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63 West 38th Street, New York City, NY 10018-3818
63 West 38th Street, New York City, NY 10018-3818

Refinery Hotel


712 reviews

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glass of winerooftop barempire-buildingrooftop restaurant
 - The room was quite large with a view of the Empire State building.
 - It was a lively, enjoyable experience that included a lovely view of the Empire State Building.
 - Excellent service, rooms very comfortable, amazing roof top with an Empire State view (difficult to do a reservation) incredible jazz music at the downstairs bar (from Wednesday to Saturday) nice location, good food and drinks.
 - The view from our room was the Empire State Building and the bar downstairs looked like it would be so much fun another time when the air conditioning is back.
 - The deluxe double queen room was a good fit for our family of four and we enjoyed our location on the 8th floor with a view of the Empire State Building.
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 - From the moment we arrived we were greeted with a warm smile from Stephanie and a complimentary glass of wine.
 - When we arrived, we were welcomed with an extremely welcoming smile, and a glass of wine.
 - The staff was super friendly, and even offered us a complimentary glass of wine upon check in.
 - My guy, N(R)ashid hooked me up with a bottle of wine and glass as soon as I checked.
 - She literally offered me free parking, upgraded my room and gave me a glass of wine!
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 - The rooftop bar is also quite popular.
 - Nice amenities like a rooftop bar, cocktail lounge and restaurant.
 - I love the history of the building and the rooftop restaurant/bar.
 - The jazz music every night in the lounge and the rooftop bar are both great experiences, w great bartenders and service staff too.
 - The rooftop bar was fantastic on the evening we made reservations for and our server was personable and attentive.
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 - Wonderful customer service throughout, great food at their rooftop restaurant and very conveniently located.
 - There is a youthful vibe because of the rooftop restaurant; so constant movement takes place from the hotel and outside guests.
 - The rooftop restaurant is very cool and perfect for entertaining as well for business travel.
 - The restaurants (Parker & Quinn and The Rooftop Restaurant) are welcoming, and they too let you immerse yourself in one of NYC's hip spots.
 - At times I need to travel by myself and the rooftop restaurant was fantastic place to eat so that I didn't need to leave the building.
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 - Note to the Refinery Hotel: Get yourself another Elevator Guy for the Rooftop.
 - To my misfortune the air conditioning broke and one of the elevators was also broken which made it challenging to balance between patrons going to the rooftop and hotel guests going to and from their rooms.
 - Air conditioning problems, 1/3 of the elevators not working, upon arrival no soap in the room, no wash cloths, no shampoo or conditioner, the bedside light was not working right.
 - They have 3 elevators and only two are working.
 - but every time I had to take the elevator.
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128 E 45th St, New York City, NY 10017-3104
128 E 45th St, New York City, NY 10017-3104

