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555 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75202-1961
555 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75202-1961

Omni Dallas Hotel


2145 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelconvention centerdowntown viewbathroom tv
 - Amazing view of downtown.
 - The beds are so comfy, the view to down town (Bank of America building) is amazing!
 - but the view of downtown Dallas was beautiful.
 - Very nice hotel rooms with ceiling-to-floor window view, and the hotel has a rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi with a beautiful view of the Downtown Dallas skyline.
 - Downtown views are amazing.
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 - The rooms were great, very clean.
 - My room was perfect, the front desk representatives were very helpful and efficient.
 - The room itself was updated.
 - Coffee pods in the room were nice,
 - Great staff, rooms and Starbucks downstairs is a bonus.
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 - You take my card details and charge it at will, without being able to explain the charges.
 - He had name badge and no business cards.
 - Charge for WiFi, valet parking or self park both with a charge.
 - And to add insult to injury they charge $22 for parking!
 - I discovered an error on my bill few days after getting home and the Hotel front desk and accounting refused to fix a billing error.
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 - Pure heaven after being on my feet on the convention floor all day.
 - Later I was told how the hotel hosts many large groups and is connected directly to the convention center.
 - Selected by my employer due to its proximity to the Dallas Convention Center.
 - I was appreciative the hotel set up a place to grab lunch with some healthy salad options in the hallway leading up to the convention center- the CC lines were so long and this was a nice alternative to standing in a long line with healthier options.
 - Omni Dallas is the perfect place to stay for the Dallas Convention Center.Rooms are great, service is excellent and it is attached directly to the Convention Center.
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 - How y’all got a tv in the bathroom
 - TV in the bathroom mirror (on some rooms) is very cool.
 - The TV in the bathroom mirror was the icing on the cake!
 - Large bathroom with a TV in the mirror.
 - My sons were pretty impressed by pool and bathroom tv.
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 - Don't miss the pool.
 - For those those that plan to stay here and have kids, the pool vibe is not family-oriented
 - but the pool is party central.
 - but my plans changed and I was arriving a day earlier than scheduled, so I booked Omni for my first night mainly because of the location and the pool.
 - The pool was my favorite part, we spent most of the weekend there.
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No reviews

 - Omni hotel is one of my favorites.
 - With several other upscale hotels in the area, our future visits to Dallas will not include the Omni!
 - The hotel was very clean.
 - You have a fabulous view of the hotel, Reunion Tower and downtown skyscrapers.
 - What did I like about the hotel?
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 - but overpriced in Bobs.
 - It was hard to get drinks and pay out.
 - For the price point I paid on a holiday weekend I expected the luxury of a luxury hotel
 - The two drawbacks of the stay were the music at the pool was too quiet (which we remedied with a speaker of our own) and the food/drink at the pool were limited and expensive - we spent about $400.
 - They make you pay to park in the parking garage at 23 dollars a day which is ridiculous on top of the you already pay a premium to stay here.
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 - The next thing I know, he slammed the phone down and hung on me.
 - Front Desk says to call them
 - Instead the phone representative was surprised it was not caught during the "hourly" check and let me know someone would work on it.
 - Now he did book by phone (didn't search for deals online, so he was really overcharged).
 - So call before you assume.
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Phone number icon(214) 492-5837
300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207-4409
300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207-4409

