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East Crescent Road Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 71607 United Arab Emirates
East Crescent Road Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 71607 United Arab Emirates

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort


3262 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosquekid friendlystaying experienceholiday trip
 - Beautiful hotel in a perfect location for beach holiday and also city visits in Dubai and even Abu Dhabi.
 - A special mention to Geoffrey who made our vacation extra special, who went out of his way to accommodate our requests every day on the beach, bringing our drinks throughout the day.
 - Overall incredible experience and the best Family Holiday / Vacation we have had so far!
 - The combination of pool, lagoon and beach is perfect for family vacation!
 - All in all we did have an amazing holiday and managed to do a lot of sight seeing We would return to this hotel,as its location is tranquile with its lovely white sandy beach, and only a 25 min taxi drive to the main attractions.
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 - Then Tayyab helped us to find and buy a dishdasha for Jan and organized for us the private transport to Abu Dhabi to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
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 - !Stayed with my parents and my children .
 - He remember the kids and our names from day one, always smiling and taking care of us, with great humor!
 - Kids especially when playing in the hot sun need lots of liquid!!
 - If you travel with kids, lagoon access is probably a great choice (esp if they can swim).
 - We’ve stayed twice now at the Anantara the Palm resort with our two children.
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 - Overall incredible experience and the best Family Holiday / Vacation we have had so far!
 - The staff helpfulness, hospitality, friendliness and professionalism.
 - Michael, Sudhara and Peris from towel counter was very accomodating, and longtailboat trip was fabulous, thanks to Indika and Tharanga for the safe and memorable experience with the LTB.
 - We only discovered the buffet style theme dining experience of Cressandos on day 4 of our stay which was much more catered for our needs and was included in our half board basis.
 - Our experience was made by Geoffrey for the rest of our holiday, a member of the waiting staff on the beach who made us feel so special every day.
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 - Beautiful hotel in a perfect location for beach holiday and also city visits in Dubai and even Abu Dhabi.
 - Great pool and beach , Buffett and restaurants were fab.
 - The views are amazing from the beach you look over the palm towards Altlantis and from the reception towards the Burj Al Arab, stunning….
 - Direct access to the pool from the room and 1 min walk to the hotel beach ….. what is not to like ….. thanks for an excellent stay
 - The residency area (where we stayed) had a nice view, and the pools were one of the best we had seen, with 1 lagoon of 0.8 metres, one of 1.07, one of 1.4m, and the main pool that was next to the beach.
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 - And the same price for an ice cream!!
 - but for the prices a bit underwhelming.
 - however it is very expensive.
 - but a bit expensive
 - But those journeys are a small price to pay to stay in such an awesome hotel.
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 - Very pleasant views over jumeirah beach.
 - Anantara is one of the best resorts on palm Jumeirah.
 - After 2 years in lockdown with no aeroplane in site, after a huge amount of pented up non-travel frustration, we booked a family trip to Dubai and stayed at the Anantara Resort on the East Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah.
 - We were recommended to the Anantara as we fancied a change to our regular go tos Jumeirah and Atlantis.
 - You feel like you are in a tropical country when you stay in Anantara at the Palm Jumeirah.
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 - Drinks are expensive
 - Just be aware that the drinks are expensive here (but this is typical for Dubai).
 - Our only other criticism is that drinks are very expensive -
 - Drinks are expensive -
 - If I had to absolutely had to pick on something to say was bad, I would say the soft drinks are expensive as they are not included in the meal plan.
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Al Sayorah Street Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai 86834 United Arab Emirates
Al Sayorah Street Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai 86834 United Arab Emirates