Club Quarters Hotel, Grand Central


560 reviews

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glass of winecentral-station proximityelizabethterrace
 - Close to Grand Central.
 - The hotel is well-priced and wonderfully convenient, next to Grand Central and near family
 - Great location near Grand Central Stations with tons of metro lines to move around the city.
 - This hotel was super close to grand central and the check-in/out process was super easy, all on your phone!
 - Helpful, friendly staff, very clean quarters, nice room design, comfortable bed, great location near Grand Central Station.
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 - The best part of the hotel for me, besides the well appointed room, was the 27th floor terrace.
 - 27-floor terrace has a decent view.
 - The location, room and the view from our floor and terrace was amazing.
 - The coffee and snacks provided 24/7, and the 27th floor terrace and also great bonuses.
 - There are amenities like a 27th floor terrace with snacks, coffee, computers and wine from 5pm to 6pm.
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 - the room was tiny like a closet, not a real room; the bed wasn't queen, it was more like a full size; no cold water in the bathroom, just hot or scalding hot.
 - The hotel is new, and well-designed; my room was small
 - The rooms are small,
 - The basic room I had was quite small and I think set up for one person
 - Only complaint is that rooms are way too small even for NYC standards
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 - Elizabeth at the front desk greeted us with high energy.
 - I had a very nice stay at CQ - special thanks to Elizabeth and Omar for making the stay feel nice from the beginning to its end.
 - Elizabeth was one the persons who assisted me throughout the weekend.
 - Elizabeth B., She is so wonderful, employees like her make it 5 stars.
 - Elizabeth at the desk was fantastic!
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 - Wasabi peas, salted peanuts sunflower seeds, pretzels, chips and my new best friend, a huge bottle of m and m's are available as well as a glass of wine at five.
 - Grab a glass of wine (or soda or coffee), and walk out onto the open air terrace, to take in some great views of the City.
 - Be sure to check the Club Living Room and have a glass of wine for free on the happy hour, also some snacks and a great view of the city.
 - Not to mention the 5-6 wine happy hour which was an unexpected bonus and let’s just say they weren’t shy in acquainting themselves with our wine glasses!!!
 - There is also a great lounge on the 27th floor for complimentary coffee and snacks along with free glasses of wine from 5-6pm daily.
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 - -The noise from the elevators was quite annoying, especially at night.
 - Not to mention how long it took for the elevator to get to me.
 - The only negative that we noticed during our stay was that we were joined by a maintenance engineer in the elevator during one of its stops when we thought that there was a one party/elevator policy.
 - There is a problem with the elevators that is frustrating and may be why one staff member at the front desk is so discourteous.
 - but when I stayed there in Feb, and elevators didn't work with regular room keys.
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 - AC was loud.
 - Room didn’t smell the best, AC was off so room was very hot and musty at first.
 - Room was tattered and AC unit was extremely loud..not a central run unit.
 - There was no hot water, AC was extremely loud and non fonctional.
 - I suspect there aren't enough staff yet, which explains why they didn't inspect my room when I first reported a damp carpet, and only came after the carpet was squishing with water due to a clogged A/C condensate drain line.
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44 West 29 Street, New York City, NY 10001-4241
44 West 29 Street, New York City, NY 10001-4241

178 reviews

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glass of winecoffee shopchelsealobby bar
 - Staff was amazing and the rooms, coffee shop, and restaurant are awesome.
 - They also gave us each coins to redeem a glass of wine for every night we were staying there from the coffee shop.
 - Stephanie at the coffee shop, and I sadly forget the guy's name who checked us in was great too, as was the bartender at the rooftop.
 - Coffee shop in lobby with baked goods, 2 bars - one in the lobby and the other on the rooftop.
 - Stephanie was working at the coffee shop at the time and I got to chat with her about her life and how she ended up in NY.
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 - N/A
 - One last note, the coffee bar in the lobby, also staffed by someone cheerful and friendly, has excellent coffee!
 - They have everything you need right on site; great coffee shop, lobby bar, roof top bar and restaurant.
 - We had dessert afterwards in the lobby bar (the dulce de leche mousse and the blackcurrent sorbet were delicious) and had a few glasses of wine and cocktails.
 - There is a coffee bar in the lobby as well as a cocktail bar in the back.
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 - While the room was small, we had nice city views!
 - The rooms are small,
 - Of course rooms are small, it's New York
 - The rooms are small,
 - even though the rooms are small, they are very functional.
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 - Walls and floors carry sounds, mindful of that.
 - Ours was against the wall .. a bit hard to get in and out.
 - The only reason for not giving a five star rating is due to what must be thin walls.
 - but hanging spaces off the wall.
 - only 3 hangers off the wall.
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 - They also gave us each coins to redeem a glass of wine for every night we were staying there from the coffee shop.
 - Free daily coffee, and a token each day to use for a glass of wine or a specialty coffee drink is a nice touch.
 - The free glass of wine at check in was a nice touch.
 - Nice and cozy place to hang out and the tokens for a glass of wine were sweet!
 - To top it off, they gave us a free glass of wine in the evening and (good) coffee in the morning.
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 - You're only a few short blocks from Madison Square Park and also a short walk from Hudson Yards & the High Line, Chelsea, the Fashion District, Midtown, and Gramercy Park.
 - Nestled between Chelsea and NOMAD you definitely can find tons to do and above all eat!
 - My girlfriend and I came across this hidden gem in Chelsea and we’re so glad we did.
 - Subway stations, taxis or walking distance to Chelsea, Soho, Midtown, etc..I also appreciate the valet parking!
 - Walking distance to Hudson Yards, the Highline, Chelsea galleries, Flatiron, and Korea town for starters.
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 - Cons: Sparsely furnished rooms, and I mean really minimal -- no furniture except a few stools, not even a closet much less a mini-bar.
 - There really isn’t much floor space and no enclosed closet.
 - If you consider your clothes to be art pieces and don't like the idea of hiding them in the closet.
 - No closets.. difficult managing clothes that may need to hang.
 - There isn't a closet space
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40 W 45th St, New York City, NY 10036-4261
40 W 45th St, New York City, NY 10036-4261