Hyatt Regency Dallas


2483 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelreunion-towerconvention centerfriendly
 - This hotel has a great location and reunion tower is right on property.
 - It's also connected to Reunion Tower so we enjoyed that as well.
 - Love the fact that the reunion tower is just a walk away.
 - Hotel guests receive a discount on Reunion Tower tickets - a must see!
 - Be sure to visit the Reunion Tower which is connected to the hotel, as well as the location where John F. Kennedy was shot and museum which are nearby.
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 - Despite the refrigerator in the room not working and the pool being a huge disappointment for my girls (it's a splash pool the size of a hot tub), the hotel was clean, service was top and food was good.
 - Forget about the so called pool that’s big enough for 3 small kids and 1 adult.
 - I like my $100 room at Hampton Inn where I get complimentary breakfast, complimentary coffee/tea bar 24/7, inside pool for the kiddos, etc.
 - The site says they have a pool,
 - The pool is outside and was a ghost town the entire time.
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 - Thank you again fur an amazing stay at this hotel facility!
 - Great hotel and very clean and helpful people!
 - The hotel was very clean and all staff members we encountered on our stay were very courteous.
 - This hotel once again.
 - The hotel was very easy to get to…staff was very helpful…appearance was very clean.
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 - I think better way who people not stay hotel and they come hotel for event or who ever need to park outside
 - Valet parking was disorganized, told we could get in for that night if we gave the attendant $20 cash up front.
 - However, valet parking was not available and self serve parking meant parking quite some distance from the hotel.
 - There is ZERO parking.
 - Double charged for parking each night.
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 - We stayed at Hyatt for 4 nights when we were there visiting convention center.
 - The tunnel leading to the Convention Center was a plus.
 - Hotel: This is a massive convention center type hotel.
 - The hotel and staff do get into the spirit of the convention which is nice.
 - Make sure you follow up with hotel concerning conventions being held at your location of stay.
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 - Super friendly very courteous very helpful.
 - I can't think of anything bad to say I had a great time and everything was clean and people are friendly and all is good here
 - Conference room was large and very nice, comfortable stay and friendly staff at the hotel.
 - You need to make the visit more region friendly.
 - Very friendly with great dining in the beautiful lobby bar restaurant.
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 - Stayed for one night in a city view room.
 - I look forward to coming back as there is plenty of options in the hotel for drinks and food as well as in room.
 - The room was also very clean.
 - Conference room was large and very nice, comfortable stay and friendly staff at the hotel.
 - There was little information on the hotel or the region available in the room.
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No reviews

 - You can hear the sound of the train
 - We went to the room and the noise coming from the highway was unbelievable!!!
 - The smallest thing would be that at night I could hear the train and the room could have been slightly cleaner, and needed a fitted sheet.
 - it was constant freight train noise from 7am--late.
 - The worst part is this hotel has a great bar downstairs that is a nonstop party until 2am and I could hear all of the noise very clearly in my room on the ninth floor.
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 - This is a very expensive hotel, so brace yourself.
 - The tower is a ripoff and the food is terrible.
 - My room offered an amazing view of the city skyline which I would have paid extra for.
 - And half the channels were doubled, so they were the SAME paid ADS.
 - The Taxes and surcharges are ridiculous.
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Phone number icon(972) 430-5894
2334 N International Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 75261-4031
2334 N International Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 75261-4031

Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport


2070 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelairport hotelconvention centerroom cleanliness
 - Very clean room!
 - Rooms were clean, spacious, and comfortable.
 - The rooms are clean and comfortable.
 - Service was good and the Rooms were clean.
 - Stayed here for four nights during a convention, found the room very clean and comfortable and the staff friendly and helpful.
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No reviews

