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1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, NY 10019-2514
1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, NY 10019-2514

1 Hotel Central Park


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 - I would be remiss if I did not call out Nicholas the General Manager, what a gentleman and Lauren who provided me a property tour and challenged me to rethink my concept of luxury.
 - We would then sleep over at a hotel at or near the Parade route, and get up early on Thanksgiving morning to see the Macy's Parade (and even occasionally enjoy a room with a Parade view).
 - Whilst we spent a lot of our time walking and sightseeing, to be able to return to such a relaxing and calming environment really did help re-charge the batteries.
 - Location was great: meeting points of tours are walking distance , and so are the nice restaurants of NYC.
 - If you are 6 feet or taller there is a good chance you might knock yourself unconscious if you had a little hop in your step.
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 - Loved the decor in the rooms, comfy lounges in the mezzanine (almost fell asleep there despite the rumbles of conversation from the restaurant below) and interesting decor throughout the hotel.
 - Replaced with a much less interesting one.
 - but it is very cool and 'quirky', with something interesting to look at in every space.
 - The bar/restaurant serves nice food (try the Tuna poke) and has an interesting crowd.
 - but it wasn’t anything interesting.
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 - The room was small
 - The rooms are small
 - Rooms small c/w NYC --"alcove queen"
 - Rooms are small by European standards,
 - The Room was small
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 - I'm from NYC, and always stay at another property near Central Park when I go "home" to visit.
 - We absolutely loved how close to Central Park we were, location is excellent!
 - Bonus points for it being so close to Central Park.
 - We wanted to be close to Central Park and this was the perfect spot.
 - Close to shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and did I mention SO close to Central Park?
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 - Food at JAMS: YUM!!
 - And the Jams restaurant is a great breakfast spot to start your day.
 - From the greeting upon arrival, to the reception staff, to the security team, to the team keeping my room clean and sanitized, to the staff at JAM.
 - Booking online directly through the hotel was so easy, the hotel offered a deal with a great rate, complimentary late 1 PM checkout, as well as a $25 credit to the wonderful restaurant Jam's at the hotel!
 - The location is superb, and while the restaurant Jams is still gearing up to back to full service, we enjoyed excellent juices, smoothies, cookies, soup and coffees in their very comfortable space.
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 - This hotel is very clean and prides itself on its eco-friendly amenities which I appreciate,
 - Pristine room, eco friendly and luxurious toiletries.
 - However, if eco friendly, smaller rooms with queen size beds, cardboard straws and reclaimed things are your wheelhouse you will LOVE this place.
 - The eco-friendly decor was beautiful and very soothing.
 - The hotel is very focused on a natural feel and sustainability and you could definitely tell that from the furniture to the eco-friendly accents.
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 - The room: Loved the reclaimed wooden ceiling, window seat/alcove and bunker like feel.
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 - There is a curtain and a door to the bathroom for privacy.
 - The privacy curtain only covers the sight from the bedroom area and It still can be seen from the entrance door.
 - Only complaint- Wide open windows to the bathroom so even with the curtains pulled there’s not a lot of privacy.
 - You have to pull a curtain in the bedroom for privacy.
 - Also, be aware if you like your privacy that the glass bathroom doors, even with the screen pulled, leave a little to be desired!
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 - (The bathroom had a wall of glass,
 - I will not recommend for the guest travelling with family staying in this Hotel, unless they can get an accessible room which has a solid wall bathroom.
 - Our view was a brick wall
 - However, our Alcove room was quite dark because the window was facing at a wall.
 - Yes, the walls are thin - we could hear people in adjacent rooms coming and going,
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485 7th Avenue, New York City, NY 10018-6804
485 7th Avenue, New York City, NY 10018-6804

Moxy NYC Times Square


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 - Moxy is clean, smells good, very hip and modern.
 - Nice and very modern hotel, ideal for young people.
 - I really enjoy the vibes of the place, is super clean and modern and comfortable.
 - Please note  the digital elevator set up is very modern and takes a minute to get used to.
 - The hotel is very modern and very well kitted out.
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 - We look forward to returning to this Moxy NY Times Square and highly recommend it!
 - Near any/ all subway, Times Square, Rockafella center and the Empire State Building .
 - I absolutely loved my stay at the Moxy Times Square.
 - Hotel is located convenient to everything in Times Square.
 - I've stayed at Moxy Times Square about 4 or 5 times now.
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 - The room are very small,
 - The rooms are a bit on the small side,
 - The King Room was so TINY.
 - Giving exceptions for normal NYC issues like super small rooms and limited services, plan accordingly if you book this hotel.
 - I stayed in a Queen guest room which was overall small and lacked most amenities I would expect to see in a Marriott property.
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 - this was first time she spend night on the bunker bed.
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 - The bed was super comfy and the breakfast was just what was needed to set us up for a day of sightseeing.
 - He guided us with all the details of the hotel with great attention and the best attitude.
 - All staff should be as JJ, he also provided options for tours and things to do while our visit!
 - Location is perfect, walking distance to all the main activities and sightseeing.
 - We had the opportunity to see a lot of NYC as well as with our tours guides.
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 - The room are very small,
 - We were able to get in to our room, relax and plan our little vacation ahead.
 - The rooms are a bit on the small side,
 - The King Room was so TINY.
 - whole room qS bizarrely poorly lit.
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 - We were on the third floor, which I wouldn’t suggest staying on since you hear the music from the lobby and common areas all night long.
 - The doors have windows on them so lots of hallway light and noise gleamed in during all hours of the night.
 - The sliding doors between the meeting rooms don't open all the way, and the entire 2nd floor is a bar/open space, with a very LOUD staff that doesn't get biz meetings need a quiet space.
 - At night, rooms were super noisy with the bass from the bar/club clearly heard until around 2am.
 - The noise went on until after 2am even from other guest.
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 - The decoration and the theme of the hotel is very funny and unique, you have a lot of interesting books to read/look in, you have 2 iMacs which you can use whenever you need/want.
 - but that's what I look for to make my trips more interesting.
 - Great location and interesting funky design BUT no one who works there cares about anything .
 - It was an interesting experience.
 - Again, the decor was unique, interesting and wonderful.
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 - There’s a cool rooftop bar called Magic Hour NY that also serves brunch with a backdrop of the Empire State Bldg.
 - We visited both the roof top bar and the second floor lounge that had a jazz band performing.
 - Their rooftop bar was nice
 - We didn't have time to check out the roof top bar
 - If you're 22, this hip NYC hostile is perfect with its neon lights, music, rooftop bar, and a barbershop/tattoo parlor in the lobby!
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