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3131 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967
3131 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas


5077 reviews

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staffclubthe-stripcasinostaying experience
 - Finally, in the casino they will not give you points for playing roulette on the machines or using a horse racing game that I enjoyed.
 - For gambling I recommend going to the Wynn Casino, all connected to the Encore, if you want a larger casino with more variety.
 - We had a great time at this casino and hotel.
 - Casino Area very clean and generously spaced.
 - Decent if pricey room service The casino basically is shut or underused on this side compared to the Wynn.
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 - The salon suites all face the strip, and the music from XS and the Beach Club are going until 4 or 4:30 AM most nights.
 - They also clearly value their young Beach club guess over folks staying at the hotel.
 - Great people watching here due to the night clubs.
 - I will say service at clubs was exceptional and we were given a true VIP experience.
 - The bill came and there was a $5.50 charge for club soda.
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 - Perfectly positioned at one end of the Strip.
 - The beauty and design of this resort is just heads and tails above the more generic luxury of the other hotels on the Strip.
 - The hotel was a little further from all the action of the strip,
 - The salon suites all face the strip, and the music from XS and the Beach Club are going until 4 or 4:30 AM most nights.
 - It had a great view of the strip and plenty of room for the two of us.
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 - I highly recommend Encore, it is truly a luxury experience and frankly we got very spoiled.
 - We chose to stay at Encore for a new Vegas experience.
 - This property is top of the line in every aspect.
 - It should be a pleasant experience for any guest to stay there with great service, cleanness of the rooms.
 - A stunning site and experience.
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 - The pickup process was more professional once our room was ready.
 - Concierge service very efficient.
 - They didn’t offer any comp or sincere apologies.
 - Service was great, especially the wonderful young lady who checked us in (wish I got her name) who made sure we got a quiet room away from the XS music.
 - Folks, I'm 6'6 and big.
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 - I dropped over 3K not counting the cost of my inferior room and got not one single comp point, not one. Seriously?
 - but I would have to pay hundreds more.
 - I used my own as these seemed cheap.
 - The price for these rooms is not cheap, and as many others have pointed out, if you get put in the wrong room that, regardless of floor - high or low, is in the line of sight of the nightclubs, do NOT plan on sleeping whatsoever between 10pm and 4am.
 - Prices were a little higher
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 - Just before you check out, you need to stand in line at one of the rewards booths for them to remove the charges.
 - And bring your gold card.
 - I get dressed to go and complain with front desk this morning and manager said they weren’t going to charge the daily hotel fee ($45) as a “compensation “ ????????
 - I was charged immediately, gift never arrived, cannot reach anyone for a refund.
 - Day #1 we were not charged for any dipping sauce. .
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3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4303
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4303