 - So I had to pay for it again, and then a week later was charged a 3rd time for it and have no idea what that was for.
 - although it is a little ironic that they charge more for a room with a view of the runways and it is definitely kind of noisy, which might be an issue if you are more sensitive to noise.
 - I just wish it was a $143 room as advertised and not the $260 I was charged.
 - They charged $16 for sliders, chicken nuggets and Mac & cheese.
 - They charge a $50 fee on top of the rate that gets reimbursed when you check out, kind of a weird practice.
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 - This hotel is inside the airport loop, so right next door.
 - N/A
 - Having this hotel right at the airport made it very convenient and relaxing and took away some of the stress of the flight cancellations.
 - I had a nice balcony overlooking it 🥰🥰🥰 Free shuttle in the airport is always available to and from the hotel.
 - I was stranded by myself in a place I was not familiar with DFW airport this hotel was connected to the airport and I was able to get a shuttle that took less than one minute to arrive!!
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 - Stayed here for four nights during a convention, found the room very clean and comfortable and the staff friendly and helpful.
 - I stayed at the hotel during the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention.
 - I love this horror convention and the hotel is perfect.
 - On top of that we were there for a convention and they were very covid friendly.
 - We were there for a convention and we were welcomed and treated very well.
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 - N/A
 - Kids had fun at the pool.
 - but overall it was hotel pool normal.
 - Pool was nice
 - Outdoor swimming pool was great!
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 - From airport hotel shuttle to check in and stay it was a pleasure staying for 5 nights.
 - Hotel COVID policies are appropriate.
 - This hotel is inside the airport loop, so right next door.
 - Hotel was great,
 - Very nice hotel.
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 - I saw a shuttle for just about every other airport hotel come by (without calling them 4 times) before the Hyatt one finally got their act together.
 - You might to call ahead a figure it out.
 - The Hyatt Regency is adjacent to DFW Terminal C. However it is a little hard to get to as there are no courtesy phones or signs anywhere in the Terminal.
 - I had to literally have a colleague to go to the front desk and have a shuttle pick me up 5min away due to them never answering the phone.
 - You have to call to get your room clean, and then wait one day for it to happen.
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 - So I had to pay for it again, and then a week later was charged a 3rd time for it and have no idea what that was for.
 - A lot of attention is paid to COVID matters.
 - but very expensive for what you got.
 - The overall experience wasn’t worth the money paid for the room.
 - Also, the cost seems high
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 - The plenary and meeting rooms are perfect for the conferences.
 - Very clean room!
 - Rooms were clean, spacious, and comfortable.
 - The rooms are clean and comfortable.
 - I loved the refrigerator in the room and I would had liked a microwave also.
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Phone number icon(972) 737-9634
2337 South International Parkway, Dallas, TX 75261-9045
2337 South International Parkway, Dallas, TX 75261-9045

Grand Hyatt DFW


1508 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelairport hotelearly flightstaying experience
 - It works well for me when catching early morning flights as I live 90 minutes away and refuse to deal with the Dallas commuter traffic.
 - And lastly, for any super early morning flights, this Hotel could not be more convenient for you to be on your merry way.
 - Would definitely stay again when I have an early flight out the next day or and getting in very late.
 - Whenever I have an early flight out of DFW I try to stay here.
 - The location is very handy for the next day early morning flights.
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 - but as you come out of customs in terminal D, to the left you find this Hyatt hotel and to the right you find a room where you can get COVID vaccines administered by the US Army as well as COVID testing.
 - The room is very well appointed, quiet and comfortable.
 - Adding a chair in the room in addition to the desk chair would have been a great option especially for the larger room with 2 queen beds.
 - Rooms are clean, check in is well managed.
 - We had a room where we could watch the planes take off and land.
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 - The price point on the rooms is pretty high,
 - I had to stay overnight recently at DFW, after missing a flight, and always pay to stay at the Grand Hyatt instead of using points at Marriott because the rooms are some of the nicest and cleanest of any hotels.
 - but they could not over come dirty room, lack of functional amenities and high cost.
 - I’ll definitely be budgeting my one night stay before flying out in my travel costs from now on.
 - The rooms and especially the bathroom have been renovated and clean…BUT walls and carpet are full of old dust: for the price they charge, they should do a deep cleaning, especially at pandemia time.
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 - Fantastic experience.
 - It was a totally great experience.
 - but also well-integrated so as not to in any way detract from the superb overall experience.
 - Very pleasant experience for overnight stay between flights.
 - We had a work meeting at this hotel and I was expecting a 4-star experience- better than average food and nice rooms.
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No reviews

