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Boulevard Kukulcan Hotel Zone km 12.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Boulevard Kukulcan Hotel Zone km 12.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun


4393 reviews

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restaurantxcaretspaall-inclusivestaying experience
 - Overall our experience was amazing, between the travel and the actual resort, we were more than happy.
 - N/A
 - The people make the experience, the location, food and drinks are awesome.
 - The staff go above and beyond to make sure each guest has an amazing experience.
 - We were extremely impressed with every aspect of our stay and can't wait to return!
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 - The beach and pool cabins come with a foot massage, evens are being celebrated.
 - But you can not use is for spa, cabanas, upgrades, or practically anything else and it expires every day.
 - Everything is spa like.
 - The spa services and staff were excellent - very complete treatments, better and at a better price than those I have received in any Toronto spa.
 - The gym was very nice, along with the spa facilities.
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 - This was our 9th trip to an all-inclusive Mexican or Caribbean resort, and Live Aqua did not disappoint.
 - The food is incredible which is amazing because I have never had great food at an all inclusive resort before.
 - The drinks and food are what you would expect from an all-inclusive, some things were very good other things, just so so.
 - I've done a few "premium" all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and they've all been great!
 - All inclusive resort, food, drinks, and room service included!
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 - The 7 restaurants are outstanding.
 - The sushi stand is ok,
 - The drinks, the staff, the food, the pool, the hot tub, the grounds, the rooms.
 - The food was amazing, every restaurant had their own specialty and never disappointed.
 - They had a taco stand where one day it was ribs, one day tacos, one day Paella.
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 - We did an excursion to XCaret during our stay and sampled 3 different desserts there and they were WAY better than what we were given at this restaurant.
 - This involved a boat trip to the island – with cancun and Xcaret was also amzing.
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Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Wyndham Alltra Cancun


3526 reviews

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restaurantxcaretshowkid friendlymexican restaurant
 - N/A
 - We also really enjoyed all the nightly entertainment, which was different every might and great for all ages.
 - Entertainment was also fantastic.
 - The entire entertainment team is the best in the business.
 - PROS: The beach, kids club events and what makes everything run - a consistent helpful, friendly staff.
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 - N/A
 - They far exceeded my expectations with the graciousness of all staff members, the variety of food and drinks, and just being overly accommodating.
 - Food: the food was pretty great.
 - Excellent hotel service is outstanding at the Mexican , Italian and Asian restaurants all the hotel staff very accommodating food is great beach is beautiful We have travelled extensively and this is one of our favourite Mexican holidays
 - Housekeeping and Food was WONDERFUL!!
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 - The kids park is a huuuuge hit with the kids!
 - Mom and daughter trip that was wonderful!
 - We had a great time my Kids enjoyed so much the kids' areas, this is a place for family food was wonderful all the times we love the pool area, and everything was super clean.
 - There were even some earlier shows just for the kids.
 - This is the 7th year in a row my daughter and I have come to this resort.
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 - Excellent hotel service is outstanding at the Mexican , Italian and Asian restaurants all the hotel staff very accommodating food is great beach is beautiful We have travelled extensively and this is one of our favourite Mexican holidays
 - This is our 5th trip to Mexico and we keep coming back because of the amazing Mexican people and the gorgeous beaches! !
 - It is clean, the staff is friendly and polite, like all Mexicans, it was a little too busy when we were here,
 - 😍 Food is great, specially at the Mexican cafe, which runs 24 hrs and I was so pleased to find that out.
 - The restaurants have good variety , including Azul (all of Asia) And Rosa (Mexican) … and if you don’t want to wait they have one with the international buffet that’s pretty good.
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 - This was great because we didn't have to go out of the hotel looking for Tour agencies to go to Xcaret or Xelha.
 - They don’t try to push timeshares unlike the hotel in Xcaret.
 - The first day we arrived, we were greeted by too many staff to convince us to join presentation for 90 minutes in order to get discount for Xcaret tours.
 - we also went to Xcaret that was amazing.
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 - We were charged for night that we were not there, which I understand,
 - but we were charged the $50 so that change may not be in affect yet.
 - Since they just became a Wyndham Alltra I was hopeful we could have used the credit anywhere
 - No unexpected charges.
 - We couldn't PROVE it so only offered room upgrade voucher to come back; NO credit for what we'd lost; then he didn't even leave us vouchers
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Phone number icon(800) 943-5032
Blvd. Kukulcan Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

