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1305 Arizona St, Boulder City, NV 89005-2613
1305 Arizona St, Boulder City, NV 89005-2613

Boulder Dam Hotel


435 reviews

Trip advisor
locationhoover-dammuseumclassyfree breakfast
 - Beautiful historic hotel with unique old-fashioned details that made the room feel homey.
 - Chose Boulder Dam Hotel for the historic charm and great price.
 - Truly enjoyed our stay at the historic Boulder Dam Hotel.
 - The two rooms we had - 203 and the more spacious 205 were fabulous, decorated with simple charm and subtle historical references.
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 - Overall great price for the charm and location.
 - The location is very walkable to many places to eat and shop- you feel as if you stepped back in time 50 years.
 - The location was wonderful as well and we took advantage of being able to stroll down the street to the not many shops and restaurants.
 - Wonderful Staff - convenient location - loved the front lobby - happy that the downstairs lounge was open - food is terrific - your room comes with a free full breakfast - hotel has a small art gallery and a free film on the building of the Hover Dam
 - The location is perfect.
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 - No morning complimentary breakfast.
 - The free breakfast was very good.
 - A big plus is breakfast is included.
 - Lovely included breakfast (fruit pancakes were delicious).
 - Free breakfast cooked to order was wonderful.
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 - The walls are so thin I could hear every word clearly from the next room and I was woke up at 11:30 pm and again at 5:45 am.
 - Walls pretty thin so could hear neighbors TV into the night.
 - There is an alcove in the wall where the TV sits, and a close closet that had an extra blanket in it.
 - This time we ot the room Shirley Temple used to request and it was very cosy with antique furniture and Shirley Tempe memorabilia on the wall.
 - although I didn't use it, and there was a white noise machine on the bedside table to compensate for the thinness of the walls between rooms.
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 - There was also an interesting museum in the hotel regarding the building of the Hoover Dam.
 - There is a museum on site focusing on the construction of Hoover Dam.
 - They have a museum inside that was the bomb - you don't have to stay there to visit it, which we thought was very nice.
 - The hotel has a museum covering the building of the Hoover Dam, an Art Gallery with works available for purchase, and a really neat bar called Cleveland's Speakeasy.
 - but seriously enjoyed the museum which has artifacts from the building of the dam and the lives of the people who built it despite intense difficulty and hardship.
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 - There was also an interesting museum in the hotel regarding the building of the Hoover Dam.
 - Note, the hotel around the time they were building the Hoover Dam.
 - It was built to support the building of the Hoover Dam so it is quite historic.
 - This hotel was only about 30 minutes from the strip, and was clean, well run and managed, and in a good area near Hoover Dam.
 - I liked the history associated with the hotel and their museum was very interesting.. Great location also for visiting the Hoover Dam.
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 - The queen rooms are very small.
 - The room was small.
 - The rooms are small as most from the depression era.
 - Though the room was small, it was just fine for two people.
 - The rooms were small and the beds uncomfortable.
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704 Nevada Way, Boulder City, NV 89005-2332
704 Nevada Way, Boulder City, NV 89005-2332