 - Only complaint is that guest room and bathroom need more light.
 - but after a long flight we didn't bother to do so, but would have had appreciated if the bathroom would have been stocked a little bit better for "light travellers".
 - but watch out for missing light switch.
 - I am a light sleeper and I could barely hear the planes.
 - I had a healthy small bowl for a light snack at midnight.
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 - It is one of the best airport hotels I have ever stayed in.
 - ..an airport hotel ranked as #1. . well.
 - Actually in the airport (though outside security), easily the best airport access of any airport hotel I’ve stayed in.
 - First stay at this airport hotel.
 - Yes, more expensive than other airport hotels at DFW .
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 - N/A
 - One can still use their pool at their sister hotel,
 - but the hotel made arrangements with the other Hyatt to pick us up and use their pool.
 - Once renovation is complete the swimming pool rounds out this great hotel.
 - The pool area is open so you can see both East and West sides of the airport.
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 - Bonus: not related to hotel
 - If you are flying American, it is especially handy because the American desk is very close to the elevator to the hotel and TSA is just next to the American check in desk.
 - Great hotel and wonderful friendly staff.
 - I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to DFW for any reason
 - You access the hotel directly from inside the airport - so there's no hassle whatsoever - and the hotel is just beautiful.
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Phone number icon(855) 605-0316
2201 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
2201 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207

Hilton Anatole


1663 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelwater parkspapool area
 - I was impressed with the property at check-in with the lazy river attraction, the gym and spa.
 - The spa and water park were clean and well managed.
 - but I imagine the other spots in the hotel that weren’t open would be fun to experience, like V Spa.
 - I booked mainly for the spa
 - The Fitness Center is the best I've ever experienced in a hotel - large fitness room, basketball court, spin room, yoga room, steam room, sauna, hot tub, and excellent pool, plus 3 other pools (2 outdoors).
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 - It looked like a room that was forgotten, retired, in the middle of a makeover??
 - We never had the “do not disturb” sign our on the door - our rooms were just skipped every day.
 - I found a few alarming things with the rooms.
 - Comfy rooms and wonderful staff to assist you
 - Room heat/cooling was fine.
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 - Hilton has lost our patronage forever and I would never recommend the Anatole to anyone, ESPECIALLY at the price point.
 - The prices at the Counter Offer were outrageous, $7.50 for a monster energy drink or $4 for a small bag of chips?
 - The hotel restaurant is expensive and does not offer a full menu.
 - Avoid this hotel at all cost.
 - As I've said before in my TripAdvisor reviews, management needs to stay at their hotel for 1-2 nights to get a better feel for the little things that are either missing or are way overpriced.
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 - We really enjoyed the pool area and games.
 - Love the pool area.
 - The pool area is nice
 - The hotel was clean, friendly staff, great pool area.
 - The JadeWaters pool area was actually very nice
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No reviews

 - but it was not and we were charged an additional $22/night to park.
 - Very dissatisfied and still got charge for it when it was supposed to be a diamond perk….
 - We were charged extra for those amenities.
 - The website states there is a charge for the gym
 - However, we were charged over $200 more than we were told and nobody can give us an answer why.
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 - The pool was fantastic and loved the adults only section!
 - Everything from the pool to the rooms were in tip-top shape and extremely clean!
 - Love the music they play at the pool.
 - Get there early if you want a good pool side chair.
 - The pools were fun
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 - Definitely get a tower room if going to the water park.
 - The water park offers towels
 - which I didn't realize was available like the water park.
 - The water park was perfect and that it wasn’t too big to keep track of the children in our group.
 - Next time I’ll book a more affordable hotel and go to a water park.
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 - This should be a 5 star hotel and it comes close
 - - There we’re signs requiring masks around the entire hotel,
 - The hotel looks beautiful when you enter
 - There were a few stores in the hotel that seemed nice
 - Great resort with fun amenities and comfortable rooms.
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400 Crescent Ct, Dallas, TX 75201-1838
400 Crescent Ct, Dallas, TX 75201-1838