Club Quarters Hotel, Times Square -Midtown


713 reviews

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glass of winetime-squarefriendlyfree coffee
 - - The hotel staff is super friendly, I loved coming down to the lobby and talking with them throughout my stay.
 - Staff is friendly and the hotel rooms are fairly new.
 - The staff was friendly and were very helpful on checking in.
 - I loved my stay in this hotel, clean, excellent location, very good service, friendly and very accessible person (everything within reach) highly recommended !!
 - The location is convenient to the subways, the hotel itself is comfortable and clean, and the staff are very helpful, courteous, and friendly.
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 - And the complimentary glass of wine with snacks was a great wind down spot.
 - but they have a restaurant, also they have a nice free snack table and every day at 6:00 pm they offer a free glass of wine at restaurant.
 - Complimentary happy hour glass of wine.
 - - Wine at 5 every evening were they gave free glasses of wine to patrons.
 - You can grab a complimentary glass of wine at 5pm as a guest.
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 - We had to bag up our laundry and trash, both were placed by the elevator for housekeeping to retrieve.
 - No fridge and noise from the elevator are too loud!
 - One of the two elevators would get stuck on a level or literally has dropped from one floor to another.
 - Hand sanitizing stations were in the lobby, hallways and elevators.
 - The elevators are small so with social distancing that makes for long wait times
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 - The room was small
 - The hotel room is small about 170 ft
 - The rooms are small
 - Our queen room was small (bathroom even smaller),
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 - but because the heating system is 2 feet from my pillow.
 - The only super negative was that the aircon unit that was right next to the beds pillow side.
 - Interior room windows look out to the shaft, with an air conditioning unit below and open sky above.
 - The only way to control the unit was with a remote - which wasn't working properly.
 - Airco is noisy.
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 - Was located close enough to walk to Times Square and the theaters
 - - The hotel is close enough to Times Square and the theatre district to walk and feel safe walking back and forth (yes even at night),
 - It is a perfect spot to go enjoy Times Square, or broadway shows!
 - Close to Times Square/subway.
 - A couple minute walk from Times Square and 5th avenue.
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 - - There's a super cool coffee machine in the lobby (check it out for sure, coffee is complimentary).
 - The staff is helpful, and the lobby is excellent- with great free coffee!
 - You can refill water and make coffe for free.
 - Tip: don’t buy the coffee just take advantage of the free coffee in the ballroom.
 - During the day, there's complimentary coffee and light snacks.
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130 West 46th Street, New York City, NY 10036-8501
130 West 46th Street, New York City, NY 10036-8501