Best Western Hoover Dam Hotel


283 reviews

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locationhoover-damhoover-dam proximitystreet restaurantroom cleanliness
 - The facilities at this location were great.
 - but wonderful experiences and every single one of these hotels except for this Hoover Dam Boulder city location.
 - The bed was comfortable and the location was great for us.
 - Location was great for walking into town.
 - The location is great, its near down town.
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 - Great location outside of Las Vegas and close to the Hoover Dam.
 - It is close to Hoover dam and Lake Mead Recreational area.
 - We would highly recommend this Best Western location for anyone looking to stay near The Hoover Dam.
 - Lake Mead and Hoover Dam close and the hotel had plenty of boat parking! !
 - The location was good as it was close to Hoover dam.
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 - Individuals appearing to be “residents” draping food over the stairway walls hand feeding the crows. HORRIBLE!
 - but be warned the walls are paper thin and the place needs updating including the linens which were dingy and some threadbare.
 - The walls are paper thin and people were coming and going all night.
 - Clean rooms and comfortable bed - the only complaint I have is that the walls are super thin.
 - Heck, someone should invent sound proofing to be added to these kinds of motel walls from the inside of each room without having to tear the walls out.
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 - Walls are wafer thin, place is very noisy, extremely disruptive at all hours of the night.
 - but there are so many other places to stay that work with their customers and will hear them out.
 - but she couldnt hear the doorbell.
 - but make sure you follow the rules or you will hear about it!
 - Unfortunately the only complaint I have is I was woken up by the maid service at 9 o’clock so warning I guess I could’ve prevented it by putting the privacy door hanger on LOL
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 - Wonderful stay and nice rooms, Coffee in room and very clean.
 - The room seems clean enough and we did enjoy a good night’s sleep.
 - Rooms were clean and comfortable.
 - Alway clean rooms great service.
 - The rooms are very clean and there is plenty of parking.
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 - I called the Hoover Dam hotel a day and half in advance to cancel a room on a monday.
 - but wonderful experiences and every single one of these hotels except for this Hoover Dam Boulder city location.
 - This is a great location to stay for Hoover Dam and Lake Mead,
 - Perfect place to stay while visiting Hoover Dam.
 - This is the second stay I have at the Best Western Hoover Dam Hotel during the past two years.
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 - Bed – Excellent Quiet – Excellent Breakfast – Excellent – Voucher given for restaurant across the street Parking – Excellent TV - Excellent Internet - Excellent Customer Service - Excellent The pool was open – and looked very clean,
 - They offer vouchers for breakfast at the restaurant across the street which was delicious!
 - For breakfast vouchers is given, and you walk across family owned restaurant across the street.
 - I loved the breakfast option at a local diner across the street.
 - The hotel is very hospitable with vouchers for the diner across the street available on the weekends very very nice.
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18000 Highway 93, Boulder City, NV 89005
18000 Highway 93, Boulder City, NV 89005

Hoover Dam Lodge


140 reviews

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locationhoover-damhoover-dam proximitycasinothe-strip
 - If you like to go to the casino they have several areas to play in.
 - Casino area was nice and we gambled and lost a few bucks
 - The Lodge is a casino on its main level, and the hotel keeps its main floor very nice and up to date.
 - The casino is a good mix of inviting and relaxing.
 - We made our way around the fairly large hotel, visiting each of the casino sections that have their own little food booths.
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 - Staying here, leaving my hotel on the strip empty as a slower paced alternative for a week long conference stay.
 - Now that's not a complaint, it was welcoming considering what I have come accustomed to having at the strip hotels.
 - We stopped at the Lodge just after Las Vegas and it was a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the strip.
 - With all of the expensive steak restaurants in Las Vegas, I would rather drive the few miles away from the strip and return for another steak here.
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 - It was filthy.
 - Not to mention we have to wait in a smoky lobby because the casino is open to the lobby and smoke is drifting over.
 - There is a casino inside this lodge and on the 2nd floor there is a bingo room - one side smoking - one side not.
 - Only reason that I am not giving 5 stars is because of smoke, and that is not the fault of the hotel.
 - The lobby wreaked of smoke.
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 - Security tells folks to "wear their f*cking masks" between puffs.
 - The security guard was beyond rude.
 - an american classic with the newer bridge to book.. security check points now added.
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 - Make sure to bring your charger plug for your phone.
 - Numerous guests get harassed from local patrons for playing certain machines call them vulgar names to get them off their so-called machines.
 - I do not know how they had overlooked our reservation, as we spoke with the Hoover Dam Lodge reservation agent (Angela) directly, on the phone.
 - Tried to call room service
 - As for wakeup calls we scored 1 for 2.
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 - great location near the Hoover Dam.
 - so mix that with a clean environment with reasonably priced food and fantastic proximity to both hoover dam and lake meade,.
 - It's very close to the Hoover Dam which was great as we wanted a tour of the dam.
 - For us the location was perfect as it’s close to hoover dam, on the highway to grand Canyon (south entrance) and after Las Vegas in this case.
 - but this is handy for saving a few bucks and close to Hoover Dam for a visit there, near to Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire (which is awesome!
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 - The Hoover Dam Lodge is a great place to visit.
 - The lobby and casino were clean, cooled nicely by the A/C, had interesting history about Hoover Dam.
 - .it was literally a couple of minutes drive to Hoover Dam and about 5-7 min drive into Boulder City, NV which is a cute smaller town with a great vibe in its downtown district.
 - Your about 35 minutes away from the vegas strip in some rural country, nearby Hoover Dam.
 - Check in was quick and efficient and they did not mind us leaving our trailer in their (free) parking area the next day while we visited the Hoover Dam.
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 - We loved the location.
 - The hotel is located right next to lake Meade, and they have some great walking trails.
 - One thing we noticed, there was not a 'hotel book' in the room, with description of hotel amenities, location of things, etc.
 - Couldn’t be more impressed, isolated location was irrelevant as the hotel had everything you would ever need and very cheap.
 - Got there to have a great location near Vegas, Valley of Fire and Hoover dam.
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110 Ville Dr, Boulder City, NV 89005-1401
110 Ville Dr, Boulder City, NV 89005-1401