Hotel Crescent Court


1217 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelspastaying experiencelobby bar
 - Other than checking in we had a great experience!! !
 - Murad went above and beyond to rectify the issue and ensured that my weekend stay with my wife was a fabulous experience.
 - It’s the perfect location for a true Dallas experience.
 - Very enjoyable memorable experience.
 - Had a great experience hotel staff made me feel welcome using the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts Program and really enjoyed my stay with the hotel.
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 - As I approached he immediately apologized for the error the other day and upgraded our room to a suite and allowed us to check in early.
 - Once I checked in, I made my way to my room.
 - Great lobby, great rooms, great fitness center, great bars and restaurants!
 - but at this level of hotel I think they have a big problem with noise in the room; Not sure I will stay again,
 - Was able to secure the last room at this beautiful Hotel.
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 - Husband had long since deleted the confirmation and we suspect they gave it away so they could rebook our room at a higher rate than the wedding party rate.
 - I paid for the premium wi-fi so that I could do a little work that was time sensitive.
 - IF you are using a debit card be aware they will be holding $200 per night PLUS the cost of the room.
 - Also, an expensive item of clothing was unquestionably stolen from my room.
 - We found the price paid was appropriate for the room we stayed in.
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 - Beautiful Hotel in Uptown Dallas with a gorgeous entrance and fun bar in the lobby.
 - Oscar is by far the best bartender at the Crescent Lobby bar- so attentive and will come up with creative drinks if you want something off menu.
 - Super fun to hang out/work in the lobby bar, and there's many dining options right in the area.
 - There is also a very nice bar in the lobby.
 - Great service, beautiful rooms, great lobby bar.
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No reviews

 - (ever stayed in average Hilton express, everything is heard in the room); Had to call front desk three times before they picked up, then security sent up and noise abated.
 - After a minute of ringing, an automated greeting would answer that no one was available to my call and would then hang up.
 - however the two request calls I I did make, went ignored.
 - Calls to front desk/housekeeping for these ended up on hold for so long that I would just give up.
 - There is no one available to answer the phones at any point in time during the day at your front desk.
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 - Spa and work out facilities are first class.
 - Highly recommend we stayed 10 nights and everything was 5 star the staff in every department was great the gym is top notch even has peloton restaurant was great spa great location perfect to park’s restaurants rooms modern clean service 5 star
 - The hotel offers a great spa, gym, bar, and restaurants.
 - One of the best spa experiences I've ever had.
 - The spa is also clean and comfortable.
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 - The Cresent Court has and will remain a hotel of choice for my personal and business visits and I will always ask and look for Murad.
 - Hotel employee Murad was the kindest and most accommodating person!
 - Upon entering the hotel lobby, you are immediately aware that you are in a luxury hotel.
 - The Crescent Hotel always hotel staff always host an amazing stay.
 - Still my favorite hotel in Dallas.
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 - Excellent gym and pool and food options (NOBU), clean rooms,
 - One of the days we spent out by the pool and it was so relaxing.
 - The pool is relaxing and also a great view!
 - We were placed in a room with an amazing location to the pool,
 - Pool wonderful.
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Phone number icon(844) 631-0595
1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202-4294
1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202-4294

The Adolphus, Autograph Collection


1083 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelclassychampagnestaying experience
 - Everything that was served to eat was given a detailed description about what it contained, the teas & champagne were also given a detailed description of its origin.
 - The tea, champagne, and food was sublime.
 - The cost is around $65 per person, and it includes sandwiches, two types of tea, sweets, scones, and a glass of champagne.
 - I wasn’t even offered a glass of champagne or a free appetizer for all my trouble and time
 - We were seated immediately & provided with a glass of champagne.
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 - - Rooms have been recently renovated, are clean, and huge.
 - His recommendation that we consider the 19th floor 3-suite guest rooms was fabulous.
 - Rooms were spacious amnd comforable.
 - My husband and I stopped by the French Room for a drink and Justin at the bar was so friendly and hospitable!
 - Room was great the Spa was awesome too.
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 - The lobby is undergoing some renovations so you have to take multiple elevators to get to your room.
 - Lobby under renovation so take your luggage thru the coffee shop, up the marble staircase to the elevators.
 - There were masks worn and elevators were limited to avoid contact.
 - Note they are down to 2 out of 5 elevators because of maintenance,
 - Elevators were kind of weird,
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 - What an amazing experience!
 - We had the most amazing experience.
 - Shortly before we arrived, he documented and communicated special requests to the respective staff so that The Adolphus Team was informed and ready to deliver a superior experience.
 - You definitely need to check out this hotel and lobby bar for a proper Dallas experience.
 - Experience the French Room today and loved every part of it.
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 - I also need to mention the fabulous bar, sumptuous seating areas, nicely equipped workout room and heated pool.
 - Also, if you are looking to relax, I would recommend visiting their heated pool and gym.
 - Excellent food at city hall bistro and pool bar was some of the best of our trip.
 - The pool is nice and well appointed, loved the staff there (Erin).
 - Pool filled up fast
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No reviews

