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1697 Pacific Avenue Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291-3613
1697 Pacific Avenue Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291-3613

Hotel Erwin


348 reviews

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funrooftop barsanta-monicastaying experience
 - The location is perfect for a stroll at the beach, a short drive to Santa Monica, and a few minutes walk to Abbot Kinney.
 - You can borrow them for up to 4 hours at a time, and the bike bath between Venice and Santa Monica is awesome.
 - As first timers to the LA area, being able to walk/bike (bikes are free to use with your stay) to so many great locations (Santa Monica, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, shops, restaurants, etc) was incredible.
 - Rent a bike to cruise to Santa Monica.
 - Also, loved Venice Beach and Santa Monica - great place for my daughter and I to stay.
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 - but the same guy who won't let you in the door without a mask will gladly put you at the end of a line of 20 hipsters to squeeze into a 6 person elevator with no concern for social distancing.
 - They aren't the ones who have to share the *single* small elevator with unmasked people.
 - The only negatives I can say would be the water pressure in the shower was terrible.Also in the evenings the elevator is backed up when the rooftop bar is open.
 - One elevator for 6 flight hotel was not ideal with Covid
 - Only one elevator services this hotel, and a long, slow line awaits. you.
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 - But maybe just play quieter music and compromise?
 - All the hallways smelled like smoke, the room was on par with an inexpensive motel room, and very noisy due to the rooftop bar and late night music outside.
 - And maybe 5th floor instead of 6th to be more removed from music upstairs right above you.
 - When we arrived we were given an ocean-view room on the 6th floor and quickly realised we’d need to be tolerant of the music from the roof bar/restaurant right above us (and we were by the door to the roof stairs and it kept banging).
 - bar with LOUD thumping music til midnight was on 7th floor 😳.
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 - We stopped by for drinks with friends for the rooftop bar and were treated professionally and welcomed by the staff, servers and hosts.
 - Watching a beautiful sunset from the rooftop bar was a bonus.
 - But checkout the rooftop bar for the best view of Venice Beach.
 - The hotel cash-cow is the hipster rooftop bar.
 - Love the rooftop bar, the bikes, the location and the staff - especially Miguel, always there to help with a smile behind his mask.
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 - Potentially horrific experience Airbnb experience down the street averted.
 - Miguel‘s warmth and hospitality makes you feel at home.
 - Miguel's hospitality skills were above what we expected.
 - Let me tell you, the room, the view, the experience was just amazing.
 - Would love to come back & have a better experience next time.
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 - The sights are amazing and it is a true reprieve from the craziness of Venice Beach down below, Absolutely worth stopping by for a couple of drinks and some fun photos.
 - So cozy and fun!
 - Hotel Erwin made our stay in Venice a super fun one!
 - So easy and fun.
 - We also had lots of fun waking up beachfront (literally), and walking right out to the beautiful view.
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 - Came back with fiends and it appears the construction is finally complete.
 - The only negative, if there is one, is the downstairs patio is still under construction.
 - The hotel is currently under construction and the hotel itself is just loud.
 - but unfortunately ours came with construction noise, when we complained we was moved to another floor but there was no way to escape the racket.
 - however, the parking/valet area is really tiny and you have to drive in from a very busy street undergoing a lot of construction.
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 - I still can’t believe it goes till 11pm on Sunday and people are expected to be ok with their rooms pulsing from the sound.
 - We didn't have any complimentary water in our room, the carpet felt yucky, like a college doorm room after a party and the noise outside from the vendors was pretty loud.
 - All the hallways smelled like smoke, the room was on par with an inexpensive motel room, and very noisy due to the rooftop bar and late night music outside.
 - Besides that, I had constant trouble getting the fan in my room to work because it wrongly thought that my balcony door was opened.
 - There is a constant line at the lobby to get to the bar on the rooftop and it's a hassle to get into the hotel.
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550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2501
550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2501