Bellagio Las Vegas


5008 reviews

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staffclubcasinofriendlystaying experience
 - The Bellagio is hands down the best hotel and casino in Las Vegas!
 - Casino have lots slot machines and table games and payout seems reasonable
 - My husband and I are no gamblers so we didn’t really care for the slots and casino tables,
 - The quality of the hotel and casino are also top notch, you know that that don't skimp on the finer things.
 - Wayfair excellent restaurant the casino was nice.
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 - but, the staff is what makes it so great.
 - EVERYONE from the front desk, M-Life (Rewards) Security, Concierge and Janitorial were VERY friendly and professional!
 - The staff is friendly.
 - Amazing staff and very clean facility.
 - Staff was all very helpful and the location was awesome.
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 - They charged me $145 to send to my house a small object left in my room.
 - I got a $100 dining credit (which basically feeds on person at this property), and told that if I wanted to do anything it would have to wait until tomorrow.
 - The Bellagio checked me out of my room before my scheduled Fine Hotels and Resorts check out time, charged the card I had on file when I intended to use a separate card for incidentals, deactivated my room keys and locked me out of my room.
 - Charged us $50 for the use of THEIR fridge because we put a few personal items in it.
 - That being said, the day of departure we noticed that we were overcharged (1 full night + resort and tax) remind you we have a flight to catch, I go to the front desk to asses and the lady kept telling me that everything was fine.
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 - EVERYONE from the front desk, M-Life (Rewards) Security, Concierge and Janitorial were VERY friendly and professional!
 - The staff is friendly.
 - Stay away from this hotel if you want to have a smooth, friendly experience where you get what you pay for.
 - Friendly ,accommodating & knowledgeable staff.
 - Pool great Staff friendly.
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 - Stay away from this hotel if you want to have a smooth, friendly experience where you get what you pay for.
 - We had wonderful dining experiences at Sadelle's for breakfast, Yellowtail and Michael Min's for dinner.
 - No need to travel abroad for a world class experience.
 - We stayed at the Bellagio for our honeymoon, and enjoyed most aspects of the trip.
 - She must have read how I wanted to ensure my team had a flawless experience since it was our first time gathering together in-person after 18 months.
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 - Club fixed is great.
 - Mayfair Supper Club and Lago are also excellent.
 - The Mayfair Supper Club is a must do when you are at the Bellagio.
 - The restaurants Picasso and the Mayfair supper club were absolutely incredible.
 - The Mayfair Supper Club was amazing and the Cypress Pool was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.
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 - Nothing premium about it.
 - The prices are very expensive
 - although a bit on the smaller side for the price we paid.
 - Aren’t we paying a 45$ resort fee?!
 - Overall, paid $600 for one night and $100 for room service.
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 - Charged us $50 for the use of THEIR fridge because we put a few personal items in it.
 - Room had molding food in fridge, pool while open had a jackhammer going all 3 days straight (not relaxing at all), we given wrong room type at check-in because not enough rooms
 - And our hotel room there was a dirty sock left in there from the prior guest and a half Eaten snicker bar in the fridge.
 - The hotel provides a refrigerator for the room upon request at no additional cost.
 - There are no in room coffee makers?
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 - Were located on non smoking floor,
 - but our room reeked of cigarettes 🚬.
 - Initial room was dirty, nightstand, clock and carpet still had vomit on it and one of the two sinks were clogged.
 - We did have someone smoking on our floor and the smell kept wafting into our room.
 - The perfume was terrible.
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Phone number icon(866) 745-7767
2600 West Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89158-4538
2600 West Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89158-4538

Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas


3334 reviews

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staffclubcasinomoderncorner suite
 - It’s refreshing at the end of the day to be able to go to the suite without having to walk through a casino!
 - It is centrally located and right next to ARIA which makes it very easy to get to all of the casinos and restaurants.
 - > Traveling with a teenager, it was nice to have a hotel without a casino that he could walk through freely.
 - Vdara is a quiet and clean hotel without the smoke and noise of the regular casinos.
 - We chose the Vdara because it is a smoke free non casino hotel.
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 - Staff is extremely friendly.
 - The staff are extremely friendly and professional
 - A beautiful hotel with great rooms, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.
 - Fantastic staff, clean and very well apportioned room, overall great hotel.
 - They arrived at the hotel first and checked in at the desk with no issues.
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 - Second and major fail are the constant overcharges.
 - Had to ask for coffee machine and dishes, which they charged us 20 bucks a day for.
 - They charge a lot for these too.
 - They told me they didn’t have anymore Vdara fountain view suites so they would send someone up to clean it and give me 100 f&b credit.
 - Visible sign warns you not to move things around in stocked refrigerator if not consuming so as to avoid charges.
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 - The corner suites are the Bomb!! !
 - We were in the Corner suite and had great views from the 30th floor especially in the night !
 - The Vdara has condo like suites and we were upgraded to a corner suite which was amazing.
 - N/A
 - We booked a corner suite and were not disappointed as soon as we arrived.
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 - This time I had an opportunity to experience their relative new CLUB LOUNGE on Level 200.
 - We opted for a Vdara club lounge suite and were rewarded with a 51st floor suite with breathtaking views including the Bellagio fountains down below.
 - Room was nice Studio Fountain View Suite Club Lounge.
 - * Concierge was crazy helpful - thank you so much * Housekeeping was terrific when extra towels required - super prompt and friendly service * Club Lounge upgrade was really great to have -
 - Club room was beautiful and club lounge access was wonderful.
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 - Also close proximity to The Cosmopolitan Hotel.
 - > Hotel was clean, modern and overall a great stay.
 - 2-3 minute walk to Aria, 5-6 minute walk to Bellagio and Cosmopolitan.
 - Room was very modern and clean.
 - Beautiful Modern decor.
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 - I believe the rate was $18 a day for self parking and then $30 a day for valet.
 - I used my hard earn money ($2,000) to pay for my kids and I to spend time with my older sister in Vegas for her 40th birthday!
 - Even worse, I was double charged - two parking fees in one day - apparently at Vdara the day has 48 hours.
 - Not that expensive
 - I paid $220 a night for 3 nights stay.
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Phone number icon(725) 210-0873
217 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101-2921
217 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101-2921