Kimpton Muse Hotel


187 reviews

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glass of wineboutiquelarge bathroombeach
 - N/A
 - I did grab a glass of wine during the wine hour one evening which was a nice extra.
 - We had a glass of wine during the wine hour -- nice!
 - Some lovely "extras" were the daily cocktail reception in the lobby from 5-6, with complimentary red and white wines by the glass.
 - Second, I love the tradition of the free happy hour for all guests -- I enjoyed a glass of wine with other guests in a festive lobby, filled with excited travelers.
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 - Engineering did come to check the A/C
 - The other problem in the room was the air conditioning.
 - Additionally, the room’s heating did not work so I had a floor electric heater.
 - We also had a fan that was very loud and go off near the bathroom every few hours.
 - but the unit was far too noisy to leave on.
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 - but other than that there are much nicer hotels for lower prices in the area (eg.
 - This hotel has truly skipped any protocol it should follow let alone faking covid safety it does not protect guests at any cost it is actually out to harm them.
 - Oh no, there's no dog fee!
 - When I complained about it, the staff told me they could lower my price as it was steady fully paid (full fare) -
 - but but it was a relatively miserable experience 1 - They have a resort fee.
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 - The rooms are nice with big bathroom.
 - On the other side of the wall, there was a king bed and a very large bathroom with a large tub and a separate shower.
 - The shower was large and spacious and had two shower heads which was nice.
 - The bathroom was spacious, with lots of counter space and a well-designed and well-equipped walk-in shower.
 - The bathroom was spacious and plenty of counter space.
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 - We had found a nice little boutique Hotel on 29th street that we have been staying at when we did our overnights and had actually made a reservation for this past weekend there.
 - This hotel is a boutique hotel.
 - Normally Writer stays at the Times,but Writer was asked to try this boutique hotel,Ohhh my God,this place,the staff first of all is the greatest!
 - That said - it is a boutique hotel in the heart of NYC.
 - A great little boutique hotel half a block off Broadway.
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 - had wonderful interactions with the front desk agents, including barbara, the entire time.
 - Barbara hooked us up with reservations for three meals…with the dog.
 - They even upgraded it for a room with a terrace (thank you Barbara).
 - Great service from entire front desk staff including Joanna, Barbara, Angel and Christopher!
 - N/A
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485 5th Avenue at 41st Street, New York City, NY 10017
485 5th Avenue at 41st Street, New York City, NY 10017

Andaz 5th Avenue


237 reviews

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glass of wine5th-avenyc-librarymodern
 - CHILL ATMOSPHERE AND EAGER-TO-PLEASE Vibes elicit “Ooohs AND AZ” When available we always book this hotel close to Grand Central on 5th Ave across from The New York Public Library (visit again & again).
 - Right in front of the NYC Library, this place is located in the heart of it all on Madison Ave. Clean rooms, slippers, bathrobe, and shower cap provided, not to mention the great water pressure.
 - The location across from the New York Public Library invites a visit by itself as well as the Theatre District so closely located.
 - Definitely a unique location, walking distance to time square, Broadway, Chrysler building, Empire State and NYC public library.
 - Great location across from the NYC Public Library.
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 - It was late when we arrived and they made us dinner reservations, poured us a glass of wine, helped us with our bags and parked our car.
 - It's lovely to be greeted with a glass of wine or sparking water the moment you check in.
 - but the hostess managed to find me a seat and I enjoyed a glass of wine (or two) and some bar snacks from the menu.
 - The staff was friendly always offering bottles of water and free glasses of wine from 5-8.
 - Great welcome, free glass of wine.
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 - - The bathroom door into the bedroom wasn’t flush so at night if someone was in there, the light cracked through - The blinds in the bedroom had a crack and light seeped through right on our face in the morning.
 - other than the weird lighting controls in the room,
 - Fix the lights, fix breakfast, put some maps of the area at reception, put a sign on the floors FACING the elevators opening so you can find the room and the swiller annoying things would be mostly fixed.
 - As I states, the fitness center could use better lighting and air flow.
 - Once the lighting was fully engaged, it was still comically dim.
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 - My husband and I just returned from a weekend stay at the Andaz 5th Avenue for my 50th birthday.
 - We've decided to book a night at Andaz 5th Avenue to have some fun in midtown.
 - Great location right next to Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, and elite 5th Ave shopping.
 - We stayed in a standard room at the Andaz 5th Avenue for two weeks and our stay has left us conflicted in a number of dimensions.
 - N/A
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 - The door slamming noises are especially a problem on the weekends when people are going in and out during all hours of the day and night.
 - - The bathroom door into the bedroom wasn’t flush so at night if someone was in there, the light cracked through - The blinds in the bedroom had a crack and light seeped through right on our face in the morning.
 - Furniture had chips and chunks missing where it had been hit with luggage over time, paint was peeling off part of the door, many of the handles throughout the room were loose and just spinning.
 - Shower does not have a door.
 - Rooms are " American" noisy, you hear slamming doors and everything or the corridor.
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 - The staff are helpful, the design is unique, great beds, big bathrooms, perfect blend of contemporary, classy, architectural, artsy and unpretentious.
 - The hotel is very modern and stylish with a friendly staff that was always there to help.
 - High ceilings, great textures, modern yet a warm feel.
 - Rooms were modern, spacious, and our suite had a kitchenette and large bathroom.
 - Room is very modern, no light switches, light controls are on panels on the wall.
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2178 Broadway at West 77th Street, New York City, NY 10024-6647
2178 Broadway at West 77th Street, New York City, NY 10024-6647