The Standard Downtown LA


331 reviews

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funrooftop barstaying experiencerooftop pool
 - The rooftop pool is amazing.
 - There’s a pool on the rooftop as well as good food service and drinks.
 - Excellent service, atmosphere, rooftop pool and lounge, room design.
 - There is everything here from a pool and rooftop with incredible views of downtown, a club on the second floor with pool tables, and I recently discovered the hidden gem restaurant on the first floor.
 - Fantastic hotel, friendly staff and a fabulous roof top pool bar!
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 - Having to get my card recoded multiple times or the water smelling slightly like sewage (that's not an exaggeration).
 - We asked that the minibar be cleaned our during our stay and were ignored, and then, of course, they charged us for items we never used.
 - Like how there’s no cover charge to go up there, so as a local I can just come to the standard, hang out, and grab drinks when I please.
 - Two of the three days my key card was rendered inoperable and I had to go get it replaced at the front desk, who didn't apologize and didn't check my ID to see if I was really who I said I was.
 - but management could supply incense or something), the branding that they slap over everything from the room cards (“Slip It In”) to the toilet paper stickers (illustration of a man pooping, as if that’s the only time you’d use toilet paper?)
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 - The women who molded me and recreated me into a better person, my wife, my Queen, left her Louis Vuitton purse at the rooftop bar, and the honorable security guard Jevon returned her purse in perfect condition.
 - I enjoyed the rooftop bar initially, beautiful views of the skyline!
 - The rooftop bar has an incredible view and great wine!
 - Went to Standard Downtown LA to meet a friend for drinks at their Rooftop Bar.
 - The rooftop bar was way better than I expected and the view was amazing!
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 - Experiences like this and others just gave me a vibe that the hotel is a bit comfortable with its rooftop, laid back, cheeky approach to hospitality.
 - Thank you again stand for your hospitality.
 - thank you both for making our experience so great.
 - but we were stopped on the second floor by Jordan from Guest Experience.
 - Such a great first experience at the Hotel.
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 - He greeted us with champagne and treats while Taizja played a great set of fun tunes.
 - We love coming to the standard hotel I made a trip here with my family and friends to get food and roof top fun.
 - They make it fun and exciting.
 - however Rachel, Penny, and Blake made our time there so much fun!!
 - We had so much fun chatting and jammin’ we almost didn’t want to go up to see the rooftop lol!
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 - Here is a story i had, I went into the elevator and I was going up.
 - N/A
 - I walked inside to ask for help with parking and heavy luggage, as there is no ramp or lift from the parking lot to the hotel.
 - One of the elevators was not reliable.
 - When I called to ask about a possible room upgrade, the room I got was directly next to the freight elevator and I was awoken at 6 am by service people’s loud walkie talkies.
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 - A little noisy in the AM
 - but had even more street noise than the first as it overlooked the end of a freeway offramp.
 - N/A
 - They were yelling until about 2am and we could still hear them even after turning on a sound machine.
 - The rooms also have no soundproofing.
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 - Having to get my card recoded multiple times or the water smelling slightly like sewage (that's not an exaggeration).
 - Mold all over bathroom.
 - N/A
 - Sinks don’t drain well, water pressure is super low.. elevators are shaky, make loud noise and are very slow.
 - Hallways seemed to smell of stale beer most of the time, oddly enough.
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Phone number icon(213) 688-7777
900 Wilshire Blvd Vehicle entry on 7th St. between Figueroa and Francisco, Los Angeles, CA 90017-4701
900 Wilshire Blvd Vehicle entry on 7th St. between Figueroa and Francisco, Los Angeles, CA 90017-4701

