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310 West Broadway, New York City, NY 10013-2225
310 West Broadway, New York City, NY 10013-2225

Soho Grand Hotel


163 reviews

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petchinatownclub room
 - The hotel is in a great location so close to the shops and restaurants in the soho area and within walking distance to Little Italy China town and Greenwich village.
 - Tip - you are walking distance to many key locations like Little Italy, Chinatown, Battery Park, and the 9/11 Memorial.
 - The hotel borders Soho and Tribeca and is a short walk to China Town and Little Italy, so you really are spoilt for choice in terms of bars and restaurants.
 - Also nice location for SoHo, downtown Manhattan and Chinatown.
 - The hotel is also very close to Little Italy, Chinatown, and the 9/11 Memorial which shouldn’t be missed.
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 - Even after confirming my stay was paid in full I was turned away from the hotel night manager.
 - but paid directly at check-in??)
 - N/A
 - but I knocked my number one out for price (which with hidden fees - this would have been the same) and I took out another because there were repeated problems with billing.
 - Our room was small and tatty, and brown and orange, and even at New York hotel prices for $540 a night I expect more than a single dining chair to sit on in a double room.
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 - The private dog park was one of the most delightful and unusual features I’ve ever encountered in a hotel.
 - Also, we LOVE the hotel's dog-friendly policy - it's refreshing to stay at a hotel that welcomes dogs of all sizes.
 - They even offered us a dog bed and bowls if needed.
 - The Soho Grand provided a lovely weekend escape for me, my elderly mother and my two dogs.
 - but chose to try this hotel because it is dog friendly.
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 - I hosted my Engagement Party in the Club Room at the Soho Grand and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
 - The Club Room at Soho Grand was one of the places I had been that night,
 - There’s no other place to stay where I feel well served at the restaurant and salon bar, the Club Room is always a great time..and generally speaking, comfortable like home :) Kelley is extremely accommodating always!
 - Club Room Jazz nights are amazing !
 - We had a blast at the Club Room at The SoHo Grand Hotel.
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 - Showed up and the room is tiny.
 - The room was small for an upgrade,
 - Our room was small and tatty, and brown and orange, and even at New York hotel prices for $540 a night I expect more than a single dining chair to sit on in a double room.
 - N/A
 - but the rooms are very small.
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 - The hotel after having being paid in full from Expedia refused to check in me in at 1 am because they defaulted on their credit card merchant service.
 - Even if paying by credit card they will take a $200 per night hold on the card.
 - I had to call a few times to make sure they fixed the charges.
 - so they can’t take charges off or even explain them.
 - but got charged for it - or heaven knows what, anyway.
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180 10th Ave at 20th Street, New York City, NY 10011-4707
180 10th Ave at 20th Street, New York City, NY 10011-4707

The High Line Hotel


54 reviews

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petthe-high-line proximityhudson-yards
 - Easy walk to the West Village, Chelsea Market, Whitney and Hudson Yards.
 - The outdoor cafe is Jet Set and cool and the location is right next to the Highline between Hudson Yards and the Meatpacking.
 - Location of hotel is perfect for exploring Chelsea Market and Hudson Yards.
 - "Chique" pricey boutique hotel in old Episcopal Seminary well located near Chelsea Piers and walking distance to new Hudson Yards and 34St shopping.
 - Excellent room and location near fun things in Chelsea, including Highline; Hudson Yards; Chelsea Market; and Starbucks Reserve.
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 - Lovely rooms, wonderful court yard and across the street from the High Line and close to so many great places.
 - but we found the accommodation and service to be excellent, and it’s location close to the High Line and all the bars and restaurants in the area made it a perfect location to stay.
 - The location and price can't be beat - right on the High Line and close to the Whitney.
 - In a great location very close to the High Line and Chelsea Market.
 - Love the history of the hotel and the proximity to the High Line, Chelsea Yards, Chelsea Market, great restaurants, museums and the Starbucks Roastery.
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 - While there was a great coffee bar on the premises (a London bus in the front courtyard that opened early mornings and an in-building one that opened later), it’s very popular with dog walkers and passers by - so there was always a long queue.
 - And while this hotel claims to be pet friendly, sticking a dog with every imaginable stimuli isn’t friendly at all.
 - The staff was so friendly and accommodating and spoiled my dog Delores every time they saw her with kisses, pats and treats.
 - We spent a 3 nights weekend getaway - together with our dog!
 - The lobby truly sets the tone of the hotel with a coffee shop filled with young people and dogs.
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 - It was not worth the price of the rate they were charging.
 - No hot water one morning, coffee available outside, overpriced and couldn't even charge it to the room.
 - And the management has not returned my call about an charge to my room.
 - but it would be charged to our room which we declined.
 - Despite there only being one other room occupied, the concierge refused to let us stay in the room to sort out an emergency flight and said if we wanted to use the facilities past our check-out time she would have to charge us another full day's rate.
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851 6th Ave, New York City, NY 10001-4101
851 6th Ave, New York City, NY 10001-4101

