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9850 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3115
9850 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3115

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills


228 reviews

Trip advisor
smelllos-angelesrooftop poolrooftop restaurant
 - Dinner on the rooftop at sunset is beautiful and the menu is fresh and inventive.
 - Absolute perfection from the concierge to the jg rooftop restaurant and the rooftop pool.
 - Food at the rooftop while pricy was great and the view was by far unmatched anywhere in Los Angeles!
 - My room came with breakfast and I enjoyed dining on the rooftop restaurant every morning.
 - They views are great, rooms are new and contemporary, food is decent, JG rooftop from the food side was a disappointment,
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 - At night there were sirens, loud mufflers, street racing/high speed etc.
 - if I have to find one fault that is this time I stayed on the fourth floor the street noise sounded loud in the night.
 - I didn't get an once of sleep all night from the traffic noise.
 - but still safe distance away from all the noise and touristy crowds.
 - Nightmare starts when DRILLING noise wakes me up at 9am!
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 - When I showed the photos of the tomato on my plate and the burned sausages to the lady who worked at the front desk as I was checking out, she was shocked by what I showed her.
 - Room and facilities well cleaned and nice smelling.
 - The lobby had a divine scent.
 - Don't miss out on the wonderful silk lavender and chamomile scent packs for placing next to your pillow.
 - From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the amazing staff and the wonderful fragrance custom to Waldorf Astoria BH you feel like you are home!
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 - but probably not worth the cost if you are booking one of their higher end suites.
 - N/A
 - I was a little disappointed that there was no acknowledgement of our anniversary at a place that charges $1k/night
 - The food served for room service is yucky for the price.
 - but very luxury prices, tiny pool with yelling kids, great rooftop restaurant but slow service and a long wait for a table, I wanted to fin a nearby Marriott to relax in.
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 - Absolute perfection from the concierge to the jg rooftop restaurant and the rooftop pool.
 - The current state of the world afforded us some time we certainly will not likely get at this property again - like having the rooftop pool all to ourselves!
 - The rooftop pool was lovely
 - Rooftop pool had wonderful views.
 - but adequate rooftop pool with the best view of LA and a rooftop bar and restaurant.
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 - The Waldorf is the only place I will stay in Los Angeles.
 - Food at the rooftop while pricy was great and the view was by far unmatched anywhere in Los Angeles!
 - In Los Angeles it is my favorite place without any dubs.
 - Top of the Waldorf Astoria very pretty views of the entire Los Angeles,
 - Sure the location is really nested in the luxurious part of Los Angeles
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 - N/A
 - After 2 hours waiting with 3 phone calls by me to the front desk expressing increasing frustration, we finally were given a room.
 - Ordering room service, valet and or any other matter was a simple tablet or phone call away.
 - N/A
 - Since the housekeeping people were not there yet, I had to reschedule the service because I would be on a call.
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8490 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069-1912
8490 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069-1912

1 Hotel West Hollywood


144 reviews

Trip advisor
smelllos-angelesstaying experienceeco-friendly
 - The room itself was very clean, had great atmosphere and a breathtaking view of Los Angeles.
 - Definitely when I'm in Los angeles I'll stay at 1 hotel.
 - The breakfast/lunch area extends outdoors into a pretty terrace overlooking Los Angeles downhill.
 - My favorite place to stay in Los Angeles!
 - The hospitality business is a service business, and it is a tough and highly competitive business with tons of options for customers to choose from in markets like Los Angeles.
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 - but the rooms are gorgeous and I love that they are so eco friendly and also pet friendly!
 - Very earthy and eco-friendly.
 - N/A
 - Not only are they conscientious about the environment from the the eco-friendly, yet chic amenities throughout our stay,
 - N/A
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 - No sign on the bike that anyone was bothering to fix it. 5.
 - (please note that when checking out I did mention the delay and our $50 resort fee was removed.
 - There were stickers on the doors to let us know the room got sterilized and hand sanitizer everywhere, seems like the world has adjusted to the new normal!
 - I simply asked why this happened when this was categorily discussed during my check-out, when he removed, then she was like ahhh, I checked and the refund was already done
 - The shelf should be removed, as it is not very relaxing to sleep with 200 pounds of sharp objects above your head.
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 - Room number 3: air conditioner is working
 - The air conditioning was so noisy (like an 80’s motel).
 - N/A
 - The bathroom unfortunately did not have a fan and the floor needed a good scrub,
 - It had some issues though: — the bathroom door was designed so that the “handle” left a big open rectangular hole directly into the room, good for ventilation for the shower/bath tub
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 - Thank you both for your positive impact on my experience and stay.
 - Thank you for creating such a memorable bespoke experience.
 - 1 hotel gave my family and I am amazing experience!
 - I have stayed at many 5-Star hotels and believe me when I truly say that my experience at 1 Hotel has surpassed those of The Ritz or Four Seasons.
 - Anna was my VIP Experience Manager and she was especially wonderful.
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 - The hotel was our style with the rustic wood furniture and beautiful live greenery everywhere, and of course we loved the smell (candles) in the hotel.
 - The hotel itself is gorgeous and smells amazing.
 - The hotel is absolutely beautiful, with an effortless feel and smell from the moment you walk in.
 - Spacious rooms and the whole hotel smells fantastic plus great bath products.
 - but service stinks we won’t go back.
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1515 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401-2118
1515 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401-2118