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown


597 reviews

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funrooftop barhollywood signthe-bar
 - We spent our evening watching the sunset from the rooftop bar which I highly recommend!
 - Rooftop bar is amazing.
 - but the roof top bar was open.
 - N/A
 - The rooftop bar was nice,
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 - Spire 73 was a lot of fun once you got away from the drunk throngs hanging on top of one another and spilling drinks.
 - You cannot beat the amazing view & it's fun to sit at the bar with conveyor belt of endless plates while overlooking L.A.
 - but me and my went there for fun.
 - The staff has been helpful and lovely - that's where the fun stops.
 - Rooftop bar was fun.
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 - It was never charged to the credit card given to the server.
 - N/A
 - And we were charged the $50.60!!!!!!!
 - but there is a charge.
 - Oooh sorry we further investigated and there is an issue with the credit card on file.
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 - Prior to our arrival, we requested a high floor and one that was facing the Hollywood sign.
 - Our view from the guestroom was beautiful as you can see the Hollywood sign from our room.
 - The views over downtown LA were amazing and we could even see as far as the Hollywood sign!
 - Great room from which I could see the Hollywood sign in the distance, lovely comfortable bed and clean efficient facilities in the room.
 - The lobby located at the 70th floor with a spectacular view of LA and even can catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign Location is good with a lot of eateries, restaurants, supermarkets around.
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 - The bartender literally recommended we move as far down the bar as possible so we could enjoy our cocktails without a strip club owner and his clients yelling over our conversation.
 - The service is great, the views are astounding, and a sunset view with dessert from the bar/restaurant on the 73rd floor is exceptional.
 - Go and enjoy the drinks and music at the bar restaurant .. it was magical . planning already to return soon :))
 - but there is a sitting area next to the bar where we ate the California Pizza Kitchen I picked up from just across the street.
 - Really enjoyed the pool area and cocktails at the bar as well.
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 - HOWEVER: All that is overshadowed by a giant flaw that would prevent me from choosing this place ever again. You have to take an elevator (in a bank of three!)
 - Cons - I found it time consuming and awkward getting the lift to the 70th floor lobby to then get a different set of lifts down to the floor my hotel was on.
 - We found this inconvenient considering most times we had to use an elevator full of marijuana smoke.
 - You take the elevator from ground level to 70th floor then take another elevator down to your room which is very inconvenient.
 - I wish there was a fridge in the room and I wish the elevator system wasn't so goofy.
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 - but the furniture looked cheap and worn, even stained in places.
 - But I didn't have to pay for it.
 - My daughter told the server not to bill the tap to the room we were going to pay with a card.
 - but everything in LA is expensive.
 - but I've had my share of luxury travel on other continents (hehe), and despite some very premium pricing this place was nowhere close.
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6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6216
6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6216

Mama Shelter Los Angeles


223 reviews

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funrooftop barhollywood signwalk to hollywood
 - The location is brilliant, you can walk to Hollywood Boulevard in 10 mins.
 - Close to Hollywood walk (stars).
 - Positives: 1) Great location if you want to walk to Hollywood Blvd.
 - If you like an active night life and want to be within a small walk from other Hollywood destinations, this place is for you.
 - Found this rooftop bar quite by accident why touring Hollywood Walk of Stars with my 24 yr old son.
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 - With the music going on it was so so so loud and disturbing.
 - but I do think he was just one of those loud guys.
 - We went inside and the whole reception area is just a loud crazy bar not what we had in mind at al.
 - Neighboring room had an extremely loud occupant that did not stop yelling until about 3-4am.
 - The loud music & constant screaming from the crowd at rooftop bar (1 floor up from my room) was not what I sign up for.
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 - We had a view of the Hollywood sign from room 408!
 - Below are random pictures of the “Star Wars” room with the view of the Hollywood sign from afar, the rooftop lounge seating and my favourite nightshift staff joyce!
 - Saw the Hollywood Sign from up on top.
 - We had a view of the Hollywood sign.
 - Magnificent views, of the city line and Hollywood sign.
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 - The hotel is a gathering spot for the young and hip--the rooftop bar is supposedly fabulous (it was closed for a private event the night we wanted to go--but we had great cocktails at another hopping hip place nearby, so. next time!)
 - The atmosphere was very vibrant as there is a long queue to head up to the rooftop bar upstairs.
 - She helps us out with early check in, told us information about the rooftop bar, (secretly I was hoping for the Star Wars room and we ended up getting it without asking).
 - This is for the rooftop bar.
 - The roof top bar is great only can be used in good weather.
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 - Mama is fun, affordable, and comfortable!
 - Got to the table and had the most wonderful server BROOKE, understood how to read the table while having fun at the same time.
 - Fun decor and great location to the strip!.
 - Fun Apple TV (got to take a group photo).
 - Staff was just great, perky, fun and helpful.
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 - Getting hotel guest priority access to the elevator to access my room was not offered to me. 3.
 - You’ll need to take an elevator up to the rooftop after getting your temperature checked and your entire group is present.
 - Also, for some reason, this hotel has the nicest smelling elevator I’ve ever been in.
 - Also note: There are two elevators, only one of which goes to the roof.
 - 3) Elevator- someone else described this as a coffin.
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 - Luckily I did bring earplugs and was able to block the noise out for a while, nonetheless, that that even happened in unacceptable in a hotel of $250/night.
 - It's about an hour-ish from LAX on side streets, given the infamous traffic.
 - That said, the hotel is, to say the very least, noisy.
 - Unless you don’t mind, sleeping here is not without the night club vibe and noise along with the lack of amenities.
 - The only minus point will be the noise.
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929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1609
929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1609