2013 reviews

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restaurantxcaretspathai restaurantmexican restaurant
 - My 80 minute facial at the spa was my favorite!
 - The spa was relaxing like always - the back messages never disappoint - Dorey in the women's locker room is great!
 - The spa is beautiful.
 - The spa was amazing.
 - You wouldn’t ever have to leave the resort with four restaurants, two bars, infinity pools overlooking the ocean, a high-end spa, coffee shop, and gorgeous balcony ocean view rooms with whirlpool tubs.
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 - Food was delicious.
 - Food was perfect!
 - The Thai restaurant was our favorite.
 - We loved the Chefs dinner and the Caribbean show.
 - The chef’s tasting menu at Aurora is definitely the best dining experience at the resort with many other great options.
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 - The Thai and Italian restaurants had the best food!
 - The Thai restaurant was our favorite.
 - Thai: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ by far, our favorite restaurant in the resort.
 - Jose the bartender from the Thai restaurant and the pool bar.
 - The restaurants are always delicious - Jesus at Aurora and Alejandro, Abel, and Frezia at Thai took extra special care of us this past trip.
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 - Aurora, for dinner, is the Mexican restaurant.
 - Our favorite by far was the Mexican restaurant, where we got to try the authentic Oaxacan menu.
 - Sun Palace is a place to relax, a place where you can experience Mexican culture.
 - Aurora Mexican is hands down the best on property, followed by Thai, very authentic and we have been to Thailand and know good Thai.
 - Monday is Mexican and Thursday Italian- highly recommend!
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 - Tours: We booked Xcaret and a Mayan Adventure there at the hotel, which gave us a discount to the spa.
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 - Both my husband and I paid our way through school by waiting tables and bartending, so we know the service industry runs on tips.
 - This resort is expensive and WORTH IT
 - though there is a 16% tax attached to it.
 - Covid 19 tests are available with no cost for the guests.
 - Make sure you don't loose it as you may pay $130. 4.
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Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All Inclusive


2366 reviews

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restaurantxcaretspamexican restaurantstaying experience
 - The spa is very well-equipped, and the experience was a pleasant surprise.
 - Some positives were the spa was incredible and the beach was beautiful.
 - Our room included a free hydrotherapy session at the spa.
 - We also had a spa day with a couples massage & it was the best massage I have ever had!!
 - After that complaint, we were given a complimentary massage at the spa as way of a sorry for the inconvenience/stress, which I have to say was great.
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 - The food is good,
 - La Jolla restaurant was superb.
 - The location, service and food are all great.
 - Good food options with excellent variety.
 - And so close to everything as well my favorite part was the 24/7 room service and our bartender Armando at the pool bar made our trip 10 times better.
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 - The best is La Joya (Mexican) which we went to twice and Basilica (French) which is $50/per person extra.
 - On site restaurants are great, loved the Mexican menu restaurant.
 - The restaurants were wonderful, especially the Mexican Restaurant which had a mariachi band on our 2nd visit.
 - My experience at the Mexican restaurant… We were able to enjoy this beautiful place and its delicious food, the attention of Rolando and Azael was excellent, two very attentive guys.
 - We went to the dinner buffet a couple of times, the Mexican evening and BBQ was our Favourite.
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 - GFA delivered on some aspects,
 - Overall had a great experience.
 - He will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.
 - This was the best spa experience of our lives.
 - Fernando and his crew did everything they could to make it a memorable experience!
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 - We visited Xcaret for an excursion.
 - Juan Carlos, thanks for being our new friend and thanks for helping us plan our trip to Xcaret.
 - but don't recall having such excellent ones as at Basilic - even at Ha at Hotel Xcaret.
 - It's centrally located near Selecto supermarket, Xcaret base station and Ultramar port if your want to visit Isla Mujeres.
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Phone number icon(833) 284-9288
Blvd. Kukulcan Km 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Km 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Hyatt Zilara Cancun


4978 reviews

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 - We also did a couples massage done by brenda and maria it was the best massage we have ever had!
 - The spa was nice,
 - but went out of his way to help book an awesome couples relaxation massage and followed through on it the next day to make sure we were happy.
 - Bertha took great care of us in the steam rooms, as she did last year, making our stay before and after massage a great relaxing time.
 - Otherwise, check out their otherworldly spa, which was the most relaxing experience!
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 - Best all inclusive I’ve ever been to!
 - It is an All Adult and "All-inclusive" property,
 - N/A
 - It was our first all-inclusive hotel experience, and it could not have been more fun.
 - This was one of the best all inclusive trips we've had yet.
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 - Food and beverages were so good.
 - On my birthday we made reservations at Asiana and Camilo our chef and our servers gave us great recommendations on food and made my birthday special and surprised me with a dessert and singing happy birthday.
 - The beverages were okay, creativity lacked in cocktails.
 - Great food!
 - Restaurants were very good.
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 - DRINKS ARE NOT WATERED DOWN… The only thing I didn’t like is that you need to pay $6 dollars for Red Bull.
 - The beach area is very nice with what seem to be some free cabanas with lounge chairs and some that you pay either $35 or ~$180 a day depending on whether you want bottle service (ala Vegas).
 - I calmly explained that I wished to be placed in a room for which I had selected and paid.
 - A little expensive during peak season
 - The only negative we didn't like was the continued upselling in the restaurants beyond the all-inclusive price for better wine and lobster.
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 - Xcaret and Chichén Itzá a great experience arranged by Alan(best day) inside the hotel.
 - Another thing, we bought a tour package - Xplor Fuego, Isla Mujeres and Xcaret.
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 - Entertainment was awesome and the beach is beautiful and clean.
 - We enjoyed the entertainment each evening.
 - If Sevice, food, entertainment, dining options and over all wow is important to you… you will fall in love with Zilara.
 - Nightly live entertainment and daily activities at the pool, including my favorite, just chilling in a cabana.
 - If you like the Las Vegas quality shows, their evening shows will not disappoint.
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Blvd. Kukulkan Km 8.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulkan Km 8.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa


1625 reviews

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restaurantxcaretvolleyballlobby barbeach restaurant
 - The entertainment staff (Karina, Angelo, Osvaldo, and Jennifer) were very fun and a great time, I really liked kayaking, volleyball, blackjack, and water exercises.
 - They had beach volleyball, water volleyball, poker, swim competitions,.
 - Ocean volleyball was one of our favorite activities.
 - Thank you to the entertainment staff: Karina, Jennifer, Angelo, Odette, Jose', Yamile, Moreno, and Osvaldo; we had sooo much fun "Lotteria", Ocean Volleyball, Pool Aerobics!!!
 - The entertainment crew specifically Moreno, Jennifer, Karina, Matthew, and many others did a great job of getting our group involved in activities such as volleyball, kayaking, wine tasting, Spanish lessons and ping pong.
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 - The kids also drank quite a few Miami Vices (minus the alcohol of course). 3.
 - Alcohol drinks were very good.
 - Loved this resort for the food, room service, cleanliness, and the bar/beach/restaurant servers.
 - All the restaurants were fantastic and the food was incredible!
 - The food on the resort was really good.
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 - We visited Secrets in XCARET.
 - We booked all of our excursions through the Xcaret and they did a fantastic job, always air conditioned and the food at the locations was great!
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 - We loved visiting Ricardo who was at the lobby bar during the day.
 - Laura in the lobby bar was absolutely lovely.
 - And it was great to see Ricardo in the lobby bar!
 - but not least Laura (lobby bar), great espresso drinks.
 - Rendezvous- The lobby bar was a place that we spent a great deal of time before and after dinner.
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 - On Fridays there is dinner on the beach along with a show celebrating Mexican culture.
 - Valentine’s Day was very special as we were invited to a renewing of our vows ceremony and the Valentine’s Day dinner on the beach was awesome.
 - The hotel offered a number of beach dinners, which again to get good service and a good table where you could actually see the shows, you had to pay.
 - She went out of her way to serve us lunch on the beach and made sure that the drinks were steadily flowing.
 - Preferred status is worth it for the preferred whiskey and the beach access.
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 - It's not 90 minutes, it's like over 3 hrs and constant pressure and you can't leave on your own.
 - At that point we wanted to relax and shower before dinner.
 - Then the room is lacking basic amenities like a hair dryer.
 - We were not offered robes even after asking, before our massages.
 - however after messing with the shower head it became one of the best power showers I’ve ever known, although this did result in flooding the bathroom as the shower screen was not effective to hold back the volume of water!
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Phone number icon(800) 943-5032
Carretera Federal 307 km 340 Cancun-Chetumal, Cancun 77504 Mexico
Carretera Federal 307 km 340 Cancun-Chetumal, Cancun 77504 Mexico