Shore Hotel


342 reviews

Trip advisor
smelllos-angeleschampagnepromenade streetsanta-monica-pier proximity
 - I was promised two complimentary bottles of champagne at check-in
 - As soon as we stepped in, we were greeted and given a couple mini bottles of champagne (yay vacation feels)!
 - By far, the best part was the champagne welcome (we came off a 5 hour drive) and breakfast.
 - We were greeted with complimentary champagne & truffles, and Carina Soto at the lobby welcomed us so warmly and answered all our questions & responded to all of our requests timely and was always making sure we were happy.
 - Upon check-in, we were greeted with glasses of champagne.
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 - My sister and I made a quick overnight trip to Los Angeles and decided on the Shore Hotel.
 - Highly recommend even as a little get away if you live in Los Angeles
 - but add in the views of ocean, beach, and pier makes The Shore Hotel has great prices and one of the best hotels in entire Los Angeles area.
 - With several children attending college in Los Angeles over the last 8 years we have always been looking for the perfect 4-5 star Santa Monica Hotel.
 - I have occasion to be in Los Angeles frequently, and quite often the dates are not static.
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 - We had a great time staying here and it was very beautiful with the Santa Monica Pier also being so close.
 - Shore Hotel is a beautiful hotel that faces the Pacific Ocean within walking distance to the Santa Monica Pier, countless restaurants and shopping within walking distance.
 - This hotel is the closest you can stay from Santa Monica Pier and the beach.
 - Clean hotel with great location within walking distance to the Santa Monica pier and plenty of restaurants.
 - It is close to the Santa Monica Pier and walking distance to the mall and restaurants.
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 - but when we walked into the room there was a happy birthday card and a small cake for my cousin!
 - but we explained that we should've been told that upfront and most importantly the hotel shouldn't nickel and dime their customers when MANY other hotels that we've stay at have never charge to check in early.
 - Be warned they charge a pet fee for your service animal.
 - The pet fee is $100 and they also have charge for parking.
 - but the service was slow and once we actually had the waiter come to us he said that although we were going to eat in the outdoor Terrance we would still be charged a room service fee.
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 - And the resort fee we ended up paying was $110 more per room.
 - Parking for hotel guest was the same price as for non guest.
 - You do have to pay for the breakfast
 - but not lease…for all visitors, be prepared for a 25% destination tax to be added to your bill.
 - Then during check-out we were surprised by ANOTHER $35 'resort' fee, which was such another crazy cost to have thrown at us, and totally caught us off guard as we were not informed of this AT ALL during check-in.
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 - N/A
 - Perfect location to the pier, Third Street Promenade, and nearby restaurants.
 - Shopping, 3rd Street Promenade, local restaurants and downtown right behind the hotel.
 - The beach is across the street, and the 3rd Street Promenade is just around the corner!
 - Hotel is across from pier and walking distance to third street promenade.
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 - Toiletries smelled amazing too.
 - As soon as I walked in, I could smell how clean the hotel was.
 - If you love the smell of weed this is your place!
 - My room, on the other hand, smelled fine.
 - Outside closed in area where you can sit and let your dog roam free, poop bags available.
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Phone number icon(310) 539-9888
2448 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501-4323
2448 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501-4323