Quality Inn


95 reviews

Trip advisor
 - but there was no cigarette smell.
 - The first thing I noticed that housekeeping missed the overstuffed ashtray that was sitting on the balcony deck.
 - I looked at my feet and they were so nasty.
 - Bath tub was filthy and did not drain properly.
 - however rooms smelled of smoke and they didn’t turn A/C on in our room despite it being 115 degrees outside.
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 - but right in the middle of all of the site seeing for hoover dam and lake mead , well that area of it .
 - Weekend get away from Vegas to see Hoover Dam, walk the Railroad Trail, and Lake Mead Boat Cruise.
 - Peaceful location with a great view of the hoover dam reservoir.
 - We stayed here after flying into Vegas and wanting to visit the Hoover Dam before heading to California.
 - Good location to visit Hoover dam and see the area.
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 - The motel is located in the desert with desert wildlife such as scorpions and rattlesnakes.
 - Peaceful location with a great view of the hoover dam reservoir.
 - The location is very good and close to the dam
 - Good location to visit Hoover dam and see the area.
 - I'm a frequent traveler and tend to stay at Choice Hotels locations because they're usually cheap and still good.
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 - Staff at check-in and out were friendly.
 - friendly staff and clean .
 - The clerk who greeted us and checked us in was friendly.
 - The office clerk was very friendly and helpful.
 - Comfortable beds, clean rooms with everything necessary and always a friendly staff.
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 - The tub spicket was loose, bathroom walls needed patching/paint, windows/mirrors weren't clean and chair arms/table were sticky.
 - Grout is gross around the bottom of the toilet so you can't tell if it's clean or just poorly done.
 - (it was supposed no be a non-smoking room) the bathroom tub looked like it hadn't been scrubbed well.
 - Bath tub was filthy and did not drain properly.
 - Furniture was falling apart, whirlpool was dirty so we never used it.
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 - Some rooms do have a distant view of Lake Mead.
 - but we didn't have a balcony view, and there was a family above us that had kids that never stop running around.
 - Peaceful location with a great view of the hoover dam reservoir.
 - Fantastic staff, great views of Lake Mead and a much-appreciated upgrade to a large room/suite in the conference area of the hotel.
 - but you can't get a better view for the price.
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 - Noted paint splatters on exterior of our window, unkept walkways and simply sloppy appearance.
 - but for the price paid I do feel like they should be putting some money into refurbishing the property.
 - It is an older property and some of the elements could be updated
 - I was disappointed by the condition of this property after reading the reviews and seeing it had garnered 3.5 stars and a "very good" rating.
 - but they need to look into this motel and find out just how bad a condition it is in.
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809 Nevada Hwy, Boulder City, NV 89005-2336
809 Nevada Hwy, Boulder City, NV 89005-2336

