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Phone number icon(844) 316-5288
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4345
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4345

Paris Las Vegas


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 - Ate dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, it was outstanding top to bottom, highly recommended.
 - Had a great view of the Eiffel tower and the fountains at Bellagio.
 - Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a must go for every Vegas visitor offering Excellent Service, Food and View of the Strip.We always try to Book Paris Resort everytime we visit Las Vegas.
 - Eiffel Tower restaurant great service & food.
 - The Eiffel tower ride amazing.
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 - The would give me $100.00 on my credit card if I paid a $20 fee!!!
 - Upon check in at 9:40 pm, I was advised that the room category I paid for was not available and we must be changed to a different room.
 - I don't understand paying for resort fees and getting nothing for it.
 - I did not mind to pay for that.
 - Other hotels (Planet Hollywood )next door had their pool open and we assumed the resort fee included the pool.
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 - Now that it's legal in Nevada the smell is everywhere!
 - Thin layer of dust on everything, smelled like weed when we checked in and there was a dried contact on the bedside table.
 - I went to the room, and the smell of urine was overwhelming.
 - No joke, we had to spend all the time in the room creating interesting ways to mitigate the God awful, unsanitary and unhealthy smells!
 - Second room restroom was so stinky and again there was personal item from previous guest left in closet.
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 - The hotel lobby, casino and restaurants were clean.
 - Staff in the casino and restaurants were very considerate.
 - Had mixed experiences with the casino staff.
 - Comfortable bed, quiet bedroom, centrally located with a top notch casino (for those who are into gambling).
 - Since one or two corp own all the casino's it seems the algorithm for the slots was the same.
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 - At first we were delighted with our room— view of the Eiffel Tower, the Strip, and the pool.
 - If you want the perfect location center to the strip then Paris is perfect, especially if you don’t want to wear a mask and get away with it.
 - Proximity of hotel is just about the middle of the strip.
 - Got the same end-of-hall room looking out at the strip, the Eiffel tower and the Bellagio.
 - This place is no better than a low buck hotel way off the strip!
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 - I was told that you could gamble using a credit card before we went.
 - however if you value somewhat decent customer service, being charged correctly and being treated like a human avoid this hotel like it’s ground zero of the plague.
 - I'm not understanding how you can charge a resort fee when there isn't anything functional at the hotel.
 - I know these front desk folks have control over what fees are tacked on and removed and I firmly believe that charging an additional $25 for 2 minutes on top of the $25 already paid is insane.
 - At the price point of this hotel some funds need to be invested in customer service training.
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 - The rooms are very spacious, nicely decorated, and have quite comfortable beds.
 - Hotel was clean and unbelievable work of art!
 - Pros: Location, Comfortable bed, quiet room, cute decor, and easy check-in.
 - The Rooms are well appointed, the casino atmosphere is wonderful and the staff very efficient and courteous.
 - The GOOD: Awesome Resort Atmosphere with a romantic Paris village inside the hotel and casino including restaurants ,cafe's and an Eiffel Tower!
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 - I enjoyed my stayed at Paris Las Vegas and the place is beautiful
 - The Paris Las Vegas hotel is an incredible option for all visitors to Las Vegas.
 - I would highly recommend Paris Las Vegas.
 - Thank you Paris Las Vegas, we'll be back!
 - As ALWAYS, the Paris Las Vegas is a win~win!
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