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Zorlu Center, Istanbul 34340 Turkey
Zorlu Center, Istanbul 34340 Turkey

Raffles Istanbul


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 - There was no temperature check either at the main entrance or at the secondary door linking with the shopping mall.
 - The minor part of the hotel experience which I did not enjoy was the temperature of the outside area of the 3rd floor.
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 - He then asked me for my name, and surprisingly during my entire stay, he addressed me by my name every single time he saw me at the Spa.
 - The spa facilities are perfect with a great gym, relaxing massages and a fantastic indoor pool.
 - The rooms are well laid out and I have a sauna in my bathroom.
 - I’ve visited Spa and had a Turkish bath peeling.
 - The spa area is really impressive.
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 - In general, I felt very welcomed as staff members were very polite, helpful, and courteous.
 - On behalf of Captain plus team, we would like to thank you for hosting us.
 - We also order dinner to the room which was outstanding in terms of taste, presentation, time and most all the professional service.
 - The staff was incredibly helpful during our entire stay.
 - magnificent stay , wonderful welcoming and professional staff .
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 - Hotel is connected to the Zorlu Center which is a beautiful shopping center that offers high to mid-range stores along with restaurants and a food court (even a Popeyes!).
 - With the hotel being attached to the Zorlu Center, it's definitely convenient for food and shopping as well.
 - Enjoy the facilities of the gym, breakfast is excellent and varied with excellent pastries, it is located in the Zorlu Center, which is a luxury shopping center with direct access to the metro.
 - The hotel is also well located in one of the most modern and serviced commercial areas in the entire city, Zorlu Center.
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 - On the next day before leave, the soup was too cold and had to wait airport taxi for 20 minutes!!
 - The room service attendant was caring (he even offered to bring me tea as I was starting a cold!).
 - Drinks are served cold just the way the should be .This is the real definition of is true to be true.
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 - The cleanliness of the room and quick response of the housekeeping was amazing too.
 - The rooms were amazing, super spacious and clean and very nice.
 - Hamam was very clean and the athmosphere is calming.
 - Super service , super clean and good stuff.
 - The rooms are very spacious and spotless and the responsiveness of the staff when calling the front desk and or housekeeping was immediate.
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 - We used it and became somewhat experts on their system.
 - Their systems were down one of the days so breakfast was a disaster.
 - The only dislike is the use of control system for light and curtains which didnt work as it supposed it should.
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