 - The area itself is very busy right now with construction and our room did look out on some noisy construction areas
 - I know a few had mentioned construction noise,
 - but only after the construction ends.
 - Also, I need to mention that the hotel is downtown so know that this means a busy narrow city street out front, lots of downtown traffic, construction, street people, etc.
 - My one and only complaint and this has nothing to do with the hotel itself - beware of construction happening on the lot behind the property which will wake you up at 7:30A on a typical weekday morning.
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 - In between serving other patrons, he took the time to share fun bar facts and historical significance behind certain ingredients.
 - - Historic hotel that kept it's charm
 - Needless to say, we all loved our stay at your charming, historical hotel and will highly recommend it to others who are planning to visit Dallas.
 - It is at once historical, luxurious, elegant and relaxing.
 - This is a historic hotel in a really nice location in downtown Dallas.
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 - My husband and I love the Adolphus Hotel bar!
 - Really glad I chose this hotel.
 - but that hotel was unable to accommodate us this weekend.
 - Needless to say, we all loved our stay at your charming, historical hotel and will highly recommend it to others who are planning to visit Dallas.
 - You definitely need to check out this hotel and lobby bar for a proper Dallas experience.
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 - While we had a car, we never took it out of the garage.
 - Our room was on the 7th floor corner, facing the street, and we could hear car stereos so loud that it felt like it was in the room, tires screeching, screaming, and around midnight someone’s smoke detector went off on our floor and wouldn’t stop beeping.
 - I waited almost an hour for my car the first time and asked her 3 different times what the wait was.
 - $18 a day for a town car we didn't use, wifi, 'complimentary' water in the room (at that price it is hardly complimentary) and the gym.
 - Thus, the street noise was overwhelming and the sleep quality poor: racing cars and motorcycles all night.
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1717 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201-2301
1717 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201-2301

Fairmont Dallas


1134 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelmuseumvalet staffdowntown view
 - The location is very convenient with unique museums and great restaurants just a step away.
 - My girlfriend and Stayed on a visit to the cities museums.
 - The Concierge team headed by Philip and Ragen at reception catered for all our needs and nothing was too much trouble and the advice for which museums to see and where to shop were of great value.
 - We were able to walk to JFK museum from the hotel.
 - Centrally located, the hotel is walking distance historic landmarks, museums and top restaurants.
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 - The hotel room was falling apart.
 - I did not find this hotel welcoming to the guest,
 - Stay at any other hotel you can.
 - I will forever come back to this hotel due to the service he provided.
 - The concierge manager was apologetic and gave me a small gift of the hotel amenities, personalized with my name on the label, which was a nice gesture; it just wasn't enough to want to visit again.
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 - The shower was horrible, not only was it needing to be replaced water went everywhere when you showered.
 - As attached in photos, we had a giant leak coming from the room above, which we did inform the front desk about..
 - The shower head fell out of the wall 3.
 - The room was also outdated and a very small bathroom, even for a budget hotel standards.
 - The toilet didn't flush properly unless you held the handle down for 10+ seconds.
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 - :) They also have a really fabulous rooftop lounge pool area!
 - Drinks at the pool bar and hotel bar were excellent,
 - The pool and terrace of really nice,
 - Would also have loved if the pool was open year round.
 - The Terrace and pool were outstanding and it was an environment for both adults and families to be at.
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 - The hotel room was falling apart.
 - Room was fine, clean,
 - The room quality and cleanliness was great.
 - I had made arrangements with Philip the concierge to have a few special decorations to be assembled and displayed in our hotel room prior to our arrival.
 - Upon arrival Philip promptly greeted us in the lobby and showed us to our room.
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 - Chris at the valet was so kind and helpful!
 - From the valet attendants to the front desk staff, everyone was professional and courteous.
 - Hands down top 10 valet staff in the state.
 - The valet and concierge teams were quick, professional and personable.
 - I had an extraordinary experience with the valet staff @ the Fairmont.
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 - I couldn't find a single USB port to charge my phone,
 - Maybe that's what the alarm was, to tell me that they were going to fraudulently charge me and to RUN! RUN!
 - Customer service at billing is a joke and no one answers the phone at one number and the other number is not working.
 - Not only was I booked for the wrong dates, and charged a no show fee, When I called to get it straightened out , the front desk at the Dallas Fairmont hung up on me and continued to do so with each phone call.
 - I was disappointed that there was no fridge in the room, apparently this is an additional charge.
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No reviews