Kimpton Hotel Eventi


155 reviews

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petbirthday celebrationkoreatownlarge bathroom
 - but no microwaves :( I also let reception know we were staying during my husband’s birthday (they could also see this on his IHG profile) and they said they would have something nice in the room upon arrival.
 - Megan (the concierge) has even decorated the room as a surprise for my husband birthday.
 - To a guy who has to have skimmed milk here in the U.K., it tasted like Christmas, birthday, and New Year rolled into one.
 - As it was my birthday, my partner emailed the hotel and negotiated a corner room with a great view of the Empire State Building.
 - It was my wife's birthday while we were there and they surpriced us with cake and fizz.
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 - I love most of the Kimpton Hotels for their service, eclectic decor and the love of dogs.
 - Aside from the pets, this would still be a great place to stay in New York.
 - but our dogs loved the concrete “park” right behind the hotel.
 - The Kimpton does it right and they allow pets!
 - Great energy as well as being pet friendly.
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 - On the way back we had a delicious late-night dinner in Koreatown.
 - but we wanted to visit Koreatown only.
 - Perfect location, short walking distance to Metro, Path train and tons of restaurants, bars, Korean town, Hudson Yards, and of course tons of shops, the largest Macy's and Times Square.
 - Within walking distance of Bryant park, the high-line, Koreatown, Empire state building and the village.
 - First off, the Kimpton Eventi is not in Chelsea, it is in Korea Town.
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 - The bathroom was large and modern and clean.
 - The bathroom was large with a big shower area, large sink vanity and separate toilet area.
 - The shower was a big walk in job and even I managed to put away my heavy rock persona and showered every day.
 - As for the rooms, the white marble bathrooms are huge which is very rare in NYC - plenty of space to place cosmetics, hairspray etc.
 - The marble bathrooms are big and beautiful.
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 - but it does not give a feeling of a service-oriented hotel and to make matters worse, guests are charged a 20 USD amenity fee which is supposed to include business services so one more reason to feel their refusal was a bit awkward.
 - They asked for another swipe of a credit card and then presented a new key.
 - I thought I’d charge my phone while having a glass of wine.
 - My only complaint. And it's not a major issue, is that upon checking out, they charged us a $20 per day "resort fee."
 - I had spent half an hour in the rain looking for the misplaced card.
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 - He was going to call 911 and that the EMT’s were going to come to my room and take me to the hospital and that the hospital would find me some where to quarantine.
 - And to think we are charged a $20 resort fee (amenity fee for local and long distance calling as well as the gym use).
 - I thought I’d charge my phone while having a glass of wine.
 - Or, at least call the fee something else, like.
 - but both over the phone.
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1 UN Plaza, New York City, NY 10017
1 UN Plaza, New York City, NY 10017

Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza


305 reviews

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petmanhattancity viewroom view
 - The hotel is one of three Hilton Millenium properties in Manhattan.
 - The room was clean and comfortable, and we found it to be more spacious that most comparable Manhattan hotels which are known for tiny rooms.
 - The view was great - you'll feel like the King of Manhattan every evening.
 - I've taken the most beautiful pictures of Manhattan from this room.
 - The views of both Manhattan and Queens are incredible.
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 - From the moment we arrived to when we departed there wasn’t a time we weren’t impressed by the entire staff (dogs included).
 - Security is present with a dog that has to inspect your luggage.
 - The pet owner was very nonchalant about our discomfort.
 - The hotel has a sniffer dog outside with a handler (unfortunately I don't remember his name) who were extremely friendly, upon returning to the hotel each evening he asked about our day and gave us some great tips on where to eat, attractions etc.
 - The security with the dog are friendly and the dog is adorable.
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 - Amazing view of the city!!
 - It was a really nice place for a good price with a very nice city view I would definitely return again.
 - Nice City views at night.
 - Hotel has nice views of the city.
 - We booked a regular room so just really hoped we had city views - and they far exceeded our expectations.
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 - In fact, I was charged for a breakfast I never took.
 - And when I checked in, the agent didn't tell me that I got a food credit with my Gold status.
 - Diamond members can expect to have a $15 food credit per day.
 - Arriving on a rainy night from Boston, we found there was no restaurant in the hotel and only a pick-up coffee bar off the lobby that charged very high prices for not much (2 mediocre sandwiches, waters and 2 cookies, $41).
 - My digital key was not accessible due to my phone dying, so front desk issued me a card key & had security escort me upstairs to verify my ID to confirm I was a actual guest.
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 - My digital key was not accessible due to my phone dying, so front desk issued me a card key & had security escort me upstairs to verify my ID to confirm I was a actual guest.
 - Nobody answered calls when calling the front desk, concierge.
 - During this phone call, my wife was told that we would have to request that the room be made up and supplies replenished and that it is not “automatic.” It would have been nice if this was conveyed to us upon our check-in the first day.
 - Hotel manager does not return calls.
 - but I'm really disappointed that I have tried multiple times (at least nine different times) to get in touch with the hotel managers, who have yet to answer my phone calls or return any of my messages about this.
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 - I cannot speak highly enough of the convenient location, great room views, well-stocked and convenient cafe shop, and as well the polite and friendly staff of this hotel.
 - We got a city view room and we could see the Chrysler and Empire state buildings easily.
 - On all the location was fantastic and the view from the room was spectacular.
 - In fact, my room had a great view of the East River which brings me so much calm and peace during my stay.
 - The rooms and view is nice
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2 6th Avenue, New York City, NY 10013-2401
2 6th Avenue, New York City, NY 10013-2401

The Roxy Hotel New York


801 reviews

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 - The live music in the evening is great and the collection of vinyl in the rooms is a nice touch
 - Everything was fantastic, the layout of the hotel was so unique, with great food and music, it exceeded all of our expectations.
 - The music is terrific and the food is great as well.
 - The jazz band plays in the lobby until 10:30pm, and it feels like they are playing right outside your room (it’s an atrium hotel).
 - Everyone is so friendly the bar is delightful, music is lively!
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 - The hotel is very pet-friendly, and even through we did not bring our pet we would have liked to one day.
 - We appreciated the pet-friendliness (our well-behaved dog was allowed to be left in our room unattended), and staff was very polite.
 - I can't wait to come back and bring my dog!
 - Just to note, this is a dog friendly hotel.
 - N/A
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 - The jazz band plays in the lobby until 10:30pm, and it feels like they are playing right outside your room (it’s an atrium hotel).
 - It's an atrium hotel and they play LIVE MUSIC in the lobby.
 - I am counting the days until the Roxy re-opens the lobby bar/restaurant, the theater, and the jazz club.
 - (There’s a coffee shop in the lobby).
 - The lobby lounge is comfortable.
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 - We ended our stay with a well-priced car ride to the airport ordered by the hotel (cabs in the area are a bit sparse)—bring cash for this as there is a surcharge to use your credit card.
 - At check out we were charged a $35 per night “amenity fee.” This may have been in the reservation terms
 - but they refused to reverse the charge.
 - Whoever is in charge - look at your dwindling crowds - how many people are in the movie theater ?
 - All these are available for hotel guests to use without charge.
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 - Music, movies and magnificent munchies to name a few reasons to stay here.
 - We saw a movie in their cinema, which we loved!
 - You might see some big film and music people staying here.
 - I am counting the days until the Roxy re-opens the lobby bar/restaurant, the theater, and the jazz club.
 - When we arrived we felt like we were walking through a classic theatre or jazz bar, very old New York and a great first impression!
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 - but you can come from another hotel to hear the jazz and have a drink.
 - After that, the music quiets down
 - Loud (although decent) live jazz until after 10pm each night on weekends (Atrium-style hotel, like an Embassy Suites) so the music comes up and into all the rooms.
 - It was loud in our room from the band - we were on the 4th floor -
 - The rooms should come with earplugs and they need to soundproof that lobby somehow.
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337 W 36th St, New York City, NY 10018-6558
337 W 36th St, New York City, NY 10018-6558

Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel


153 reviews

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 - My dog has been undergoing cancer treatment in NYC and the staff has made a stressful situation so much better.
 - Can't wait to come back with my husband and dog and take advantage of their dog-friendly accommodations.
 - We will be back and next time bringing our dog to enjoy as well.
 - Strong dog friendly vibes.
 - Colorful decor, warm and friendly staff , breakfast treats, dog friendly, great deals and the most comfortable duvets I've ever slept on!
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 - We chose this hotel bc of the reviews, sanitation features, and its proximity to Madison Square Garden.
 - Walking distance to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.
 - You are minutes walk from Madison Square Garden, Empire State building, Times Square etc etc.
 - It's close to times square and down the street from Madison Square Garden.
 - The location is fantastic, a few blocks from Madison Square Garden, less than a mile walk from Grand Central and easy travel around the city.
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 - You've got your bed, bath, free water & cookies, TV, and their virtual assistant- what more could you want?
 - Staypineapple is always consistent and reliable: Clean, comfortable bedding & linens, convenient location, friendly staff, yummy pineapple shaped sugar cookies.
 - Free cookies on arrival and bikes that were freely available for unlimited time on this cold fall day made this stay extra special.
 - I enjoyed the complimentary cookies and appreciated the accommodation for extending my stay when I needed to stay in the city an extra day.
 - The rooms r so small the bed is your couch and chair smh they didn’t have the cookies nor cupcakes due to covid they didn’t have a kitchen also had to order from a store up the block never again I wanted to love this hotel
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 - Despite this my AMEX was charged 767.53.
 - The only issue I had was with billing after my stay
 - I don’t like how they have a $100 security deposit, it kind of messed up some plans I had to do with the extra $100 and it confuses the charges made to my account when checking out , it charged days after my stay and left my account in the negatives
 - A couple of times we bought our own alcoholic drinks in to have in the lobby whilst playing cards and once we bought our own lunch back to eat at the table in the lobby.
 - There was no room to walk around the bed and very little room to put our bags.The hotel does charge an extra $25 per day for water coffee and breakfast snacks.
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 - The hotel is located close to Hudson yards/times square/Chelsea market which is a plus.
 - Close to Hudson yards and transportation to get anywhere you need in the city.
 - Close to MSG, PA Bus Terminal and Hudson Yards.
 - The location can't be beat - short walks to Madison Square Garden, Hudson Yards, the Empire State Building, and the Highliine!
 - Many places such as Times Square, Hudson Yards and the Highline or some Broadway theaters can be reached by foot.
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 - The room is small even with a king size bed,
 - The room was small,
 - Be prepared the rooms are very small.
 - Our room was small
 - I booked from and had no way of knowing the room would be so small that I had to walk sideways beside the bed to get into the bathroom.
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50 Bowery, New York City, NY 10013-4801
50 Bowery, New York City, NY 10013-4801

Hotel 50 Bowery


909 reviews

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petchinatownlittle-italyrooftop bar
 - - made any indiscretions or playtime for the dogs easy to clean up.
 - We traveled with dogs and they were welcomed as well!
 - The hotel was very pet friendly, which I appreciated.
 - The "pet friendly" room was great.
 - Robes on request, view from the bar INCREDIBLE, jog to brooklyn every morning, great take-out available, super dog-friendly and no pet fee!
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 - This hotel not only has the best location (heart of Chinatown)
 - Its wonderfully located in the heart of Chinatown, which means that it is close to all the great Chinese restaurants and a good selection of Italian food.
 - Amazing staff nice room coffe and tea available, great location Bakery discount is nice and located in chinatown.
 - Lots of food choices next to chinatown and little Italy .
 - Also, the location: Chinatown is so cool and interesting and filled with delectable foods, and Little Italy just a few blocks away, and Orchard Street, and Lower Manhattan a pleasant walk, and very easy to get around the rest of town via Subway.
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 - The rooftop bar is very nice with a wonderful view of the city.
 - Free coffee, water, and newspapers on the second floor were the best way to start each day and the rooftop bar served one of the tastiest (and stiffest) drinks I’ve had in a minute.
 - Roof top bar beautiful at night.
 - We stayed in the Bowery Suite which has incredible wraparound views of the city and more room than most NY apartments We very much enjoyed the rooftop bar as well.
 - Front desk staff was very friendly and helpful and the roof top bar has an amazing view of the city.
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 - Lots of food choices next to chinatown and little Italy .
 - Also, the location: Chinatown is so cool and interesting and filled with delectable foods, and Little Italy just a few blocks away, and Orchard Street, and Lower Manhattan a pleasant walk, and very easy to get around the rest of town via Subway.
 - Great hotel right on the border of Chinatown and Little Italy.
 - This hotel is a really nice location in the heart of Chinatown, a stone's throw from Little Italy and the villages, and with very easy subway connection towards midtown and Brooklyn.
 - It you are planning on a visit to Chinatown of little Italy book here.
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 - But guests' vax cards were checked and staff were wearing masks.
 - N/A
 - The breakfast was awful, and we opted on not using our breakfast credits while we were there after two bad experiences.
 - but I would just prefer this fee to be integrated into the Base Rate of the room instead of an extra charge.
 - I have to fly guest in for my show & sometimes I’m not able to be there in person & because it’s last minute I miss the credit Card Authorization window
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Phone number icon(212) 204-4980
6 Times Square SE Corner Of 42nd St, New York City, NY 10036
6 Times Square SE Corner Of 42nd St, New York City, NY 10036