Oasis at Gold Spike


941 reviews

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staffclubcustomer servicearrivalpoolside
 - She even upgraded me to the poolside because it was my birthday.
 - I stayed on the poolside and it has a direct view.
 - I had actually booked a poolside queen,
 - N/A
 - I'm glad we stayed Poolside because it seems like rooms in the Gold Spike Tower would be a lot louder being attached to the club.
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 - Smelled a little like smoke.
 - The moment you walk in the room, you can smell mold or mildew.
 - I guess they were trying to cover up a worse smell?
 - N/A
 - The place reeks of Marijuana.
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 - Now comes 8am, a random stranger bangs on the door looking for “Greg” which was not there.
 - Check in early, go to room 5 flights up open door and room hasn’t been cleaned, go 5 flights down.
 - Our TV had no sound and all of the cords and plugs hanging from down the wall, the blinds did not close properly so it let too much light in, and the dresser doors did not close all the way.
 - Horrible experience from the moment I walked in door.
 - The room has barn door for extra privacy.
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 - I is such a breath of fresh air to see that good customer service still exists!
 - Amazing customer service, held our bags twice!
 - Jeme was the best customer service rep!
 - She was very helpful, informative, and has great customer service.
 - We are currently staying at the Oasis at gold spike and the customer service is amazing.
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 - Checked out of the Hotel
 - Oasis at Gold Spike Las Vegas Good 818235588 Good everything from the time we arrived and it's our first time an we will be back thanks Gold spike for the great stay yall provided me and my boyfriend.
 - Was checked in by casiana, she was so friendly and sweet!
 - I called before arrival and she gave me the parking info I needed and got me oriented upon arrival.
 - She checked me in and made sure me and my daughter used all of the amenities.
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 - Friendly staff, nice stay.
 - Brought the issue to the front desk, didn’t seem to shocked about the drugs switched us to another room.
 - Staff was helpful and friendly.
 - Beds are very comfortable, staff was very helpful, and within walking distance to anything you want or need.
 - Will definitely be back thanks to the great staff!! !
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 - Club is rocking 3 nights a week in the backyard of Goldspike tower and lots of young people to mingle with.
 - The rooms are super clean, and the night club went off last night!
 - Busy club downstairs where to have fun in the weekends.
 - There is a restaurant, bar, and club.
 - We stayed in the tower above the Gold Spike club & it was awesome!
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 - The air conditioning sounds like there's a monster coming out of the vent.
 - The place is a bit noisy
 - but FYI, We could hear it too.
 - Just far enough from Fremont to avoid the insane noise while still 100% feeling like a fun hotel.
 - The room was clean, to much extra decor, it was noisy a lot of people walking passed and making noises all night housekeeping never came to clean my room and I stayed there for 2 days never got the $100 deposit back either
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 - Construction woke us up at 430 am.
 - My Fiancé was so scared to shower that she had to take a birdie bath because it was dirty and she didn’t feel safe to sleep if we were exhausted as we were we would have checked out that same day we checked in.
 - It did make it tough to sleep,
 - We were there for a quick over night stay, so we only needed a place to sleep.
 - I booked 2 nights and on the first night I wasnt able to sleep because of the club downstairs with music blaring till 4am in the morning.
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Phone number icon(855) 605-0318
3801 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
3801 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tropicana Las Vegas - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