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles


165 reviews

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funrooftop barmoviedownstairs restaurant
 - Every thing from bringing up a bathrobe to a fresh set of towels not to mention the refreshing body wash to the gorgeous vintage tub , I feel I’m back in time of the speak easy days and the classic glamorous Hollywood movie star days..
 - From checking in with Antonio, to being upgraded to a loft on the top floor, to dinner and drinks on the rooftop, to brunch under the theater marquee, it was the best 20 hours ever.
 - Really enjoyed seeing the show at the ACE Theater!
 - cool fun fact it was the original united artist office building with the original theatre next door.
 - Our stay was for a show at the Ace Theater next door and it was great to grab a drink, take it upstairs, grab some food before the show, etc.
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 - but I can sleep with that.
 - we were 3 couples and all three rooms were just as bad, bottom line is I left, I couldn't sleep there, oh and the bed was small looked like a full size bed.
 - if you're trying to sleep, this floor wouldn't be good for you because you can hear the music from your room.
 - I called to ask for a late checkout since clearly I wasn’t getting any sleep, their response was an extra half hour and an offer to send up earplugs.
 - If you're looking for sleep and luxury then this probably isnt the place for you.
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 - The rooftop bar, Upstairs, was absolutely jammed packed with people.
 - Very good rooftop bar.
 - The rooms were up-to-date and the hotel has all of the amenities for entertainment, including a restaurant, rooftop bar w/swimming pool.
 - Loved the rooftop bar too.
 - Amazing rooms in a beautifully restored/preserved Art Deco downtown historic building complete with a wonderful rooftop bar, and amenities!
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 - The downstairs café is divine and the latte was delicious.
 - Other great things: Downstairs restaurant is really excellent with delightful staff.
 - I saw more people come and move downstairs to the restaurant than I did stay .Location is ok
 - The restaurant downstairs Best Girl is also great, we had dinner and brunch!
 - Great food at the Best Girl restaurant downstairs and fun rooftop pool with bar connecting to hip seating spaces for a small group, or just to hang and read a book.
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 - When on the elevator, the hotel GM, Saye Kokeh, introduced himself and gave us his card should we need any assistance.
 - One of the lifts was regularly out of order (seems to be a common problem according to other reviews).
 - pls get that elevator fixed!
 - At times it would take upwards of 20 mins to get on the one working guest elevator.
 - Every aspect of the hotel experience was superb (except the slow elevator with no alternative stairs).
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 - but comfortable and fun.
 - but fun.
 - cool fun fact it was the original united artist office building with the original theatre next door.
 - The guitar was fun.
 - Unique hotel- fun and funky.
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 - Overall the Ace in DTLA is an overpriced dump and I regret spending my money there.
 - I paid around $230 for the room, I did not get my moneys worth.
 - I bought my girlfriend flowers a few feel on the carpet and bed, and the charged me $260 for a cleaning fee and took my 150 deposit, all for what I can imagine was a small mess if that.
 - "ACE" have $25 "destination fee," a truely sad attempt to mask true room price!
 - but personally the quality doesn’t quite match the price.
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416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014-3002
416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014-3002