Amwaj Rotana


1465 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosquemarina areabeach proximityall-inclusive
 - N/A
 - Away from the hustle and bustle of the Marina.
 - Its close to the Marina and you can walk to so many places grom the hotel.
 - Location is ideal for walks, beach and good food and very close to the marina which is beautiful!
 - The Dubai Marina and The Walk are probably the only area in Dubai where one can do everything by walking.
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 - We were so knackered we got off to sleep no problem The best bit about the hotel is how close it is to the beach/shops and restaurants..and they let you use their towels for taking to beach oh and and hotel room view..
 - but location is excellent, 20 minutes walk to bluewater and about 15 minutes to marina mall!
 - The location is great for being close to the beach and shops and lots of restaurants.
 - From the time when "The Beach" was undeveloped, with dunes to the modern beach, with everything you need and which is renewed every year.
 - N/A
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 - but extremely busy, lifts are a nightmare at this time as there is only 3 of them, can be waiting up to half an hour before u get one to go down, and that’s not an exaggeration!
 - Had his colleague actually been in the elevator he would have been here now.
 - We were allowed to walk by the reception and take the elevator up without any problem.
 - The team at the first floor breakfast restaurant was very helpful , But the lifts were very slow .. the worst part about the hotel.
 - N/A
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 - We were so knackered we got off to sleep no problem The best bit about the hotel is how close it is to the beach/shops and restaurants..and they let you use their towels for taking to beach oh and and hotel room view..
 - The location is great for being close to the beach and shops and lots of restaurants.
 - Amwaj Rotana is wonderful, close to "The Beach", on "The Walk", close to any beautiful .
 - N/A
 - Located in a convenient location: near the beach, swimming pool, restaurants, cafes, shops, entertainment centers.
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 - We picked here due to the all inclusive option.
 - We stayed All Inclusive the food was lovely the only thing I missed was being able to eat at one of the speciality restaurants as part of the package for at least one night as other hotels offer.
 - We booked the Amwaj Rotana as it was in the location we wanted to be in (close of Jumeirah Beach) , had sea views from all the rooms, had previously received good Trip Advisor Reviews and offered an All Inclusive Option.
 - First time in Dubai for me and my husband and wanted an all inclusive Hotel.
 - We chose all inclusive package and boy was that a great decision!
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 - We booked the Amwaj Rotana as it was in the location we wanted to be in (close of Jumeirah Beach) , had sea views from all the rooms, had previously received good Trip Advisor Reviews and offered an All Inclusive Option.
 - near the jumeirah beach.
 - The hotel’s USP is primarily its location and with direct access to the white and Sandy Jumeirah beach.
 - Hotel location was very good only 2 minutes walk from the amazing jumeirah beach.
 - Beachfront of Jumeirah Beach, front rooms have a fabulous view of Blue waters and the whole beach.
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 - Nearby Mosque I was able to pray Jummah.
 - Further, there is a grand Mosque on the 2nd Floor of the Hotel Opposite to the Beach, Juma & Eid prayers are performed in this mosque and the all the other prayers are done on the schedule displayed in the Mosque.
 - There are loads of restaurants, hotels, banks, fast food joints, supermart, at least one mosque, lots of stylish residences, eye-popping wall art for decoration - you name it.
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 - I don't think he realised how long we had been waiting.
 - N/A
 - You should prepare yourself for a long wait at breakfast time: one morning we waited lift for 15 minutes.
 - Elevators, one of the three elevators was breakdown , we had to wait for more than 15 minutes , then we move using the emergency stair case from 12th floor to 1st floor carrying my child and the some personal staff 3.
 - The three lifts are slow and not enough during peak times and when one fails, like it did yesterday, be ready for a long wait!
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Crescent Road The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 24988 United Arab Emirates
Crescent Road The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 24988 United Arab Emirates

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah


2321 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosqueclub loungestaying experienceholiday trip
 - The breakfast offerings were some of the best I have experienced especially at a buffet and the Lao restaurant was fabulous!
 - Wonderful jet ski experience, was with my 6-year old who leaves this,
 - A big word of thanks in particular to the chefs and staff at restaurant Social by Heinz for the amazing culinary experience; as well as the Spa staff for their relaxing massages.
 - Valet and the typical little things to fix for a well rounded experience - seemless.
 - I would like to start with thanking Sofie Baruta, a true hospitality figure!
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 - We stayed at Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah with our family in December 2021.
 - This was our second visit to Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah and having stayed at many hotels in Dubai this is still by far the best.
 - We had this in Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah.
 - Our first return to the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah since the pandemic.
 - We visited the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah last week for 5 nights with Pearl Club Access.
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 - Mercy and her team in the Pearl Club Lounge offered a very warm welcome each day and conducted themselves in a professional manner, providing a very personal service and always having time to stop for a chat and engaging with the guests.
 - If you can afford a Peal Club room, its well worth the upgrade which gives entry to the Club lounge, where you can take breakfast, afternoon tea and complimentary drinks/snacks every evening from 5-8 pm.
 - This room gave access to the Pearl Club Lounge, which we loved!!
 - The club lounge made the trip extra special with the best team led by Mark, Sagar and Mercy.
 - Food choices were good especially in the club lounge.
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 - This hotel surpassed all expectations and really delivered on the perfect family holiday.
 - Our holiday was to mark a big birthday and the day was made extra special by the thoughtful staff.
 - Overall the staff that i have mentioned made my holiday.
 - We have stayed at most of Dubia’s top hotels and the Waldorf is up there with them a fantastic holiday will have found our new heaven.
 - Ideal for all types of travellers and holidays Totally recommend this hotel and I will return
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 - Beach and pools perfect
 - Myself and wife went for a stay cation, we are beach lovers so thought appropriate.
 - Raluca ensured that several little surprises waited us in our beach view room over the course of the stay.
 - Wanted to try the day beach pass.
 - Santosh at the beach was incredibly hospitable and helpful throughout our stay.
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 - Taxis are surprisingly reasonable we visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi for about £100 there and back.
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Bluewaters Island, Dubai 36555 United Arab Emirates
Bluewaters Island, Dubai 36555 United Arab Emirates