Arthouse Hotel New York City


731 reviews

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glass of winecentral-park proximitysubway proximitybroadway
 - The location was plus too since it was very close to the subway, and good restaurants are nearby.
 - There are so many great things about this hotel: proximity to the subway, Central Park, shops and restaurants.
 - In addition to being close to two subway stations, the hotel is in a region that, in addition to having many options for restaurants and snacks, commerce, is quiet and reasonably quiet, by New York standards.
 - It was easy to find and located near a subway stop.
 - spent 2 nights, great live music, great company will definitely return, close to subway and other transport, great neighborhood
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 - When we returned from a broadway show, we were surprised to see a bottle of wine and two wine glasses from Orlando.
 - The lobby area and bar is like a super sized living room, elegant and an enjoyable place to hang out and have a glass of wine, entertainment going on from time to time too.
 - Love hanging and drinking a glass of wine while doing some work.
 - Enjoyed the 2 complimentary glasses of Wine on the house in the bar area where the "Garage style" door opened wide to enjoy the lovely evening.
 - The bar downstairs is hopping and serves nice glasses of wine for welcome drinks.
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 - When I checked our, front desk wasn't able to give me receipt for the my 3 day charges.
 - The worse part was that I gave them my debit card for incidentals.
 - And in the end the total amount charged by turned out to be slightly wrong as they left out the New York City occupancy tax.
 - "Urban Fee" was tacked on to the room charge.
 - When I went to check out, the $100 pet fee had been charged twice, and they told me that it was per pet not a flat fee as I was told the night before.
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 - The arthouse is located close to central park and the red line subway station.
 - Lastly we are avid park goers and the proximity to Central Park just a short few blocks away is ideal.
 - Fabulous location close to Central Park and the subway stop and large rooms with wood floors and great views from the higher floors.
 - A great deal on the Upper West Side of NYC -- close to Central Park, upper Broadway, and of course Central Park.
 - Close to central park and zabars! !
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 - My Broadway view king room was spacious with a lovely cityscape outside the window.
 - For over ten years and spanning at least three ownership groups, I have stayed at the Arthouse/NYLO hotel on 77th and Broadway.
 - They have several Broadway View Deluxe King
 - I was giving a broadway address for this hotel,
 - This time I had a Broadway View room.
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 - N/A
 - N/A
 - I also want to state that I got it on Groupon so I didn’t pay the normal hotel price
 - And in the end the total amount charged by turned out to be slightly wrong as they left out the New York City occupancy tax.
 - "Urban Fee" was tacked on to the room charge.
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 - The rooms are small,
 - The rooms are small and modern.
 - Tub for shower, empty tissue box, dirty carpets, small room, dangerous shelf near shower, and uninformed staff.
 - Room was tiny.
 - Room was small
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Phone number icon(917) 540-4472
27 Grand Street, New York City, NY 10013-1618
27 Grand Street, New York City, NY 10013-1618