Freehand Los Angeles


279 reviews

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funrooftop barrooftop poolhippie
 - also the weekend the roof top pool could be booked for private events so you wont be able to access it as regular hotel guest.
 - Rooftop bar/pool is the best part.
 - The highlight is definitely the rooftop pool, bar snd restaurant.
 - Enjoyed the rooftop pool and bar!
 - The Freehand also houses a dedicated gym area, a rooftop pool space, and lounge space that is perfectly suited for workflows and the communion of friends, family, and fellow travelers.
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 - Fun trip to see concert at the Orpheum.
 - Pool is beautiful and fun to lounge at.
 - This was a fun and quirky hotel downtown.
 - Very clean, super stylish, and the fun rooftop bar Broken Shaker was awesome!
 - I have stayed at a few Freehands and they’re all like I said fun and in decent/good shape.
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 - The parking garage manager was slow to return emails and never responded to my phone calls.
 - There is no phone in the rooms and I attempted to call the hotel number and no one ever answered the phone at the reception.
 - No amenities, rude staff that never answers the phone, staff often unmasked.
 - Call and ask of rooftop is open before booking.
 - They told me they would call me when my room was ready at 3.
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 - From the room to the roof top bar amazing staff very sweet and kind.
 - Amazing experience Stayed in downtown Los Angeles got a great view of the city lots of social events in the area friendly staff amazing food and drinks on the rooftop bar easy to easy access to get in and out will be coming again
 - This hotel is pretty nice ESPECIALLY the rooftop bar !
 - Their rooftop bar so so scenic, and the environment was really nice, especially at night!
 - They had a nice lobby and rooftop bar.
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 - We paid extra for late checkout only to have our keys stop working at noon so we couldn’t access our room or elevator, and no one notified us of this.
 - I initially was intrigued with the really low prices
 - To add to the busted windows things being stolen and we had to pay $50 to get our car out.
 - It is expensive,
 - Very expensive, terrible, horrible, dirty the room, bad service from.
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 - It felt secure, clean, and the atmosphere was cool and hip.
 - The room was cute, hip, quaint.
 - Very hip.
 - Freehand LA is more of a hip hostel with some private rooms.
 - The lobby area had a chic hipster vibe, and many hotel residents and cafe patrons would hang out there throughout the day.
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 - but was just bizarre in his interactions with me, mostly silent when I asked questions and only giving me “yeah” or “I don’t know” when he did answer.
 - Is a really noisy city
 - Be prepared to hear loud street noises due to location in downtown LA. Our bathroom smelled really bad, which kinda ruined our stay (hoping it was just an isolated incident!)
 - I do recommend trying to avoid the second floor as it was LOUD at night with street traffic and noise
 - No sleep in shared room this particular stay as somebody loudly weeping all night long.
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1060 S Broadway Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90015
1060 S Broadway Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90015

The Hoxton, Downtown LA


220 reviews

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funrooftop barrooftop poolstaying experience
 - Fries were good, otherwise I completely regretted the experience.
 - Thanks for the hospitality! !
 - Celebrated an anniversary!I’ve worked in hospitality for many years and I’ve gotta say from the service, and the carefully curated details, products, cleanliness and decor is unmatched!
 - amazing experience.
 - my room was clean and comfy nice view it was overall a great experience for my first time there!
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 - Nearly $50 inc tax and tip for 2 espresso martinis is absolutely eye-watering.
 - but they really bend-you-over on the prices.
 - A little pricey
 - Rooms are small and over priced.
 - but for what I paid I got the bare minimum.
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 - Excellent location, design and a fun rooftop bar.
 - The location is convenient to many things, and the rooftop bar and pool were quite enjoyable.
 - The rooftop bar has a pool and nice views of downtown LA.
 - The rooftop bar is very nice, stunning view and I will definitely come back for a real party as soon as the pandemic situation allows this safely.
 - The rooftop bar is awesome and a great way to wind down after a day of sight-seeing.
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 - Rooftop pool grants you cotton candy skyline views during sunset, soft cozy couches by the pool keep you comfortable as you enjoy the view and a cocktail in hand.
 - I traveled with my husband and we enjoyed the hotel amenities (rooftop pool and bar/cafe area mostly).
 - The service here from front desk was 10/10 and the pool and views from the rooftop pool was also a huge highlight.
 - We loved lounging on the eclectic furniture in the lobby/coffee area and the rooftop pool does not disappoint!
 - Fun and trendy hotel with a great rooftop pool and incredibly friendly and helpful staff.
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 - Cool, fun, friendly , accommodating.
 - Excellent location, design and a fun rooftop bar.
 - Overall a very fun and enjoyable stay.
 - N/A
 - This place his hip, classy, fun, and comfortable in a way I can't describe.
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 - Rooms are small and over priced.
 - The rooms are small, with no desk or luggage area.
 - Cons:Sadly the rooms are so small as to not be functional (we had two carry on suitcases one of which had to be in the bathroom and the other we had to move so we could get in and out of the door) The neighborhood doesn't have much nearby
 - The room was small as promised,
 - A small room with a couple Pelotons, threadmills and some small barbells would suffice,
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 - Parking is expensive, so I used the nearby garage and again- walking around at night.
 - We think they charge $49 for parking because most guests would be nervous parking on the street or even in a surface lot overnight.
 - Valet parking is on the pricey side
 - 2) Their website recommends an independent parking garage,
 - On the website it’s not clear that you need to pay for parking, 49 a night is quite expensive.
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6417 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7310
6417 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7310