Caesars Palace Dubai


1302 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosquehell's-kitchenstaying experiencekid friendly
 - Having been to a number of hotels, this certainly has been a memorable experience.
 - Genuinely one of the best service experiences I’ve had with any hotel anywhere in the world.
 - I would still recommend this as a hotel to someone in Dubai, I would say it’s more family oriented from what I experienced
 - The staff are what make the experience - their hospitality, care and ability to make us feel like home is incredible.
 - They you went out of their way to provide us a relaxing enjoyable evening experience.
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 - Bluewaters Island is the best location and being able to walk over the bridge to Jumeirah Beach is amazing.
 - Caesar’s is a top class resort, ideally situated next to Jumeirah Beach and next to the Dubai Eye,
 - This is our 7th time in Dubai and we usually have stayed at Atlantis or Jumeirah hotels.
 - Nice change after fussy Jumeirah.
 - The cleanliness, comfort, and technology of our twin room all surpass the already-fine standards we've come to expect from other Caesars hotels The pool and beach areas are gorgeous, offering views of Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah islands.
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 - The quality of the food in Hell's Kitchen was amazing and we would like to say a big thank you to Sudan who made us feel welcome and add a bit extra by putting candles on our dessert and sang happy birthday as we were celebrating our birthdays.
 - Hell's Kitchen was again superb quality and good fun watching the kitchen in full flow.
 - Breakfast was included in our booking and we found the Hell's Kitchen restaurant a surprisingly serene environment in the morning, sitting outdoors with highly attentive and friendly staff serving breakfast-to-order with big, genuine smiles on their faces.
 - Incredible Christmas brunch in hell's kitchen top Noch food and service thank you Lorenzo Julia and the team great job.
 - were a delight, also in Hell's Kitchen and Chloe's Table the food and service were very good.
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 - Watersports were plentiful and our kids went out at least once a day on one of the many they had.
 - Excellent hotel Brilliant staff, highly recommended Felt at home from start to finish Hotel was clean, food was excellent with high service from all staff Going with a child they made changes to certain foods and made us very comfortable
 - We stayed in the Palace which feels more luxurious and recommended more for couples whereas the Julias pool area had lots more children in.
 - Really nice food, and the waiter Mary is a cool girl!
 - The kids loved it.
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 - We did try to move to the beach,
 - Pool and Beach We spent most days by the Julius Pool, which connects almost directly to the beach.
 - The beach is wonderful.
 - Nice Hotel on a excellent location at Bluewaters, lovely pool and beach
 - On the beach was Deepal could not do enough for us and the Aussie/Seychelles guy
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 - at the time of visiting September 2019 , the bluewater area was practicaly new and therefore not many things opened round it , We had a few choices of cafes and eating places , and a mosque was close by too,
 - Tip: go to Abu Dhabi if you have time - Great mosque and Louvre museum (crazy good)!
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 - Service was a little slow for drinks at breakfast,
 - Only disappointment was the Havanah Bar as all the Manager wants to do there is point his already staff around and not lift a finger, really slow and frustrating.
 - The only problem we found in the room was the WiFi was a bit slow.
 - The only complaint I would make is the service in the dinner restaurants was very slow - approx 2.5 / 3 hours at each sitting.
 - the service is slow again low stuff high reservation.
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Phone number icon(844) 631-0595
Al Falea Street Jumeirah Beach, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Al Falea Street Jumeirah Beach, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection


1063 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosqueclub loungemarina areaa-club
 - We stayed in an Club oceanfront room which allowed us access to the club lounge on the 25th floor, great to take breakfast and also have tea/pre dinner snacks and drinks in - Daisy, Kiran and Ahmed standout club hotel staff who made our stay very special.
 - The club lounge offers a relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day with drinks and snack overlooking the sea.
 - Kiran, Ahmed and Anne were amazing in the club lounge making sure we were never wanting for anything.
 - We were taken straight to the club lounge and then a member of staff came to get us 30 mins later as the room was ready - this was a nice touch organised by Raj.
 - Visited the Club lounge each morning for coffee and breakfast.
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 - Swimming pool is very good as well as childrens and adults and the beach is amazing.
 - Perfect Location, very friendly Stuffs, clean rooms, very good organised, very good breakfast, clean beach, clean Pool area, very helpful people, a lot of good Restaurants nearly, good underground br in hotel
 - We walked down the beach for half an hour and without doubt the beach at Habtoor is the best, most spaced out of any hotel on Jumeriah beach.
 - Resort is in a great location with access to JBR beach.
 - You are truly the address if someone wants to come nearby the beach with the amenities you offered for a lovely stay and we will be recommending you to our family and friends.
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 - The room felt damp and the window opened up onto some air vent in another building.
 - We made several complaints and even reached out to his son who left us in read.. this is one of the most disturbing and disgusting hotel we have used.
 - The room is tired and smells moldy.
 - So be ready to inhale that nasty smoke.
 - As someone who is affected by smoke very uncomfortable.
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 - The hôtel has a good position, Dubai Marina is a few minutes walking.
 - The Resort has a very nice, spacious and clean rooms with an amazing view for the sea and Dubai Eye and Dubai Marina.
 - Stayed on 21 st floor in a corner room with panoramic views from out to sea, the harbour, the marina, and the skyscrapers beyond them.
 - In order to get to the subway station from your hotel we need to walk a long way towards Marina Mall.
 - The marina and metro are in walking distance, providing good access to restaurants and shopping.
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 - I'd recommend a club room.
 - N/A
 - We stayed in a club room, which was absolutely beautiful.
 - We had a club suite with ocean views which was spacious and exceptionally clean.
 - Point 2: On our last night of our stay we had in mind to do something special when we got caught by a Club membership promoter in the hotel lobby!
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 - Just on the cusp lf Dubai marina and Jumeirah beach walk.
 - I would definitely recommend a stay at the Habtoor Grand if you are considering a holiday to Dubai, as you are well positioned next to Jumeirah Beach and the strip of restaurants and shops.
 - It is situated on the 25th floor with an amazing view to Jumeriah beach, Palm Jumeirah.
 - Beatyful Pools and a big space at the beach of jumeirah.
 - This was our 5th visit to Dubai having previously stayed at The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Al Qasr, Dar al Masyaf and Palm Tree Court in Jebel Ali.
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 - Traditional Old Town tour with Arabian Adventures was also very worthwhile (booked online day before) Jumeirah Mosque, Ja’abeel Palace, Museum, water taxi across Dubai Creek to gold/spice souks.
 - So this area was handy for walking around the Marina area, went to the Budda Bar one night, went on a Yellow Boat tour out to the Palm, a desert tour/camel ride, to the Madinat Souks and also quicker for driving to Abu Dhabi to see the mosque.
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 - but pretty poor in the buffet focused restaurants such as Olivals and also the main hotel restaurant.
 - Only one negative the actual poor bar area, tired and rundown.
 - The Steak Grill and Lucianos was also very disappointing in terms of limited menu and poor service.
 - button was hidden behind the douche, which was poor planning – so they should move the douche slightly, this was not the case if the second room we had.
 - The last stay November I also found poor compared to other Marriott Hotels in Dubai.
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West Crescent Road The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai United Arab Emirates
West Crescent Road The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray


2688 reviews

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beachjumeirahmosquespaclub loungekid friendly
 - The club lounge is well worth having as yhe drinks and snacks are pretty good.
 - The service is exceptional and the the staff will go above and beyond to make your stay memorable from the front of house staff to valet, pool , club lounge and ebutler all are exceptional.
 - Highly recommend upgrading to the club lounge because Earl will make your stay even more special.
 - We booked a suite which meant we had access to the Club Lounge (something I highly recommend booking in to) and spent the week having our soft drinks, breakfast, afternoon tea and evening canapés in here.
 - We mainly had our drinks in the 6-8 slot in the club lounge.
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 - In summary - the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray looks beautiful and it is definitely style over substance.
 - the resort has very reasonable prices and the quality has very high standards, after all it belongs to JUMEIRAH HOTELS so it’s impossible to go wrong .I used to come with friends
 - Honestly won’t be staying with jumeirah again we will look at other hotels next time.
 - The food is great, and having the option to dine in other Jumeirah hotels is a huge bonus, which we took advantage of on several occasions!
 - Just perfect for the price, which I believe it is one of the lowest of the Jumeirah hotels (if you are looking for more opulent check out the ones on the Midanat
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 - The complimentary outstanding Ottoman spa is with its impressive architecture is worth a visit for a relaxing day.
 - What a stunning property with wonderful amenities like the Ottoman spa.
 - but here are my highlights: The Talis Ottoman Spa - I had the Hammam and it was by far the best I’ve had.
 - N/A
 - N/A
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 - The kids pool was safe and thoroughly enjoyed by our kids.
 - This disturbed our sleep.people came to clean our room at 9pm and disturbed my kids sleep.
 - The kids club is lovely.
 - Staff at the kids club pool were amazing with our little boy.
 - N/A
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 - Beach is well maintained and very forthcoming and friendly staff.
 - A breakfast out of this world, dinners and even what you order at the beach is fantastic.
 - We even got ice lollies handed it by the pool and beach.
 - The hotel entrance and lobby is amazing and the pool and beach area is great.
 - Beach and pool area gorgeous.
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 - N/A
 - On our own, we taxied to Dubai Mall, Miracle Gardens, Burj Al Arab (birthday high tea on the upper level), and also a day trip to Abu Dhabi (visit the Mosque, Emirates Palace Hotel, the Louvre (OK
 - Could not have got better anywhere Staff outstanding Food outstanding Jumerah group hotel to eat as part of package Would recommend to anyone wishing to stay in Dubai and a must to visit Abu Dabi mosque Use hotel taxi service for brilliant deal
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 - This is just ridiculous and not necessary for this level of hotel - the shuttle that takes you to the dine around the other Jumeirah hotels no longer exists so expect to pay for a taxi.
 - There are much better and cheaper 5 star hotels in dubai and we will go back to those.
 - The restaurants on half board wouldn’t even give you water as you had to buy it - which is ridiculous - 99% of our additional charges were basic water for our meals - really frustrating when you pay such a premium.
 - This turned out not to be the case and we had to pay for an additional breakfast.
 - ), we pay 2200++ per night!
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Phone number icon(833) 313-3142
The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 120015 United Arab Emirates
The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 120015 United Arab Emirates

Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel


2376 reviews

Trip advisor
beachjumeirahmosqueindian restaurantmarina areastaying experience
 - Thank you Omvir for the best Indian meal, ever!
 - The food is amazing in all the restaurants, the Khyber indian restaurant on the 15th fllor is a must visit, Hitesh & Santanu were the perfect waiters.
 - Final special thanks to head chef Faizan Ali at the KHYBER Resturant who creates the most amazing Indian cuisine ever!
 - The staff at the Indian restaurant were very friendly and the food was good.
 - The one Indian restaurant which is on the top floor with an outside roof top area, AMAZING views over the palm while you eat your food or even just for a quiet drink, nice calm atmosphere with mood setting music, food is to die for!
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 - The beach and pool are is stunning and clean.
 - But the security guy at the beach, he totally killed the vibe for this place.
 - Beach and pool was nice
 - The check in was easy and the beach and pool area are beautiful.
 - N/A
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 - The hotel facilities are spotless and a fantastic infinity outdoor pool at the beach with views of the marina skyline.
 - Short taxi ride to the marina if you want to go there.
 - We usually stay around the marina
 - Nice infinity pool with nice view over the Marina.
 - The room was an executive studio which had a view of the marina
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 - The breakfast selection is the best I have ever experienced and as mentioned the rooms are superb.
 - Made the whole experience so enjoyable.
 - Overall a very nice experience and stay.
 - It has been a marvellous experience .
 - Stayed at Dukes for a week and had a very good experience, food was very good, staff were very friendly and helpful especially Aamir!
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 - The best coffee from the rashid on dukes the palm Here for 8 days , really great full to be here , in the part of palm of jumeirah, very luxury hotel , the breakfast is very nice , the weather os Geary good and prefer to come again
 - Rashid has the best coffee from the dukes Jumeirah, breakfast was very nice and filling, the best day for dinner was Italian night, i from London and I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone.
 - I came here because this place had a lot of great reviews and great ratings and was on the Palm Jumeirah.
 - Hotel located at The palm Jumeirah 👌🏻 Very friendly personell 👌🏻 Good food 👌🏻 I have a Celiac disease and they took good care of my food and made sure it’s gluten free!
 - This is a fabulous hotel located on Palm Jumeirah.
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 - On the 1st floor, we turned to the manager Mohamed el Araby, who organized us wonderful excursions to the White Mosque and UAE Presidantial Palace in Abu Dhabi, sightseeing tours on the wheel Ain Dubai and an observation deck The view at The Palm .
 - My highlight was the half day trip to the desert and the visit to Abu Dhabi to see the white mosque.
 - She was very knowledgeable of different activities in the area including a desert safari, traveling to the souks, and visiting the mosque.
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 - There are lots of expensive and more exclusive hotels to stay in Dubai.
 - This didn’t cover the entire cruise costs and nor our time wasted and we missed a cruise on valentines day on our postponed honeymoon.
 - Not ideal coming off a long haul flight Hard to get access to adequate amounts of water easily and cheaply- its costs approx.
 - Although we didn’t know anything about the deposit that you need to pay when you check in.
 - but you will need to pay with cash it card.
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 - About 30 mins into our journey I asked the driver how long it will take and he said another 20 mins due traffic, I started to panic as we were getting late for our cruise.
 - Jets need to be replaced i think.
 - N/A
 - At first day, we had motion sensor that made weird noise every 10 seconds, needed to wait 1 hour for someone to come. 4.
 - I would not recommend this hotel for singles or couples as the noise of kids is non stop around the pool and hotel throughout.
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 - N/A
 - The pool area we never really used due to ongoing construction
 - And the construction works were extremely irritating.
 - ?.pool bar was under construction so very unsightly and noisy
 - There where multiple construction works going on during our stay and the hotel are not accepting any responsibility for it, the standard line is that they have sold the outdoor area.
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Phone number icon(888) 446-6677
The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai 2431 United Arab Emirates
The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai 2431 United Arab Emirates

Hilton Dubai The Walk


1061 reviews

Trip advisor
beachjumeirahmosqueexecutive loungeapartment suiteprivate
 - I was fortunate (as a Diamond member) to be upgraded to the hotel's Loft suites on the 42nd floor.
 - We booked a 2 bedroom apartment for 4 of us.
 - We stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment, which was really beautiful and clean.
 - We reserved a 2 bedroom apartment and the showers/tub literally are about 2 ft high off the ground with no hand rails.
 - We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment and I was pleasantly surprised with the space.
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 - The room are very big amazing location the hotel has its private beach room clean staff are friendly Caroline at the reception she is so friendly staff at weavebreaker very nice food very good the problem with the hotel lift are very slow
 - So accommodating, child pool, amazing breakfast and rooms, and private beach access all at reasonable price for the location!
 - The private beach is located across the road at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah (Sister hotel)
 - Private beach with palm trees where birds are singing.
 - The hotel has direct access to the beach with a private beach via the foot bridge.
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 - He also gave us a free dinner voucher at the restaurant at the Hilton Jumeirah which we enjoyed.
 - You can use the facilities of the Hilton Jumeirah across the street.
 - Perfect to stay here and use the many facilities at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.
 - The location of the hotel is perfect if you want to be at Jumeirah beach.
 - N/A
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 - Theres also a mosque at the rixos which is 2 mins away opposite ihob.
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 - I demanded that they book us to another hotel as it was unacceptable to wait for almost 2.5 hours past the standard check-in time.
 - Minor issue: due to 43 floors, you’ll always have to wait for an elevator.
 - On check out we waited 40 minutes for a porter to come.
 - The only problem we faced is the availability of the elevators in Hilton Dubai the walk, we have to wait to get in the elevator otherwise we were very happy.
 - Breakfast was average and have to wait for long of your order anything from there.
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 - I would have rated 5* if the lifts were better, they were very slow and there was no real option to use stairs.
 - Service is very poor and painfully slow.
 - Wavebreaker - the majority of staff here are fairly slow.
 - Lifts are a little slow
 - Negative points, lifts are extremely slow, took the stairs several times, traffic noise until gone 2 am in the morning very loud, was first put in a room with a very bad view of the under side of a basket ball court, changed next day thankfully.
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 - from the Executive Lounge and Housekeeping.
 - The staff could not have been more gracious throughout the hotel, from reception, to service to cleaning staff to the executive lounge hosts and security.
 - The executive lounge was staffed by such elegant, efficient and helpful people especially Brenda and Donna.
 - Executive Lounge and its airy terrace were the highlights.
 - The hotel offered a lot of flexibility regarding breakfast (in terms of timeslots, locations, options etc. ), numerous facilities (gym, executive lounge, rooftop bar etc.)
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 - Other than that, breakfast was very good, staff were friendly and access to the beach is a big plus.
 - Beach across the street, with access to it with affinity hotel!
 - Good room nice location nice beach good staff in the hotel happy i stay in this hotel fantastic thanks Caroline reception and Rabie concierge everyone is welcoming in this hotel .99.90% it’s very good
 - The room are very big amazing location the hotel has its private beach room clean staff are friendly Caroline at the reception she is so friendly staff at weavebreaker very nice food very good the problem with the hotel lift are very slow
 - Hotel good beach good restaurants nice my room good Caroline reception very good thanks visit me and with family soon happy place stay staff very good thanks for my wife suprise birthday cake in my room send thank you Caroline
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 - As others have said, the elevators are always busy and we had to go to the restaurant (Lower Plaza) twice by stairs (from the 7th floor).
 - Minor issue: due to 43 floors, you’ll always have to wait for an elevator.
 - The number of lifts in just unacceptable for the number of rooms and then 1 was out of service so we had to wait ages for a lift to come.
 - The only problem we faced is the availability of the elevators in Hilton Dubai the walk, we have to wait to get in the elevator otherwise we were very happy.
 - As other reviewers have noted, the elevator wait times can be problematic.
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Phone number icon(888) 446-6677
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai United Arab Emirates
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah


803 reviews

Trip advisor
beachjumeirahmosqueexecutive loungeprivatebeach location
 - Hotel premises are very nice, with great pool area and private beach.The Restaurant down by the sea, which specializes in sea food was great.
 - We enjoyed relaxing beach walks and spent an afternoon lazing around the private beach.
 - Great Location with access to private Beach.
 - Private beach and pool was very clean.
 - The private beach and the nearby shops and restaurants in the Walk plus the friendly staff and great breakfast buffet all made our stay in this hotel memorable.
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 - Executive lounge includes some snacks, evening happy hours with hot and cold food/bites, complimentary drinks including wine, beer, and spirits.
 - Myself & my two children stayed at this hotel from 25th December for 7 nights, we stayed in room 842 a family suite with executive lounge access.
 - We were particularly impressed by the courteous staff in the Executive Lounge.
 - N/A
 - I can not say enough about the staff in the executive lounge.
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 - Beach towels (very generous size) were issued daily from the hut by the pool, a short walk down to the beach where the attendants there would locate you sun beds with or without a parasol - your choice.
 - I was absolutely delighted to see the amazing pictures he had captured of us at the beach with Dubai Eye in the background!
 - The hotel's pool area, view, beach and staff is amazing.
 - Loved the location of this hotel; enjoyed the beach, walking to Blue Water to eat in the evening (especially as the restaurants here served alcohol unlike the ones near the hotel), also liked the proximity to the Marina for running.
 - We also enjoyed the pool and beach and all the amenities.
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 - Soundproofing not great in inter-connecting rooms.
 - When we arrived the sound of drilling and general construction was constantly overwhelming and certainly not worth the cost of the room rates the Hilton are currently charging.
 - Over all very noisy hotel.
 - but this strange arrangement is quiet confusing.
 - The interior design is outdated and you can just hear anything your neighbors are doing,
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 - Easy to take an Uber to other parts of Dubai and used one to go to amazing Grand Mosque.
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 - The weather was poor for two days
 - Very poor service from medcare.
 - However I see a pattern of responses from you asking those who left poor reviews to “give the hotel a second chance”.
 - The service for drinks and food is so poor, the staff ignore you, and are clearly not enjoying their job.
 - We went to the buffet and after having a look round it was quite poor.
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 - When we arrived the sound of drilling and general construction was constantly overwhelming and certainly not worth the cost of the room rates the Hilton are currently charging.
 - though it was clear to see that we were having issues with our credit card.
 - but continued to pay directly with our credit card without any problem at all.
 - Eventually I gave my credit card which went through.
 - What I liked very much was the charging dock station in the room - a very well applied solution for guests to charge their phones while lying on the second-to-none bed.
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 - Location is the best as right on beach and The Walk, 5-10 minute walk to Marina and Metro.
 - The location right on the beach and "The Walk" is ideal.
 - The hotel is on a beautiful stretch of beach and located right on the Walk which is a lively area great for walking at night.
 - The hotel has great location since it is located right at the beach at JBR.
 - The Beach is the best beach and location on JBR, best beach beds from all hotels and right next to the sea.
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 - It was a perfect stay, thank you Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.
 - Thank you Hilton Dubai Jumeirah! !
 - The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah is perfectly located which is why I choose this hotel
 - I had an amazing stay at the Hilton Jumeirah and everything was above and beyond from the moment I checked in to checking out.
 - We spent four days in Dubai and stayed at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.
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East Crescent The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 118237 United Arab Emirates
East Crescent The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 118237 United Arab Emirates