ModernHaus SoHo


192 reviews

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glass of winerooftop pooltribecaone-wtc
 - The location is to die for - amazing views of the Freedom Tower - great rooftop pool - great food - great service - we just had an amazing time - next time we are visiting Manhattan and staying the night - we will be sure to book The James New York SoHo.
 - Loved the rooftop pool/bar and the restaurants outside areas with lovely large potted plants and umbrellas.
 - The roof top pool/bar is a lot of fun as well.
 - We picked James instead of SOHO Grand for its modern design and rooftop pool.
 - The rooftop pool party was a lot of fun!!
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 - Check-in was really smooth they even offered a glass of wine for each of us.
 - Very friendly and offered us a glass of wine.
 - The concierge Bobby, was super helpful when we arrived and offered a glass of wine or water while we waited to check in.
 - Kris and Bobby at the front desk immediately sprang into action offering me a complimentary upgrade of my room and a glass of wine to take the edge off.
 - N/A
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 - I thought that for the price it felt a bit run down,
 - It gets very, very hot up there and if they're charging a resort fee, they should have resort drinks.
 - If I had stayed in the summer time I would have more than happy to pay the fee.
 - but there was 24hr room service and paid breakfast in room dinning options.
 - The room service is overpriced as room service often is
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 - though there is a different elevator for that).
 - The lift system is ridiculously slow.
 - although when we got in the lift to go to our room there were two slightly intoxicated guys inside who had mad their way down from the rooftop bar they were swiftly escorted out by staff with no fuss at all.
 - Their elevator situation was not handled well and there were no backups in case of emergency.
 - There was a female apparently trying to operate the elevators, and she let us on eventually when the pool party attendants were set.
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 - Love waking up to the floor to ceiling view of Manhattan and the Freedom tower skyline.
 - This year we wanted a view of the Freedom Tower.
 - The location is to die for - amazing views of the Freedom Tower - great rooftop pool - great food - great service - we just had an amazing time - next time we are visiting Manhattan and staying the night - we will be sure to book The James New York SoHo.
 - Looking at the Freedom Tower was stunning!
 - The James Soho is a terrific location on the edge of Soho, with the plus of a great rooftop bar, Jimmy's, with stunning Manhattan views of the Freedom Tower and the Hudson River.
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 - Rooms are just a little small
 - The room was small,
 - Rooms are small
 - Rooms are quite small and a little tired
 - I stayed here for one night at the end of my business trip and was scarred from my last hotel room which was very small.
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 - The James is in a prime location with access to all in SoHo, Tribeca, and the Village.
 - The James is a chic modern hotel right in SoHo and close to TriBeCa.
 - Stunning views of tribeca from the roof top pool.
 - This was a perfect base for shopping and sightseeing in the SoHo and Tribeca areas.
 - The hotel is in walking distance to Tribeca, Soho and Chinatown plus it’s a short walk to the subway.
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201 West 55 Street, New York City, NY 10019-5203
201 West 55 Street, New York City, NY 10019-5203