The Knickerbocker Hotel


1771 reviews

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pettimes-squarerooftop barmodern
 - For the price payed we didn’t expect these issues.
 - We got an expensive suite hoping for something really special.
 - You still have to pay for the parking lot.
 - Not really sure what the extra charges were for (residence fee),
 - but not all hotels charge them.
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 - The rooftop bar is absolutely beautiful with stunning views.
 - If you looking for a rooftop bar that serves special cocktails, I recommend St.Cloud.
 - Rooftop bar is so nice!
 - Times Square roof top bar at its best.
 - Rooftop bar was very cool, pricey ($28 for 2 Corona’s)
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 - The Knickerbocker is hands down one of the best luxury hotel literally on Times Square.
 - Times Square roof top bar at its best.
 - First of all it’s a very well known place heart of Manhattan Times Square.
 - The large window gave us a great view of Times Square.
 - The view of the Times Square Ball was a plus!
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 - They are also pet friendly !!!
 - It was my first time at this hotel, check in was a breeze and I had my 75 lb dog with me and he received a very warm welcome.
 - but that also allow dogs (55lbs+).
 - Our dog was with us and it was no problem at all.
 - Many hotels claim to be pet friendly
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 - Not really sure what the extra charges were for (residence fee),
 - but they tried to charge me an additional 222$ emailing me about it.
 - Initially we were put in a room overlooking an interior rooftop, it was a minimal charge to change to a room with a view of the city which was totally worth it.
 - We then went to check out at 4am in the morning when we left and the bill had an upgraded room charge on it totalling over $150 for our stay!
 - When we asked about a late checkout they wanted to charge us a whopping $200 USD for a few hours!
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 - Well-appointed, lush, modern decor.
 - We got a junior suite which was HUGE , with high ceilings, nice modern furnishings and a seriously massive bathroom.
 - Perfect location, extremely clean and modern.
 - However, it has been remodeled using a modern palette, very tasteful.
 - Very contemporary.
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653 Eleventh Avenue, New York City, NY 10036-2004
653 Eleventh Avenue, New York City, NY 10036-2004