The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel


1521 reviews

Trip advisor
beachjumeirahmosquesparelaxingstaying experience
 - Beach and pool tidy and comfortable.
 - The pool/ beach area provides the perfect place to relax.
 - Amazing hotel located in palm in the water front with beautiful beaches , we went to a restaurant vibe for birthday of my wife it was a forgetful dinner night.
 - I appreciate the net around the swimming beach to keep out jellyfish.
 - Main entrance then few meters of lobby then pool then beach.
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 - At 2am, there was extremely high noise of the nearby active construction site as well as nonstop guests shouting, talking in corridors and high sound of TV all night.
 - Unfortunately, there is a construction site behind it that was pretty much right next to our room.
 - The hotel should have a note about construction to warn customers which it definitely doesn't.
 - Noise of construction all day from early morning.
 - but empty decorated as a motel view over the Arabic gulf through a parking lot and a large construction area very noisy microscopic balcony but useless … breakfast a wide variety of food in a limited space no order of eggs at the table.
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 - We also used the SPA and god a friendly and competent service.
 - excellent localisation on thé palm what a magnifient hôtel fantastic pool ans beach clean and.gym an spa very good excellent service superb service from neraj what fantastic guys we want to côme back aganin
 - Great views and nice pool, also has a great sauna and steam room.
 - The last point is that there is a SPA at the hotel
 - Additional THE RAYYA WELLNESS - amazing, I had 2 super perfect massages, done by AYU!!!
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 - I truly can relax there, and have my coffee and croissant on my balcony overlooking a tranquil sea.
 - We came to Dubai to relax and to visit the Expo and the Hotel granted for a very relaxing time.
 - Props to Islam, who was at our service during every meal of the day and made sure we were having a great time to unwind!
 - Lovely place, friendly staff, excellent food and a very relaxing experience.
 - We stayed 6 nights and had a wonderful and relaxed time here.
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 - we take it to abu dhabi mosque and to dubai mall.
 - We visited the main attractions in Abu Dhabi; The Grand Mosque, Emirates palace etc..
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 - We stayed for 11 nights and booked a room with Palm Jumeirah view.
 - Also the location on the East Crescent of Jumeirah Palm is great with free sea horizons both sides and fresh air.
 - I highly recommend this hotel for anyone visiting downtown Palm Jumeirah!
 - For all these who are planning to visit this hotel I recommend the Deluxe Rooms with Palm Jumeirah sea view.
 - Nice Pool and view of the beach as you can see some of the Palm Jumeirah iconic building like the Atlantis.
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 - How checkin experience was good as well as the checkout Guest relations have been super helpful as well as concierge team.
 - Lovely place, friendly staff, excellent food and a very relaxing experience.
 - N/A
 - The staff wait on you like I have seldom experienced and they are sincerely wanting to make your stay memorable.
 - You lot have been amazing and absolutely extraordinary, I have loved every bit of it, the hospitality was on point, the food was amazing and the workers were the best ever.
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 - Finding the right mental balance and maintaining it - especially in these tumultuous times - is a really difficult task for anyone, let alone working professionals like us who are fighting many battles at the same time.
 - Coach Donald charges an extra fee.
 - After you give in and eventually pre-pay over the provided credit card link, they are NOT returning the payment.
 - but they charged the adults portion price.
 - We had 4 children with us who were tired from the journey from Maldives so this was not ideal as we had to keep chasing, and then go down and get our key cards ourselves
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