Cite as well as the Luxembourg Gardens.
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 - The room was small
 - Our room was a bit small,
 - The room was small
 - Room was small
 - As with most all Paris hotels, the rooms are small, really small.
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 - but construction starts between 8:00 and 8:30, and usually not a lot of noise.
 - Hotel room cost could have been reduced due to construction on the premises.
 - Our room was on the interior and a construction site.
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 - The bathrooms are tiny
 - Tiny bathroom actually was functional.
 - Small bathroom
 - The bathrooms are small by American standards,
 - Room was very small and bath was tiny.
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22 rue Saint Sulpice, 75006 Paris France
22 rue Saint Sulpice, 75006 Paris France

Hotel Esprit Saint Germain


522 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The staff were amazing and very helpful.
 - Room was delightful, staff all excellent & very attentive.
 - First, they welcomed us with a glass of champagne.
 - From the amazing staff, delicious breakfast every morning, incredible champagne served every evening to the cozy and intimate room we were spoiled with our visit here and did not want to leave!
 - The front desk helped so much with helping us find where to take our PCR test for our travels.
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 - The best aspect of Hotel Esprit Saint Germain is that it is near terrific shopping and restaurants and is a pleasant walk from the Church of Saint-Sulpice, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame, the Seine, and other touristy activities.
 - The hotel is located in a wonderful place, and there's a lot right within walking distance (Notre Dame, the Seine, Luxembourg Gardens, St. Suplice, etc.).
 - Highly recommend the hotel - excellent location close to Blvd Saint Germain, Luxembourg Gardens and transportation.
 - The St. Germaine district was lovely, there was great food, great shopping, just 2 blocks from Saint Sulplice, 3 blocks from the Luxembourg Gardens, and only a 15 minute walk from Notre Dame.
 - It is only blocks from Luxembourg Gardens and is easy walking distance to the Louvre, the Orsay, restaurants along Rue Saint Germain and many other attractions.
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 - Very walkable location with excellent restaurants in the near-vicinity.
 - Incredible boutique hotel located at the Saint-Germain neighbourhood, with plenty of bars, restaurants and high-end shops in the surroundings.
 - Great location for exploring the city & close to metro.
 - The location is great for most of the sights in central paris and is quiet enough for a good night sleep.
 - The location is superb; one walks out in either direction to streets and streets of top stores and trendy restaurants.
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 - The rooms are tiny
 - The rooms are small
 - The rooms are very very small though, so if you wanted to spread out, this isn't the place for you.
 - Our credit card company reached the hotel and the hotel offered to either give us a refund or we could book 2 small rooms at a much higher price - we took the refund.
 - Rooms are on the small size
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 - Room was delightful, staff all excellent & very attentive.
 - The hotel is very small (about 20-30 rooms) and has nice common areas (with complimentary soft drinks and champagne).
 - A high end hotel - rooms are super quality and service is impeccable.
 - The room was impeccably clean and well furnished.
 - From the amazing staff, delicious breakfast every morning, incredible champagne served every evening to the cozy and intimate room we were spoiled with our visit here and did not want to leave!
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 - The hotel is very small (about 20-30 rooms) and has nice common areas (with complimentary soft drinks and champagne).
 - First, they welcomed us with a glass of champagne.
 - From the amazing staff, delicious breakfast every morning, incredible champagne served every evening to the cozy and intimate room we were spoiled with our visit here and did not want to leave!
 - We enjoyed the breakfast and the complimentary mini bar in our room, and the complimentary champagne every night.
 - Really enjoyed the afternoon open champagne bar at the lobby.
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 - No one told us this, so when we suited up and went to the gym, we could not access it.
 - On its own that could be a plus, the problem is there is no way to wash your hands when you are done using the facilities before you have to turn the knob to open the door.
 - Their fitness room comes equipped with 2 pieces of aerobic equipment, a sauna and spa that you can reserve for your private use.
 - Small gym and spa.
 - But no matter—I don’t choose hotels based on gym or spa availability.
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