Ink 48 Hotel


254 reviews

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pethell's-kitchenshiprooftop lounge
 - As others have said, it can be audible (even at higher floors) if noise is something that easily bothers you.
 - VERY loud location.
 - The main issue was being woken up at 4am by the TV or conversation from a neighboring room, which was so clear we could almost make out what they were saying.
 - The week leading up to the event, Andreas (the Sales Director) was in constant communication with me to ensure we had everything we needed and all questions could be answered.
 - The drilling jolted me awake at 7:00 a.m. each morning (particularly awful the first morning when I had arrived well after 2:00 a.m.) and the drilling started at 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays.
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 - The website photos of the hotel look amazing; a beautiful view of the river and cruise ship terminal.
 - We had a view of the river which allowed us to catch our cruise ship arriving.
 - This motel is nice, the staff is very attentive, and the location is perfect to catch a cruise ship from New York City.
 - I opted into the last minute e-Upgrade and wound up with a FANTASTIC suite overlooking the river, the Intrepid and various cruise ships that were in NYC the weekend I was there.
 - We picked this hotel because it was near the dock our ship was leaving from.
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 - The rooms are very spacious (I booked a Premier Room) and the rooftop lounge is always a nice way to the end the night.
 - The rooftop lounge and the restaurant lounge (both I reviewed separately) are worthwhile visits.
 - The rooftop lounge is not to be missed (but be warned, the line forms early on clear days) with terrific views and attentive staff.
 - We had a River view which is very clear and crisp, the rooms with the city view can be assumed to be very nice as well, as the view from the modern and clean rooftop lounge was breathtaking.
 - Rooms are amazing the rooftop lounge called the Press Lounge has amazing views, drinks and ambiance.
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 - Great swanky spot near Hell's Kitchen.
 - We considered lots of hotels before booking the Ink48 in Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan.
 - I do quite like staying in Hell's Kitchen, especially now that Hudson Yards is open, which is a few blocks south of the hotel.
 - I traveled to New York City again for a quick 1-night stay in Manhattan on the west side in Hell's Kitchen.
 - Great location in Hell's Kitchen.
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 - I would say that unless you'll be partying at the club across the street, don't stay here.
 - Just think we should have been warned at check in about the nightclub when we arrived and given the opportunity for a different room especially as an ihg member.
 - but we were now paying full activity fee and the rooftop bar was closed for a private party.
 - however one of our party had a much larger credit card charge than he signed for which was rather alarming while the restaurant team were looking into why this happened, it’s not what you want to hear! !
 - Although facing the nightclub and the construction, we didn't hear any noise (and i am a light sleeper).
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 - I have secured another pet friendly NYC hotel and rebooked everything there.
 - PLUS we were allowed to bring along our dog, free of charge!
 - very pet friendly and lovely people.
 - They are extremely pet friendly.
 - Dog friendly and they actually mean it - as in they LIKE dogs.
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 - Sunday was mercifully an off day for construction.
 - But I will note that with construction comes loud noise.
 - but incredible construction noise.
 - but construction work on 2 sides means some external noise early in the morning.
 - During the daytime, noise was particularly loud—either from construction or a nearby lumber yard.
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848 Washington Street, New York City, NY 10014-1308
848 Washington Street, New York City, NY 10014-1308

The Standard, High Line


752 reviews

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petmeatpacking-districtbirthday celebrationstaying experience
 - My Lyft fares were decent and for all that you get, I would happily stay in the Meatpacking District again at The Standard.
 - Amazing location in the meatpacking district an in walking distance to endless urban nature walks from the Hudson River, a must-see stop at Little Island Park, hovering above the Hudson, serving up jaw-dropping sunset and big city views.
 - The location is very good as well, the hotel is conveniently located in the Meatpacking district with a variety of trendy restaurants and bars nearby.
 - Ideal location if you are visiting the Whitney museum, Little Island, the High Line, etc in the meatpacking district.
 - Met the Mayor of Meatpacking District Roberto.
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 - There were several dogs on our floor that barked continuously for hours (I love dogs so it stressed me out because I wanted to comfort them), people blasted music in their rooms, and one very wasted girl had a meltdown in the hallway at 4:30 am.
 - It’s pet friendly.
 - They are super pet friendly; my dog (and I) enjoyed the super comfy bed!
 - The rooms are great with amazing views of the city (and dog friendly).
 - Pet friendly for our 60 lb dog was great!
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 - It was a late Birthday gift to myself.
 - Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday than dinner at the Grill with Juan as our server.
 - I booked a stay at the Hudson Suite as a birthday surprise for my husband after doing my research.
 - Checked in for my birthday as a little staycation!
 - Thank you so much for helping me make this, in my boyfriend's words, his best birthday ever.
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 - but certainly underwhelming and not the non-standard experience I expected and paid for. .
 - We’d never stay there at full price.
 - One morning we had ordered two coffees, only one showed up and they said we would have to pay another delivery fee to get the second one.
 - For the price you pay, and for not one positive to come out of the night is tough to do.
 - There are other great hotels at that price point that are in much better condition and have better service.
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 - It was a very bad experience choosing the 17th floor, the noise was from the rooftop bar can be very disturbing and won’t let you sleep.
 - The only thing I will flag for this location is if you don't like loud music, avoid the high floors because you can hear the club ( bass from the music) in your room.
 - And the noise from the club on the 18th floor was quite annoying.
 - The floor was creaky and even moldy close to the shower. The table in the living room has sticky, yellow stuff on the edge (who knows what else they didn’t clean?)
 - In fact, the mood of the hotel is quite different on weekends when the noise from the club and the neighboring rooms can be quite annoying.
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 - Great helpful waiter, super personality, ask for Maxwell the grill has the the grill has amazing staff love your experience from Indiana and it was a great New York masquerade will always come back to this breakfast restaurant for breakfast
 - Our waitress was attentive, knowledgeable and professional really great experience.
 - She is organized, efficient and has insured that we've had a first rate experience every time.
 - We had a great experience at the Standard.
 - This was my first experience in New York period and at the standard.
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