 - We had a room on the 24th floor and had a wonderful view of downtown all lit up at night.
 - The south tower and the South view of downtown are the best rooms.
 - My room is cool and comfortable, with an amazing view of Downtown Dallas.
 - This hotel has a great restaurant, great staff, and awesome views of Downtown Dallas.
 - The view of downtown was nice and the room was understated
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 - Or give me 50% off the rate, because you are offering 50% less experience.
 - Let's just say it was Kailua and cheap vodka (or muddy water.
 - I’ve never ever paid to print a boarding pass.
 - but over priced at $18 each.
 - although with little high daily fee.
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Phone number icon(844) 631-0595
1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, TX 76051
1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, TX 76051

Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center


1897 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelwater parkicekid friendly
 - The highlight of the trip was the water park on the grounds.
 - The hotel is also a quick drive from Main Street in Gaylord which has awesome options for wine, shopping, etc. There is also a resort fee of $20 per day (and also a water park onsite!)
 - The outdoor water park was good.
 - Sometimes at Christmas & always during the summer for the cousins to play at the water park.
 - Overall, if you plan right, have realistic expectations- I think your family will enjoy the scenery of the atrium, the water park and decent food.
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No reviews

 - It was fun to walk around here and be right next to the lake not sure why they charge parking considering there's nothing around
 - The following day I get billed for the second night cash instead of using my points.
 - It’s pays to have a Marriot credit card to get elite status.
 - I wanted to give credit to our bellman Jonathon Smith because when I asked for some items for our room, he not only brought them to us promptly
 - they should be embarrassed to charge people $65 for a table seat on top of a garage.
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 - Spent 35 min in line with ice cream melting.
 - We have been before to enjoy ICE.
 - I will return only since the kids love ICE
 - Texas has lifted Covid restrictions and the hotel was busier than even at Christmas (we stay there every other year for ICE and activities) BUT the hotel itself acted like there were Covid restrictions.
 - However, this year the Chinese could come due to the civic to make the amazing ice figures they do every year.
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 - We also loved that the pool is open so late, so we could swim under the stars.
 - We enjoyed the outdoor pool and appreciated it was heated.
 - Mine are all grown up so, we stayed at the outdoor pool in the hotel part.
 - The resort pool was nice and open late with some food and drinks available for order.
 - The pool had a lazy river and some pools a splash place for the kids.
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 - All the staff we encountered, from the moment we stepped foot on the property to the moment we departed, were extremely welcoming and friendly, and made us feel like our comfort and enjoyment was their #1 priority.
 - We also had the breakfast buffet on property and felt it was overpriced.
 - Small emergency in the hotel and they handled it well.
 - Beautiful hotel with so much to offer.
 - The resort pool was nice and open late with some food and drinks available for order.
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 - but they have many things for kids to do on the property.
 - Cons..if you're kids want to go to the Waterpark, it seems like a good long walk.
 - There were a lot of kid's activities going on when we were there so our 10-year-old had a great time.
 - The pool had a lazy river and some pools a splash place for the kids.
 - My son also loved building a snowman!
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 - Our room was very spacious, clean, and well-appointed.
 - We had a center view atrium room.
 - The rooms were clean and well kept the staff was wonderful.
 - The room was nice, clean, and comfortable.
 - We had a nice room with a view of the lake.
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 - Our meal was average and the same price as a steakhouse we went to earlier in the week that was much better.
 - For a family trip, it is expensive
 - Note, the prices for food/drinks at the hotel are a bit high,
 - Self parking is far away from the main entrance and costs $22 to park in the middle of Nowhere. 7.
 - We reserved seats at Paradise Springs, annoying to pay $25/chair
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2350 Global Dr DFW Airport, Euless, TX 75261
2350 Global Dr DFW Airport, Euless, TX 75261