Dream Hollywood


214 reviews

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funrooftop barhollywood signrooftop poolhollywood view
 - The gym is one of the best I’ve ever been to and I love the rooftop pool!
 - Especially loved relaxing at their beautiful rooftop pool that has a spectacular view!
 - You have to love the rooftop pool and next to two of my favorite restaurants tao and beauty& essex.
 - We first made our way to the rooftop pool which had Great views of the city!
 - Special shout out to Potter at the rooftop pool who settled my kids disputes about being bored in the pool by coming up with games!
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 - The rooftop bar and pool is something you would expect from a chic Hollywood hotel.
 - Insider Tip: you can get great pictures of the World Famous Hollywood sign from this rooftop bar!
 - Funky area and the Highlight rooftop bar is superb.
 - They have a nice pool, bar at rooftop pretty busy and the best restaurant on 1st floor, TAO where i had the best experience, amazing food!
 - I enjoyed the feel of the lobby as well as the lobby bar and the rooftop experience.
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 - The rooms were clean and a great view of the Hollywood sign.
 - We have a view of the Hollywood sign and couldn’t be happier!
 - Insider Tip: you can get great pictures of the World Famous Hollywood sign from this rooftop bar!
 - Awesome rooftop pool and spa with a bar/grill & views of downtown & the Hollywood sign.
 - but views were excellent views of the hills, city, surrounds and Hollywood sign.
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 - The rooms were clean with a great view of Hollywood.
 - The rooftop pool and highlight bar/restaurant is my favorite part of the hotel with stunning views of Hollywood Hills.
 - To our pleasant surprise, we were upgraded to a gorgeous room with a spectacular view of Holywood life.
 - The rooftop bar has amazing views of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills.
 - We had drinks at The Highlight Room - great experience with awesome views of the Hollywood area!
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 - Also, their Wednesday party on the rooftop is a ton of fun if you can get it!
 - This hotel is a fun, exciting boutique hotel.
 - The crowd is well rounded and all there to have fun.
 - but the atmosphere is slick, beautiful and so much fun.
 - They also have Tao and the highlight room available, fun Robert made our check process great!! !
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 - Over the phone, the sound of hoards of people flooded the call, requiring me to speak louder to ask if they could call in for us to get the extra seats.
 - The sliding door to the balcony did a poor job of sealing out this noise.
 - - I stay in this district once or twice a month and have been avoiding Dream due to its known noise issues.
 - But I'm a sound sleeper.
 - Only downside was that you could hear the music from a nearby club until 2am.
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 - I was a little hesitant based off the pricing,
 - Only negative is the prices for valet, self parking is very expensive as well and is more than a block away.
 - I checked out early and went to another hotel at the same price that is much more justified.
 - For the price I paid it’s unacceptable
 - Arrived at the hotel and they told us they were booked so each room had to pay different wages.
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6317 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048-5600
6317 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048-5600

Kimpton Hotel Wilshire


125 reviews

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funrooftop barfarmer marketmuseum
 - If you don't have a trip planned to stay in LA I would say to check out the roof top bar and lounge at least.
 - Not to mention the most glorious bath tub and cool rooftop bar helped too.
 - The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, the room was very nice and modern, and the rooftop bar was great!
 - Great rooftop bar with pool and practically 360 view.
 - It’s best feature is the rooftop pool/ restaurant/ bar which has excellent views looking at Hollywood and the Hills.
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 - Hotel is located very close to Farmer's Market and The Grove mall.
 - Room is spacious, modern and clean and the hotel is in a perfect location - walking distance to the grove and farmers market.
 - Walking distance to La Brea Tar Pits, Farmers Market, The Grove, and LACMA.
 - Best hotel in this area minutes away by car from museums and the Farmers Market.
 - It's easy to walk from the hotel to the Farmers Market, LACMA, and a couple of other museums.
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 - The food is delicious and it’s very close to the new Academy Museum.
 - It's just a block or two down to the LACMA art museum and La Brea Tar Pits.
 - We chose the hotel for it’s proximity to the Peterson Museum and other places we could go without having to deal with a car rental.
 - The location was great also—it is close to restaurants, museums, quiet neighborhoods to stroll through, Hollywood blvd, Beverly Hills, and highway access wasn’t far away.
 - We came to Los Angeles go to the Petersen Auto Museum which was an easy three block walk from the hotel.
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 - They charged me for two cars at $39 each.
 - but the spread that is put out is rather decent for the fourteen dollars they charged.
 - The first night I was told there was no charging available.
 - There is no excuse for the condition of the carpets and furnishings at this point given what you're charging.
 - but they told me with less than 72 hours notice I’d be charged for the remaining night.
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 - Special thank you to a few valets Keith and Curtis they went above and beyond to assist us in fun activities for us to do for the first time.
 - Clean, friendly and fun.
 - The layout was modern and artwork was fun.
 - There are fun and interesting places relatively near (Restaurants, Museums).
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 - No coffee maker in room.
 - The room did not have a coffee maker
 - N/A
 - Areas of improvement: I would have preferred a normal ice machine and not a fridge with packaged ice.
 - You would also expect that at a room cost of over $500 dollars, they would at least have a coffee maker in the room!
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 - I expected more luxurious accommodations or larger square footage for the nightly rate.
 - I was here for 2 nights and I'll surely come back if the price doesn't get higher.
 - Not too costly.
 - You would also expect that at a room cost of over $500 dollars, they would at least have a coffee maker in the room!
 - but does cost $42 per night (at time of our stay).
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649 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014-1635
649 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014-1635