Bluestem Hotel, An Ascend Hotel Collection Member


70 reviews

Trip advisor
 - Modern Rooms, Hardwood floor ( no musty carpet), and the cleanest hotel I have ever been in ( I have issues when it comes to cleanliness LOL).
 - Room does have a muggy smell and humid feel when you first walk in.
 - It even smelled nice.
 - The toiletries provided were beyond what I expected, and I really appreciated the scent and quality of the lotion/shampoo/shower gels, as well as the quality of the towels provided.
 - It’s smelled like flowers and heaven.
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 - This “boutique” property is now managed by Choice Hotels as part of the Ascend Collection, a new division created to restore older locations and convert them to intimate and uniquely designed locations.
 - It’s a fun fresh boutique hotel right in the middle of Torrance CA, yes, it’s “on the beaten path” .
 - I decided to give it a try - the prices were reasonable and it had that "boutique" feel.
 - Boutique hotel PERFECTLY located in southern bay of Los Angeles!
 - I was absolutely impressed with the friendly staff and beautiful boutique room.
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 - The beds were extremely firm and left me with a wicked upper back ache after only four hours.
 - During the day, every morning, several contractors that were still performing some work on the upper floor,
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 - Room is small
 - Rooms are a bit small
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 - Fancy little details makes the stay cozy and relaxing.
 - This particular hotel has an Asian theme that runs throughout, including an open air lobby and spacious courtyard, perfect for relaxing couples or small business gatherings.
 - I loved my stay here.very clean, very comfortable,modern style, safe area,very peaceful.
 - I definitely recommend this beautiful and peaceful hotel.
 - The entire atmosphere of Bluestem is such a relaxing retreat, and I instantly knew it would be my hotel of choice for the weeks I had to travel there.
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 - The hotel is very clean and modern.
 - Modern Rooms, Hardwood floor ( no musty carpet), and the cleanest hotel I have ever been in ( I have issues when it comes to cleanliness LOL).
 - Nice and modern.
 - The property was clean and the lobby and patio design was modern and inviting.
 - I loved my stay here.very clean, very comfortable,modern style, safe area,very peaceful.
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 - The one issue I had was that the shower water took a while to heat up.
 - I wish the room had a microwave and I did experience loss of water pressure twice while showering
 - Our shower had water pooling on the floor from hair blocking the shower drain under the metal grid.
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 - Located about twenty minutes from LAX, it was the perfect spot to conduct my business in the Los Angeles area.
 - Boutique hotel PERFECTLY located in southern bay of Los Angeles!
 - I sincerely enjoyed my stay and will make this my destination of choice when ever visiting the Los Angeles area.
 - We have found our new place to stay when we visit Los Angeles.
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Phone number icon(310) 953-9899
9040 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069
9040 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

The West Hollywood EDITION


97 reviews

Trip advisor
smelllos-angelesrooftop poolspaservice
 - however, is that the hotel still charged us for the the full nights accommodation!
 - Also found out the next morning that my car had not been charged.
 - When we check out, I make sure to remind them AGAIN, to NOT charge my credit card that I had put and to charge the card that was initially put.
 - On check-out the team asked for feedback and removed the breakfast charge after some feedback.
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 - And I'd like to let you know that the bath salt which was prepared in the bathroom had a really nice and rich smell.
 - The clean lines and scent that is pervasive throughout (Le Labo created a scent just for them) are amazing.
 - The plants all around the property give it a fresh and lush feel, and the Le Labo hotel scent and custom products for the Edition are worth the trip alone!
 - I love their signature scent they have as you walk in!
 - Come to find out the hotel has an exclusive agreement with LeLabo that includes their fragrances throughout the hotel including the gym, spa, and bathroom ammentities, etc.
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 - The spa is beautiful with great steam and sauna.
 - Micheal is the best massage therapist.
 - I had an especially amazing experience at the spa.
 - My wife had a facial in the spa which she said was excellent.
 - My wife had a facial in the spa which she said was excellent.
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 - I even had to make a special request to get the complimentary in room bottled water advertised on the website, since in actuality the only water in the room had a $9 price tag.
 - When asked if I was then kicked out he said yes unless you pay $600 in the morning.
 - but they are pricey — they do use top-shelf spirits so that explains why.
 - Pool food was average at best and extremely overpriced.
 - Add in local taxes and the costs added up.
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 - Next time you're in the Los Angeles area, check out the West Hollywood Edition, you will not regret it, and you'll likely find yourself a fan of this Marriott Luxury Brand.
 - I was able to see the very nice Los Angeles city view from the bathtub.
 - You have views of the Hollywood Hills or Los Angeles.
 - This hotel as the potential to be a “must-stay” property in Los Angeles – especially for the well-heeled under-40 crowd.
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 - The rooms, rooftop pool, and staff are amazing.
 - The pool is on the rooftop with a nice view of the City
 - The rooftop pool has an amazing view.
 - The rooftop pool is excellent.
 - The rooftop pool was great, and the well stocked bars.
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 - Really great service too.
 - Thank you Kyran and team for your 5-star service and helping to make our stay wonderful!
 - The Ardor restaurant had superb food with service to match.
 - This is definitely a 5 Star Hotel with 5 star service except for the pool service.
 - While the hotel is satisfactory as a clean place to stay in a good location, it is just not worth the steep price tag with this level of service.
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