Hyatt Place DFW


828 reviews

Trip advisor
poolroomdallashotelairport proximityrental carairport shuttle
 - The morning shuttle to the airport was enjoyable.
 - Shuttle to and from the airport took only about 5 minutes.
 - From the time the shuttle picked us up at the airport until the time the shuttle dropped us back off, we felt welcomed and enjoyed all of the staff.
 - They set up a shuttle to take us to the airport.
 - Great service and the airport shuttle guys are the best.
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No reviews

 - but the fan was out of use during our stay.
 - There was a fire alarm going off when I checked in due to the freezing weather and broken pipes
 - The insulation against outside noise combined with a quiet air conditioner made for just the right amount of white noise to sleep to.
 - Did not appear to be related to the AC/Heater (turning the central AC on or off did nothing to stop this wall fan).
 - though when when one of the Hyatt employees said “Oh you are an Eagles fan” they were just kidding.
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 - Your location was ideal for us, very clean and comfortable room & grounds, really good options on site for food and drinks, close to the airport and a few stores (within walking distance) to get necessities.
 - Located close to the airport, a gas station and a whataburger.
 - Close to the airport.
 - Location is conveniently close to the airport.
 - I highly recommend Hyatt Place DFW if your looking for a spot to stay near the airport and right off the freeway.
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 - Glad they had a pool
 - Nice indoor pool.
 - Indoor pool with outside seating.
 - The pool area was great.
 - Great Explanation of the property, indoor pool, gym and morning breakfast offering.
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 - And the door had to be pulled all the way or it wouldn't close due to it sticking.
 - I had a flight out of DFW where I needed to be at the airport at 4:30am, and I booked this hotel out of necessity due to its proximity to the airport.
 - Needed a hotel last minute due to cancelled flight.
 - My flight was delayed due to bad weather and I ended up arriving well after 1am.
 - While the breakfast offerings were limited due to Covid, they were still the best we had during our multi-day trip.
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 - Best to call the hotel upon arrival and they'll send the shuttle.
 - Best hotel breakfast I have seen in years.
 - Since it was just an over night stay I chose this hotel for it’s price and proximity to DFW and the rental car facility.
 - Felt very safe around the hotel.
 - We had a recent and unexpected stay with you (following our AA layover flight being cancelled & stranding us) and wanted to tell you how Happy we were to have happened upon your hotel.
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 - Room was very spacious.
 - Nice place, nice room, great staff.
 - The room was very clean and spacious.
 - Just a wonderful hotel with great customer service, staff, food, gorgeous room!
 - Your location was ideal for us, very clean and comfortable room & grounds, really good options on site for food and drinks, close to the airport and a few stores (within walking distance) to get necessities.
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 - One morning the hotel didn't have water for a few hours in the morning which is a pretty big deal for business travelers leaving early in the morning.
 - Only complaint is having to go to the front desk to get a water or soda.
 - The next day I tried again and we got bottles of waters.
 - We had to take our water glasses up to the bar and wait for 10 minutes to get the attention of the sole waitress to get a water refill.
 - Except for the low water pressure, this was an excellent choice for tired travellers.
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 - Since it was just an over night stay I chose this hotel for it’s price and proximity to DFW and the rental car facility.
 - This Hyatt is less then a mile from the airport car rental, so the return was quick/easy and enabled me to get to my flight without hassle.
 - I initially chose this hotel because of its location: I could easily return my rental car and walk back to the hotel (6 minute walk).
 - From the AP, Take the free shuttle bus to the car rental building & then walk maybe 5 min (on sidewalks).
 - Right in the airport, close to the rental car site.
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