The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles


146 reviews

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funrooftop barrooftop poolrestaurant barclassy
 - The restored historic building is stunning, and the lobby and rooms are clean and luxuriously appointed.
 - The understated classic luxury spoken often in those stories.
 - but clean and classy.
 - Some were certainly dressed classy in the bar.
 - In addition to keeping the historic charm, details were added such as flip light switches, cover for the usb ports, facet and door hardware.
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 - It was a beautiful night in LA, so it was perfect to be outside, and the views of downtown from the rooftop are fun.
 - What a fun treat it was to drive one hour north and find this gem of a hotel.
 - Monday will be here and with him another week of work; don’t get me wrong I love my job; it’s fun and inspiring
 - Staff was very friendly and helpful, and the bar/restaurant downstairs had great food and fun, party ambience.
 - Modeled after the Nomad in NYC, it is elegant, sophisticated, welcoming and fun.
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 - Rooftop bar is very nice and the pool area is lovely, wish I had time to swim and sun bathe.
 - The rooftop bar is nice.
 - The hotel is beautifully decorated throughout and the the rooftop bar / pool is something else.
 - The rooftop bar had amazing tiki drinks and views - the pool would be perfect to beat the LA heat in the summer.
 - The rooftop bar had amazing views and a heated pool for hotel guests.
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 - The rooftop has an interesting fireplace and amazing views of the city, and there is a poolside bar and restaurant on the rooftop as well (the rose spritz cocktail at the rooftop bar is my favorite!).
 - Cocktails were solid at the rooftop bar and the restaurant; coffee shop had solid croissants and Devoccion roasted coffee from Brooklyn in the morning.
 - Every aspect of the hotel is so well thought out - decor and design, service, food and bar options, room amenities.
 - The hotel had a very upscale bar and restaurant downstairs that was filled with interesting people.
 - Stayed at the Nomad for a night mainly because of its gorgeous tropical chic decor and beautifully done bar and restaurant area which I was dying to explore.
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 - I would definitely recommend this hotel The lobby bar and rooftop pool are great as well.
 - The roof top pool was lovely,
 - The is a great rooftop pool
 - N/A
 - The roof top pool was a perfect place to hang out after long trips around LA.
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 - Tips: Getting to and from DTLA from other neighbourhoods is a traffic nightmare, so make sure you make the most of the area while you're there.
 - We were next to the service lift so every time staff used this we heard the doors banging, the last night the next door room kept us awake for half of the night in the hallway, which is not great when you need to leave for a early flight.
 - We had a very hard time trying to sleep with all the noise coming through the (closed) windows.
 - And for the downtown location, street/traffic noise was minimal.
 - Requesting a room higher up will give you an escape from the city noise.
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 - but not quite right- it was very dark with double doors looking on to a courtyard/more like a stairwell.
 - but shouldn’t venture too far by foot after dark.
 - A bit too dark and wooden for my taste.
 - Lobby is dark
 - The main lobby area is dark and mysterious, which is perfectly matched with the basil candles that are placed on most surfaces.
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 - I rang reception and asked if we were in the right room as this one did not match the pictures of a freestanding bath by a window and felt dark.
 - We had a very hard time trying to sleep with all the noise coming through the (closed) windows.
 - However, despite the double pane windows, the hotel is not quiet.
 - Our only complaints were that the bed was not super comfy and the blinds didn’t block light (either from buildings or the sun in the morning).
 - Then there was the view through dirty windows as you can see in the photos, I immediately closed the blinds and never opened them again.
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