2311 reviews

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staffclubthe-stripthe-clubfree parking
 - Parking is free, by; you need to walk a 1/4 mile.
 - Their is also free parking onsite.
 - Clean, nice property, efficient, good location, easy free self parking.
 - As far as proximity to other hotels and casinos, free parking, comfortable restful sleep and affordable food options, The Tropicana checked all the boxes for us. 1.
 - Great location and free parking(rare in LV these days),
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 - This place smelled horrible!!
 - It was disgusting.
 - The lobby main entrance doors where disgusting.
 - The smell was horrible!
 - Floor carpet was just nasty!
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 - It’s one of the oldest properties on The Strip.
 - I personally like to start my trips out at the Tropicana, walk up and down the strip and finish off at the Tropicana.
 - The dealers and casino managers are ALWAYS the friendliest on the strip.
 - The location is excellent for walking to the strip.
 - Paradise tower is closer to the strip and the rooms are bigger.
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 - I stayed in a room in the Paradise tower and the last night switched to the club tower.
 - We stayed in a suite in the club tower and it was so hot.
 - We booked a City View and got a view of the Club Tower!
 - Also, don’t stay in the club tower unless you enjoy walking.
 - I explained to him my side of the story and was complimentary upgraded to a King room inside the club paradise tower.
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 - Housekeeping was very attentive and inquired if we needed service more than once.
 - but my room was just fine and staff were accommodating.
 - Friendly and helpful staff
 - The staff at Tropicana was great, the accommodations not so much.
 - The dealers and casino managers are ALWAYS the friendliest on the strip.
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 - We have been coming to Tropicana for many years and only gamble there using the player's club cards.
 - I stayed on a lower floor in a club room in one of the towers, and it was pleasantly quiet, and window treatments allowed the room to be dark despite facing east.
 - Club Tower is the tower located near the conference center.
 - My Club Tower room was very spacious!
 - We stayed in club tower which was a bit of a walk, so of that is a bother to you, stay in paradise tower, it is closer and accessible to parking and casino
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 - The room had horrible stains on the carpet, bathroom was dirty, curtains were dirty, and very outdated overall.
 - Mold in the shower!
 - Additionally, even the shower curtain was ragged.
 - The bathroom was nasty it didn’t have a refrigerator or microwave the bed was cozy the menu to the restaurant was little and didn’t have a big Variety and they need to up date there room
 - Bathroom tub chipped up, exhaust fan not working.
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 - I believe this was a room issue and not a food issue and should have been issued a credit or room night for a future stay.
 - Tropicana charged me $20 to bring me a frig.
 - We checked into the hotel on May 8, 2021 with a paid voucher, asked for a credit card to pay the resort fee.
 - I asked for the drink menu and ordered a $12 drink and got charged 14.
 - Pool was only 1/2 cleaned on a holiday weekend and the drink lady over charged on drinks.
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3730 Las Vegas Blvd. At ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV 89158-4300
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. At ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV 89158-4300

ARIA Sky Suites


1242 reviews

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staffclubpenthousestaying experienceprivate
 - Our penthouse included strip view and an amazing spacious room.
 - We stayed in the 2 bedroom penthouse suite at the Aria sky suites for a family members 21st birthday and could have not been more impressed with the room and the staff there.
 - From the moment we get picked up by our personal limousine, to checking into our penthouse suite rooms- they are beautiful, elegant, relaxing, to the Sky Pool experience, room service, down to check out and limo ride back to the airport!
 - The Sky Suites one bedroom Penthouse Suite was amazing!!
 - My sky Sweet one bedroom penthouse turned into a two bedroom lower level Sweet.
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 - From the driver to the front desk and especially cleaning service they were all fantastic.
 - Stunningly beautiful surroundings and staffed by well trained and service oriented individuals.
 - Staff was AMAZING and everything was CLEAN!
 - Mary and Journei were especially polite
 - The staff from the limo ride to the Aria the front desk and housekeeping staff were excellent.
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 - but I still paid several thousand dollars for this stay.
 - but charging full prices for services! !
 - N/A
 - But they are expensive.
 - Drinks in every bar were poorly made, especially for the $20 price tags.
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 - The best overall experience Vegas has to offer.
 - You really can't ask for a better experience where some of the best food in all of Las Vegas is there in Aria and shopping, shows and events so close.
 - I’m a big fan of the restaurants and casino at Aria and staying in the sky suite made the experience that much better.
 - Just getting to your room is experience, the hallway that leads to the Sky Suites in the Aria is gorgeous and the elevators are never busy.
 - The hospitality suite exclusive to Sky Suites is a bonus with small bites and drinks available round the clock.
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 - We also really enjoyed the less crowded private pool area.
 - Private elevators and private check in.
 - Private entrance, private registration which was very friendly and fast, and beautiful room.
 - Lightning-fast private elevators.
 - From the private check in area, the lounge and close location of their elevators to whisk you up to your room.
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 - Aria is exceptional Great service, cleanliness, best restaurant, night club, great location.
 - 5 Star at its finest ,night club had me feeling 21 again, food selection was excellent and Service was second to none.
 - Sky suites also have their own club lounge (separate from the regular club lounge rooms) with snacks and drinks.
 - We enjoyed a few drinks of the Miami Vice down at the pool and our son enjoyed a great club sandwich.
 - Lastly, I recommend booking via the hotel website directly and joining the M Life Rewards Club as you will receive 20% discount which I found to be unbeatable on any comparable site.
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 - Doing this last minute without a call, text or even email was unacceptable
 - No management person even bothered to come speak to us or call us with a sincere apology. .
 - A supervisor came out, made him hang up the phone, and take my money.
 - But no one ever answered the phone.
 - however when we went down for the car, there was no car ready, and no record of my calling for a car!
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Phone number icon(702) 894-7111
3300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8916
3300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8916