Sands Motel


55 reviews

Trip advisor
locationhoover-damhistoriccomfortable bed
 - The bed was comfortable, a top factor for any lodging, and I can't really find anything bad to say about the Sands Motel.
 - The bed was comfortable.
 - Been renovated and is clean with comfortable beds.
 - The bed was comfortable.
 - The rooms were clean and the bed was comfortable.
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 - The noise comes through the walls easily.
 - Kind of quirky with the electrical conduit outside the walls,
 - The walls in the room were filthy.
 - The bathroom had an IKEA style space saver sink and a huge wall mirror and a quirky shower curtain.
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 - We were here as a stop from our trip through Joshua Tree Park and the Mojave Desert to the Hoover Dam on the next day.
 - The hotel is just a minute off from the main road from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam.
 - We stayed here after a morning visiting Hoover Dam.
 - It was the perfect for our visit to Hoover Dam the following day.
 - Close proximity to the historic downtown restaurants, shops, and the Hoover Dam!
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 - The motel is located in Historic Downtown Boulder City and looks like a 50's style motor court that is clean and well maintained.
 - The Historic District has lots of shops, galleries, cafe's and restaurants Etc.
 - Walking distance to all the shops and restaurants in Historic Boulder City.
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 - The bathrooms are very small and tight.
 - Bathroom was a bit of an eyebrow raiser because the sink was so tiny
 - Bathroom is small,
 - Negatives - bathroom is tiny and there is no sink in kitchenette.
 - Nice rooms, bathrooms a little small,
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 - The 2nd room did smell somewhat better
 - The reason for the 4 stars is the room had a strong musty smell that didn't go away even with the A/C on or with air fresheners (I bought at local grocery store) and the bathtub needed a makeover.
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 - Location was amazing too!
 - Location is nice and there are restaurants and other shops within walking distance.
 - Great location if you're going to walk around Boulder City.
 - Three good things regarding location: you park your car directly in front of your room door, making loading and unloading easier, you are within walking distance of a couple of good restaurants and a very good supermarket and a Starbucks coffee shop.
 - The room was clean and the hotel location was really good and in walking distance of shops and restaurants.
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268 Lake Shore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005-1202
268 Lake Shore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005-1202

Lake Mead RV Village


15 reviews

Trip advisor
 - We drove to Hoover Dam which was about a five minute drive and looked around.
 - but close to Hoover dam and things.
 - The campsite is conveniently located near the Hoover Dam, lots of hiking trails and not far from the Las Vegas strip.
 - We used our time here to visit the Hoover Dam (will be reviewing that too! ), the Railroad Museum in Boulder City (really nice) and the Boulder City Museum (its in a hotel & probably our favorite)
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 - As far as Cable, there is NO cable on our site, nor on many other sites around here.
 - Forget the cable TV it does not work either.
 - The cable signal was so low that we couldn't get any channels.
 - but alas, even with the assistance of an employee, we could not access cable for the night.
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 - but the men's showers were weird.
 - Not much shade, bathrooms are clean, bring your own BBQ, and chairs.
 - Now it was not super clean in the shower house.
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 - 5 stars for location which speaks for itself - stunning views and easy access to LM recreational area.
 - Once we arrived we were escorted to our location and given all instructions on the campground.
 - The campsite is conveniently located near the Hoover Dam, lots of hiking trails and not far from the Las Vegas strip.
 - You are close to Las Vegas ( 30 minutes) Hoover damn and other locations in the area.
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