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3411 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8955
3411 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8955

Best Western Plus Casino Royale - Center Strip


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 - Best Western Plus Casino Royale a small nice budget hotel with no resort fees.
 - but after 2 weeks travelling the budget was tight.
 - Stayed here 14th-21st september, budget hotel right in the middle of the strip, bit dated basic
 - Good breakfast options in eateries beside the hotel which will suit any budget.
 - For those on a budget this is the place to stay.
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 - The Casino Royale was perfect for our stay in Vegas.
 - If you want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip without paying the prices of those famous high-rise hotels, the Best Western Casino Royale is the place for you!
 - Casino Royale the best spot on the strip.
 - We had enjoyed our prior stay at BW Casino Royale and it remains a good place to lay your head.
 - I am and always will be impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of the staff at the Casino Royale Best Western.
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 - They gave me a room near the mid hallway elevator.
 - Only after the complaints were made,they offered a room at the end of the hall.
 - Every 60-90 minutes throughout the ENTIRE night there was VERY loud arguing, fighting, cursing, sexually explicit conversations, elicit drug use, and constant slamming of doors in the hallway immediately outside of our room.
 - My complaint with this hotel lies with how early housekeeping starts cleaning the hall and rooms and VERY loudly.
 - Room soundproof was rather poor, overheard banging of doors, footsteps and even guests chatting along the corridor.
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 - This Best Western was right on the strip next to Venetian and across street from Mirage and Treasure Island.
 - It’s wedged in between the Venetian and the Harrah’s and across from the Mirage and Treasure Island.
 - This hotel was the perfect spot for NYE - just walk out the doors and we were in the middle of the festivities - there was a DJ playing outside The Mirage (directly opposite of Casino Royale) - fireworks went off at Treasure Island - it was Spectacular!!
 - When you came out of the front of the property you were right in the middle of the strip, opposite Caesars Palace, Treasure Island and a few minutes from The Venetian.
 - Great location next to Harrahs and Treasure Island.
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 - the only issue we had was with the AC not working 100%
 - We couldn’t control the thermostat in our room, so we couldn’t get the room temperature to our liking.
 - The AC unit also is a joke as it didn’t work.
 - They got the fan to turn on in neutral/fan only.
 - but the heat on the a/c didn't warm the frigid room (it was 45 degrees outside).
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 - Free parking, no resort fee with coffee and a fridge in the room.
 - A free parking area is included.
 - With free parking, no resort fee, are plus savings.
 - Ample free parking.
 - Free parking and no resort fee were a rare find-- and very much appreciated.
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 - Many nearby restaurants to eat at, Denny’s, White Castle, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Hut and many more.
 - theres a Walgreens next door for cheap drinks and snacks, plus theres a Denny's, a Outback Steakhouse, White Castle right there connected to the hotel.
 - There are numerous eateries.
 - Right next door you have panda, chipotle, and mcdonald's.
 - but pretty clean room in an excellent location—within walking distance to tons of attractions and restaurants.
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 - it had a strong smoke smell to it (didn't bother me) so if you dont like cigarette smoke id avoid it.
 - The only unpleasantness was the sewage stench permeating the casino from the parking lot entrance.
 - We a transient smoking CRACK AT ONE OF THE SLOT MACHINES!!!
 - I read previous reviews about the property and they are true (the parking garage is small, sketchy and smells like pee and the rooms are sorta in a back alley, though indoors hallway us accessed via keycard),
 - The room smelt like smoke and you could hear every conversation the room next door was having like they were in the same room with you .
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