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3940 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119-1002
3940 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119-1002

Delano Las Vegas


1266 reviews

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 - We booked a King Suite room in June on my best friend’s room block who was getting married.
 - We stayed here for 3 nights and had 2 king suite rooms.
 - The rooms are all suite & very modern.
 - The rooms are all suites which is great.
 - Only positive was nice large room as it’s a suite.
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 - (at least as per AMEX) I had booked a one night stay at Delano on 12th November 2021 and after late check-in to the hotel, the shower turned on - on its own in the middle of the night around 4am and started seeping to the bathroom floor.
 - Very disappointed to find an extra $80 in charges for about $1 of goods.
 - If she didn't have the ability to waive the charge she should have asked a supervisor to step in.
 - but also charged.
 - The VIP packages did not live up to the billing, the view was disappointing, and the street noise was frustrating.
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 - house of blues was decent
 - The House of Blues restaurant down in the casino was great.
 - House of Blues and Lupo was top notch.
 - but we had a couple of meals at House of Blues that were very good with great service.
 - The House of Blues has great hamburgers.
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 - The Engineer arrives 15 min after that and couldn’t stop it either and asks the front desk to give us another room.
 - Staff was courteous, rooms clean and extremely comfortable.. on several occasions I was tempted to just lay in bed,
 - Checked in on the app, room was ready before we arrived.
 - Great Place always first class service rooms and staff.
 - The room was great, dog friendly and very clean.
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 - Instead, they made us walk to Mandalay Bay for A substandard room (where the key didn’t even work) in the middle of the night!
 - The staff did a great job, very responsive to my needs and reminded me why I love Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay and now the Delano.
 - If you want to go to a casino where the dealers look at your from outer space come to Mandalay Bay.
 - I had better expectations on of this hotel casino, I have stayed at the Mandalay Bay with way better service and better rooms.
 - Gave us a nice romantic real, and the option to get our gamble on with being easily connected to Mandalay Bay. .
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 - They put us in an expensive King Suite on one of the lowest floors saying nothing else was available ,
 - They are cutting costs in the wrong areas.
 - No mention was given of a credit for what I know was a difference in room rates.
 - From the check-in, to the horrible room service, to the bland offerings in the hotel/resort (hope you like overpriced starbucks because that's the only coffee available), nothing about this place was remotely '5 star'.
 - The shop and coffee stand were a little pricey,
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 - A cup of coffee in the room was $12.00 for a pod and $22.00 for a bottle of water to make the coffee.
 - but we didn't realize until we got the bill that they charge $12 for two Kuerig pods and powdered creamer.
 - $100 charge if you put anything in the fridge.
 - Having a microwave in the room would make the room better.
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 - this is my 30+ visit here and now that it is near Allegiant Stadium it is where the action is for game days and concerts
 - Perfect when attending an event at Allegiant Stadium…literally a 15 minute walk from the hotel.
 - The best part of this resort is it is walking distance to allegiant stadium.
 - It has very nice amenities associated with the hotel and it's really close to the Allegiant stadium.
 - Perfect if you are attending an even at Allegiant Stadium.
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3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4337
3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4337

Park MGM Las Vegas


5356 reviews

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 - We were woken up at 5:00 by smoke/smell of marijuana by the people in the room next to us.
 - Minor issues with very loud neighbors as many of the rooms are connecting so you can hear a lot.
 - however we were given a room as far away as possible from the elevators, a room as noisy as possible facing the T-Mobile Arena & all of its noise.
 - We stayed Nov 11-13 and the air conditioner sounded like an airplane every time it kicked on every 15 minutes or so.
 - but 3, 4, 5 in the morning you can still hear the music!
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 - The hotel is near almost everything on the strip and your room will give you a great view of it!
 - Spent The Weeknd in Vegas for both hockey and football games and it’s the perfect spot on the strip for quick easy access to both venues.
 - Great place to stay, right off the strip and easy to get in and out.
 - I was very happy with my stay and exploring the strip.
 - This is a hidden gem, GREAT hotel on the strip for the non smoking experience.
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 - rooms clean and bed was so comfortable I'm going to buy the same soon
 - But besides this staff and room was awesome.
 - The hotel is near almost everything on the strip and your room will give you a great view of it!
 - Modern rooms, great choices for food, and gaming.
 - Room had not been well maintained.
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 - We stayed in October to see the Marc Anthony concert and I was completely happy and impressed with the new hotel.
 - We were going to Phish concert at MGM Grand Arena and it is a 10 minute walk.
 - Close Enough Walk to the MGM Grand for Concerts.
 - My 16 year old daughter and I stayed at the Park to attend the Lady Gaga Concert at the Park Theater.
 - I tried the Spa and enjoyed the Park Theater for a couple of Jonas Brothers concerts.
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 - No coffee maker and the Starbucks line was over an hour so the ½ mile (verified) walk to Eatily seemed logical
 - There were no glasses or cups in the room at all.
 - The room is okay, no fridge or any goodies to keep me in there for more than freshening up and sleeping.
 - Getting a cup of coffee in the morning is a joke.
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 - The Park Mgm has an excellent event theater - recently hosting Lada Gaga, Bruno Mars and John Mulaney is also about 200 feet from the t-Mobile arena and about a quarter mile from Allegiant Stadium.
 - It is a great location with T-Mobile and Allegiant Stadium within walking distance.
 - Easy access to Allegiant Stadium, Hockey Stadium and the strip.
 - Great location if going to Allegiant Stadium.
 - I was able to see the t-mobile arena and allegiant stadium.
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 - Resort was very clean, and having a non-smoking casino was a plus.
 - Love the no smoking hotel and casino.
 - ABC store is right across the street, T-Mobile Arena is right next door and you're in the middle of 4 MGM casinos.
 - The Vegas experience was amazing we had an amazing time with our friends and and extra bonus was the smoke free casino!! !
 - The casino was great: smoke free, clean and always ready for me.
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