Treasure Island - TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel


2341 reviews

Trip advisor
 - 24hr CVS is a plus.
 - It's a great location on the strip with plenty of nearby amenities (like CVS and the fashion mall) which means you don't get suckered into paying for overpriced everything like at other casinos.
 - Clean bathroom and the CVS pharmacy downstairs a plus as we could get water and snacks within walking distance, indoors.
 - And, there’s 2 Starbucks & The World’s Greatest CVS right in the hotel with everything you could need including food, beer, wine, and liquor!
 - Has alot of food choices to eat at &a CVS!
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 - The smell of the spray was so strong it irritated my sinuses and lungs.
 - The smell of cigarettes is breathtaking at times, especially since it is mandatory that you wear a mask.
 - It's a bit of an adjustment coming from a State where there's absolutely no indoor smoking to the casinos where there's no restrictions at all.
 - Hallways/rooms have a stale smoke smell to them.
 - My only complaint is there is smoking allowed.
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 - The location on the strip is perfect!
 - Overall a solid value for a stay on the Strip.
 - Our hotel room was beautiful king size bed in view of the strip everybody theyre so friendly the prices are so reasonable they make it so easy when you’re there you’re in the heart of Vegas I won’t stay anywhere else love this place
 - Centrally located on the strip where you can get to all the attractions!!!
 - I think TI might be my be my new go-to on the strip for affordability and how nice and central it is.
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 - The Treasure Island by far is the best!
 - I am in town for an Operations conference and it is my first time staying at Treasure island casino and hotel.
 - If you want a great experience with immaculate rooms, come to Treasure Island.
 - Love staying at Treasure Island.
 - Our stay at Treasure Island was excellent.
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 - Very clean, friendly staff.
 - but it was prime check in time and you could tell they where short staffed but everyone was very helpful and friendly.
 - Everyone we came in contact with was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
 - The front desk staff it’s great .
 - After already waiting for over 20 minutes and some polite insistence, they did help us and check us in there.
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 - Great restaurants and clubs to go to and affordable.
 - The hotel and casino staff were very friendly and helpful and the TI players club was well worth signing up for if you like to gamble.
 - N/A
 - This mini vacations was excellent great costumer services especially because we have player club.
 - Treaure Island has good room rates if you join the player club which is free of charge.
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 - but when we checked in, they added $40 a night and a service charge which turned out to be another $190 all together on top of what we had already paid.
 - Something about the card they recorded on was encrypted..
 - Their response was an apology and a $50 room credit.
 - Which i replied your establishment would then want to charge me for an early check in fee.
 - Then at 8 in the morning manager sent mai ten axe to bang at my door , after I told I spoke to manager and said I really didn’t want to stay at the hotel and just wanted credit back for the second day so I could stay elsewhere .
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Phone number icon(833) 706-6623
3772 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4337
3772 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4337

