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18000 Highway 93, Boulder City, NV 89005
18000 Highway 93, Boulder City, NV 89005

Hoover Dam Lodge


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 - Staying here, leaving my hotel on the strip empty as a slower paced alternative for a week long conference stay.
 - Now that's not a complaint, it was welcoming considering what I have come accustomed to having at the strip hotels.
 - We stopped at the Lodge just after Las Vegas and it was a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the strip.
 - With all of the expensive steak restaurants in Las Vegas, I would rather drive the few miles away from the strip and return for another steak here.
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 - It was filthy.
 - Not to mention we have to wait in a smoky lobby because the casino is open to the lobby and smoke is drifting over.
 - There is a casino inside this lodge and on the 2nd floor there is a bingo room - one side smoking - one side not.
 - Only reason that I am not giving 5 stars is because of smoke, and that is not the fault of the hotel.
 - The lobby wreaked of smoke.
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 - If you like to go to the casino they have several areas to play in.
 - Casino area was nice and we gambled and lost a few bucks
 - The Lodge is a casino on its main level, and the hotel keeps its main floor very nice and up to date.
 - The casino is a good mix of inviting and relaxing.
 - We made our way around the fairly large hotel, visiting each of the casino sections that have their own little food booths.
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 - Make sure to bring your charger plug for your phone.
 - Numerous guests get harassed from local patrons for playing certain machines call them vulgar names to get them off their so-called machines.
 - I do not know how they had overlooked our reservation, as we spoke with the Hoover Dam Lodge reservation agent (Angela) directly, on the phone.
 - Tried to call room service
 - As for wakeup calls we scored 1 for 2.
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 - The Hoover Dam Lodge is a great place to visit.
 - The lobby and casino were clean, cooled nicely by the A/C, had interesting history about Hoover Dam.
 - .it was literally a couple of minutes drive to Hoover Dam and about 5-7 min drive into Boulder City, NV which is a cute smaller town with a great vibe in its downtown district.
 - Your about 35 minutes away from the vegas strip in some rural country, nearby Hoover Dam.
 - Check in was quick and efficient and they did not mind us leaving our trailer in their (free) parking area the next day while we visited the Hoover Dam.
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 - great location near the Hoover Dam.
 - so mix that with a clean environment with reasonably priced food and fantastic proximity to both hoover dam and lake meade,.
 - It's very close to the Hoover Dam which was great as we wanted a tour of the dam.
 - For us the location was perfect as it’s close to hoover dam, on the highway to grand Canyon (south entrance) and after Las Vegas in this case.
 - but this is handy for saving a few bucks and close to Hoover Dam for a visit there, near to Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire (which is awesome!
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 - Security tells folks to "wear their f*cking masks" between puffs.
 - The security guard was beyond rude.
 - an american classic with the newer bridge to book.. security check points now added.
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