WestHouse Hotel New York


334 reviews

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glass of winecentral-parkterraceboutique
 - The location is great as is the Terrace lounge serving breakfast and early evening drinks.
 - The food at the Terrace was delicious, the rooms were clean and very comfortable!
 - The terrace on floor 23 is fantastic for both breakfast and for drinks and a light dinner or snacks from 5pm-7pm every evening.
 - It was my first time staying here and I was impressed with the care to detail throughout the hotel; ultra-comfortable rooms, clean gym and the Terrace where an array of food and beverages are offered twice daily.
 - My boyfriend and I absolutely loved our room, the lounge, and the terrace!
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 - Our room was right next to the housekeeping area and every time that door was opened and closed, our room door rattled.
 - The rooms are stuffy and have no ventilation, open windows were no help.
 - The room remained around 84-85F, even having the system unit circulating air in the 300 square-foot unit for several hours.
 - We did have a HVAC problem in one of the 4 rooms---which was resolved the following day.
 - The AC needed repair.
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 - The room upgrade and glass of wine was so thoughtful and greatly appreciated.
 - There was a jazz band in the downstairs bar one evening and it was great to sit there and have a glass of wine and finish some computer work.
 - so relaxing to have a glass of wine each evening after a busy day in New York.
 - Having a room for a glass of wine at night and the ability to grab a quick bite to eat in the morning was super convenient.
 - All included free (bring some $ to tip the staff because they deserve it.). Since we had only paid the facilities fee for the Park Central, we truly felt we were getting a steal (especially after the 2nd glass of wine. )
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 - The amenities for a boutique are a step above the rest.
 - Overall, this is a super boutique hotel and we will definitely be staying again.
 - N/A
 - Very intimate boutique feeling great music in the lobby and super nice staff!
 - Very nice boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
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 - N/A
 - The hotel charges $49 per person per night as a supplementary charge.
 - They wanted to downgrade us, still charge us the king rate, and pretend they were doing us a favor and "upgrading us".
 - -I received a card in my key packet for Chrome-cast on my television.
 - Front desk employee extremely rude told me “obviously you need a key card to get it to work.” Alas, elevator door still stuck with employee of the month walking away with no other help posited.
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 - The location is great - it’s only a short walk to the Central Park and times square, so if you’re planning to explore the city on foot, this is definitely a good choice.
 - In the heart of Manhattan, within a 10-minute walk to Times Square and Central Park, downtown attractions are within walking distance.
 - The hotel location is shockingly close to Time Square and Central Park.
 - I try to get her close to all her favorite spots St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and Central Park.
 - Located near Central Park, Broadway, and Times Square.
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2 6th Avenue, New York City, NY 10013-2401
2 6th Avenue, New York City, NY 10013-2401

Roxy Hotel New York


749 reviews

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glass of winemusicleonardomovie
 - Thank you to Leonardo for your excellent service at our table, to Patrick for his warm smile and helpfulness in hailing me a cab, and to numerous others whose name I didn't catch,
 - A particular shoutout to Leonardo and Ali who always go the extra mile to make sure we have everything we could possibly need.
 - Leonardo H is the best server in this joint.
 - Everything was perfect - I will definitely be back, especially when I know Leonardo is on shift!
 - Leonardo my waiter was very friendly guy the I like the food I eat the person that made it know what he was doing but Leonardo was a very good person I definably come back and recommend people to come over and see Leonardo
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 - I was allowed to take my glass of wine into the lounge.
 - I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and was greeted by personable reception staff and bar staff.
 - I LOVE the organic orange wine by the glass and the California rose.
 - It has a wonderfully private terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine in the evening or simply relax as you please.
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 - We ended our stay with a well-priced car ride to the airport ordered by the hotel (cabs in the area are a bit sparse)—bring cash for this as there is a surcharge to use your credit card.
 - At check out we were charged a $35 per night “amenity fee.” This may have been in the reservation terms
 - but they refused to reverse the charge.
 - Whoever is in charge - look at your dwindling crowds - how many people are in the movie theater ?
 - All these are available for hotel guests to use without charge.
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 - The live music in the evening is great and the collection of vinyl in the rooms is a nice touch
 - Everything was fantastic, the layout of the hotel was so unique, with great food and music, it exceeded all of our expectations.
 - The music is terrific and the food is great as well.
 - The jazz band plays in the lobby until 10:30pm, and it feels like they are playing right outside your room (it’s an atrium hotel).
 - Everyone is so friendly the bar is delightful, music is lively!
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 - Music, movies and magnificent munchies to name a few reasons to stay here.
 - We saw a movie in their cinema, which we loved!
 - You might see some big film and music people staying here.
 - I am counting the days until the Roxy re-opens the lobby bar/restaurant, the theater, and the jazz club.
 - When we arrived we felt like we were walking through a classic theatre or jazz bar, very old New York and a great first impression!
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 - but you can come from another hotel to hear the jazz and have a drink.
 - After that, the music quiets down
 - Loud (although decent) live jazz until after 10pm each night on weekends (Atrium-style hotel, like an Embassy Suites) so the music comes up and into all the rooms.
 - It was loud in our room from the band - we were on the 4th floor -
 - The rooms should come with earplugs and they need to soundproof that lobby somehow.
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