NoMad Las Vegas


932 reviews

Trip advisor
 - Nomad is in a great location and it’s right next to T-Mobile arena.
 - We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights and had a spectacular view of the T-Mobile Arena and the strip, and the hotel provides complimentary slippers.
 - The location is outstanding!T-Mobile arena, Aria, the strip, and Eataly being on the property are just some of the perks.
 - This is also the best bang for your buck hotel for a concert at the T-mobile arena right across the street.
 - Located directly across the T-Mobile Arena There was a small leak coming from the bathroom,
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 - It’s like a hotel within a hotel and has all the perks of the Park MGM and other MGM properties.
 - We also loved the Park MGM casino, Primrose and Eataly are fantastic.
 - We have stayed at The Park before and even Hotel 32 when it was here.
 - Right near the park - the location cannot be beat.
 - The Nomad is a hidden gem on the top 4 floors of the Park MGM.
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 - When you couple great design, amazing food and phenomenal customer service together, you get an amazing Park MGM / Nomad Las Vegas experience.
 - I couldn’t have been happier with the services provided by the Nomad staff and Park MGM as a whole.
 - it was great to receive the 3 days complementary, $ 1,150 dollars Freeplay and $ 600.00 for food/drinks, Thank you NoMAD hotel, Thank you PARK MGM CASINO.
 - Love that Park MGM is nonsmoking.
 - The rooms have a different decor than Park.
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 - When strolling through the amazing Italian selection of wine, Hank G from Security was kind enough to share his best finds in the venue and spend quality time explaining the new venue.
 - The staff is very attentive and friendly.
 - Hotel staff is phenomenal.
 - The staff, restaurants, and personnel were all exceptional.
 - The service provided by the staff was outstanding.
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 - Really dark check in reception area that was strangely difficult to find.
 - although hotel is so dark even during daytime.
 - Small and dark rooms.
 - Really glad we came. We arrived around 2pm and the Nomad lobby was dark (why is it so dark to achieve the ambiance desired??)
 - Rooms are pretty dark.
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 - Air conditioning was not working.
 - The AC wasnt as cold as I like
 - They did say their ac unit was noisy as well
 - but again, it is not mind blowing in terms of looks or experience like other reviews mention.
 - HVAC was not working that well at night.
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 - As part of the M Club this property is a perfect fit.
 - Selection of restaurants, clubs, entertainment and gaming are very well balanced.
 - Also!, try the spicy chicken sandwich next door to the night club on the way back to your room!
 - The beautiful surroundings made you feel like you were really in an exclusive club.
 - Staff at restaurants and clubs were friendly and very helpful.
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Phone number icon(725) 208-5260
3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Palazzo at The Venetian


2309 reviews

Trip advisor
staffclubcleanlinesslarge roomspacious room
 - Rooms were big and spacious.
 - Excellent location on the strip, there were many restaurants to choose from, the rooms were large and beautiful.
 - Rooms are very large for Vegas standards.
 - Beds were so comfortable, large rooms for a extra comfy stay, spacious bathroom.
 - Our room was huge.
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 - The room was spacious and clean.
 - The rooms are spacious.
 - The beds were really comfortable and the room was spacious and relaxing.
 - I have stayed at the majority of the hotels on the strip and I will start out by saying the Palazzo is beautiful, clean place with spacious rooms that I will not go back to.
 - The rooms are very spacious.
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 - The resort was lovely and clean and fast access checking in and out.
 - This place is beautiful, clean and more than met our expectations!
 - The place was friendly and clean and an overall great experience that I would recommend to others.
 - Clean rooms with comfortable beds.
 - but when I returned in the evening it was so clean and put back together.
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 - Then they tried to double charge my resort fee at the “express checkout” i went to the main lobby and they said oh no that was a mistake.
 - We also weren’t explained the resort fee and why we were charged over $200 for that.
 - She simply stared at me and pointed to the credit card reader, which said nothing.
 - Watch out for those hidden "Resort Fees" and charges they tack on without ever telling you when you book.
 - Old, dirty, rusted room they charged for a mobile upgrade that never happened.
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 - Employees were nice except security
 - There's separate desks for Royal Ambassadors (including a lounge), people with Grazie Casino Status and for Ambassador as well.
 - The property was fantastic the staff was great there is so much many things to do you don’t have to go anywhere.All the restaurants great food staff was really friendly help me out when they could.I love all the shows live entertainment was great
 - Staff is exceptionally courteous and go out of Theo way to ensure that the guest is well attended to.
 - Before the new owners the breakfasts were fabulous: Eggs (every kind), Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes (all kinds), Breads, everything you could imagine at a high-end Las Vegas buffet – all Included.
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 - I came to love the Prestige Club Lounge Level at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.
 - Tao night club and pool which is beautiful.
 - Electra Club: we went here the first night, got a table (which i will say was nice that it was just a drink per person minimum, no huge table fees,
 - At checkin I was offered club for $80/day which I took.
 - I most recently transitioned from the Mlife MGM membership the the Grazie Loyalty Club.
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 - When we got to the room we found the keys didn't work and the hotel waived one night's resort fee for having to walk back down and get new ones.
 - They sold my room i paid months in advance for and left me with a downgraded version of it with zero form of compensation.
 - However, the lady who runs it is somewhat rude and the short ride is quite expensive.
 - but you will have to pay a $50 upgrade fee.
 - but with a significantly higher price point.
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 - Would have been nice to have a separate non smoking area in Casino
 - however we found this to be a facade covering a rotten institution.
 - The room was dusty, thick dust along baseboards, dried urine on the floor in front of the toilet and stains on the sofa.
 - N/A
 - Smoking allowed in the casino we think is horrible
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Phone number icon(877) 214-9175
80 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4539
80 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4539

Elara By Hilton Grand Vacations - Center Strip


1219 reviews

Trip advisor
staffclubconnectedfull kitchenflat-screen tv
 - I have been an HGVC Member since 2005 and over the years, with the timeshare purchase and annual maintenance fees, I have given Hilton Grand Vacation Club nearly $50,000 of my hard earned money.
 - I’m a Hilton Grand Vacations Club owner.
 - Went there as part of Hilton Vacation Club and was so happily surprised at our spacious room and ideal location next to the mall with lots of great dining options.
 - We enjoyed shows and adult clubs.
 - N/A
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 - What's the point of a full kitchen if you can't find anything close by to use the kitchen for?
 - Large living room, full kitchen with bar seating, and large bedroom.
 - Has a full kitchen and a washer/dryer combo.
 - It had a king-size bed with a sofa bed, mini-kitchen (full refrigerator, microwave, sink, dishes, etc.).
 - Did I mention 8 foot projector TV, washer and dryer full kitchen, granite counter tops and jetted jacuzzi tub.
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 - N/A
 - All staff are very friendly and helpful.
 - Great staff and easy parking and easy cab access at front door.
 - Oddly enough we had no dresser just a closet and a desk with 2 drawers.
 - Housekeeping came up to clean after we notified them.
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 - Best hotel resort I ever stayed at room was beautiful the accommodations were amazing located right in the heart of the Vegas strip connected to the mall and theaters to catch a show too much to see too little time.
 - The location was fantastic as it was connected to a shopping mall with many places to eat (we recommend Ocean One).
 - The hotel is connected to Miracle Mile Shops which leads to Planet Hollywood, and is pretty central to most activities and other hotels (like a 5-15 minute walk).
 - even though its off the strip, its connected to Planet Hollywood and the mall so you have easy access to the strip.
 - Its a nonsmoking hotel and conveniently connected to the Miracle Mile Mall.
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 - The projector screen was unlike any other and a major plus!
 - We loved the projector screen and floor to ceiling shades that gave us an awesome view of the city.
 - The living room for our suite had a big screen projector and we were able to turn the room into a home theater.
 - The most amazing feature - the window shade doubled as a projection screen!
 - My sofa area had a projector with the screen coming down.
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 - Also had to call for bathroom amenities.
 - - We have no record of you ever calling us on Friday.
 - There weren't any outlets for our devices (phone, tablets) near the bed so we had them charging on the floor all around the room.
 - The rooms need to be cleaned better to include the phones and appliances.
 - That’s hard to do with a dead phone.
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 - We also had to sign a no-party document and were advised of the penalty fee for smoking in the room!
 - They came out wet and smelling terrible.
 - !., Not what I was expecting from a Hilton property, and for the price, I paid over $3000 dollars for 3 nights, just to get my family exposed to MOLD!
 - N/A
 - One is that when we first checked in there was what I believed to be urine stains on the toilet seat that would not come out.
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