Moon Palace The Grand - Cancun


1626 reviews

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restaurantxcaretspawater parkclub
 - Adults and children can spend 1-2 weeks without leaving this huge complex of restaurants,pools,shops,water park or Kids entertainment zones.
 - There is the water park with its meandering river and giant waterslides and flowrider.
 - but when considering this is an all inclusive hotel with over 20 restaurants to choose from and all access (if you stay at The Grand) to everything including a water park and golf course, the price is very reasonable!
 - Valentin at the water park was so awesome!
 - One of the things that my family enjoyed a lot was spending time at the water park.
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 - (Don’t go to Hotel Xcaret!)
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 - but if you pay attention the the details, you see even their "jewel" is falling apart.
 - but for the price we paid we've had better service at other resorts.
 - It may seem pricey at first,
 - All paying guests should get the same experience and you should limit the number of people coming in from the other resorts who haven’t paid a premium to stay with you.
 - If you are up for a financial commitment of a minimum of 6-figures = yes more than $100 thousand USD, perhaps you should consider it.
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 - While I'd say most items were average to below average, I had positive experiences with the Spa and one of the Resort Excursion Planners, Victor.
 - The SPA was other-worldly and the food was delicious.
 - While at the Adult Spa at the Grand we were fortunate to encounter Anabele while asking about reserving a cabana for the few days we were there.
 - Loved the Juice Bar at The Grand spa and the employees, Isela, Itzel, and Gaby.
 - My wife loved the spa and said it was one of the nicest she's ever been in. Kids club (The Playroom) is amazing and our boys weren't asking to leave all the time (as they have done at other resorts.)
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 - Never have so many restaurants been so blah.
 - The service by the bars , restaurants and the working people of the resort is exceptional.
 - Would recommend a visit to this restaurant
 - The food and drinks were unbelievable.
 - Incredible food selection.
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 - but literally all he did was pick up the phone in the lobby, dial 0, and hand the phone over to you, where you waited on hold for 30-40 minutes.
 - And if you didn't book through them, get ready for some (literal) wake up calls, asking you to come to guest services for some "gifts" which brings you back to the same issue - nowhere to spend the credits.
 - Twice I had the phone put down on me.
 - Then decided to call back for all the other items.
 - The Palace App never worked, and I realized that the App can only work on Iphone
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 - Staff at the golf course and club house are second to none.
 - My wife loved the spa and said it was one of the nicest she's ever been in. Kids club (The Playroom) is amazing and our boys weren't asking to leave all the time (as they have done at other resorts.)
 - Special shout-out to Alexis Fuentes at the Unique Day Pool Club bar.
 - The kids club was incredible - and it smelled like bubble gum!
 - Unique Day Club was good as well
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Phone number icon(833) 284-9288
Blvd. Kukulcan, Manzana 51, Lote. 7, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan, Manzana 51, Lote. 7, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Hyatt Ziva Cancun


5870 reviews

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 - If you are planning to go, make sure to enjoy the fish tacos at Habaneros! Yum!
 - If you want the best food the best room accommodations and the best royalty treatment from the most amazing staff this is the place you need to stay.
 - Food at dinner was just okay.
 - The Chevy Diner restaurant was also a really good option for kids.
 - The restaurants, food service were excellent.
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 - An on-site photo session offering, spa packages, board-walk and other shops.
 - And dont forget to get a massage in the spa.
 - Shout out to Margarita at the spa!
 - The spa was delightful.
 - Had an excellent massage at the Zen Spa.
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 - The only thing negative is the food was not up to my standards and as I paid almost as much to go here as my other two usual Resorts , my expectations were much high.
 - but they do let you know in advance about this cost.
 - Why not have fewer and charge a higher fee and leave some chairs available.
 - Over priced for a two night stay.
 - Snorkel was supposed to be included, yet I had to pay an extra $300 for a 1 hr tour they said due to covid
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 - A big shout out to David from the entertainment team who's a top man.
 - We specifically had great interactions with the entertainment crew: Jeshua, Victoria, and David were the best!!
 - They have dinners on the beach which was such a cool experience with a fire show for an extra charge.
 - Absolutely great food, all day great entertainment, we never got bored, amazing property, very attentive and responsive staff, we will happily return again.
 - The entertainment was great also.
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 - We stayed at so many other all-inclusive resorts in the Cancun area,
 - The all inclusive stay was beyond what we could have imagined.
 - We opted Ziva, an all-inclusive resort, for our first family vacation at Cancun.
 - Overall, every staff member was delightful, room service was great, hotel cleanliness was the best i’ve experienced and the food was so great compared to all other all inclusive resorts i’ve stayed at!
 - For an all-inclusive, the food was incredible.
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 - staff and choice is phenomenal - the brewery was a nice place to cool down and sample some drinks and play some pool overall a thoroughly enjoyable holiday we also made a trip to Xcaret which the hotel helped us to organise recommend a visit!
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Retorno Del Dey Km14 Mz 53 Lote 37-1 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Retorno Del Dey Km14 Mz 53 Lote 37-1 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Sandos Cancun


2363 reviews

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restaurantxcaretshowjapanese restaurantvolleyball
 - Great food, great people, great entertainment!
 - Entertaining, delicious, and fun.
 - Day entertainers were fun, Daniel and the music guy would play my songs.
 - We went with my family and the Hotel had this beautiful view to the sea, I loved enjoying time with the entertainment team with Ellie, Marian and the guys, the chefs and the food were also top notch, definitely coming back next summer.
 - For years, we have told many of our friends how great it is at Sandos Cancun because we have loved the food, the entertainment, the service, the cleanliness, and the size of the resort.
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 - Great food, great people, great entertainment!
 - The food was wonderful and suprisingly, the buffet was almost better than the a la carte's.
 - We went with my family and the Hotel had this beautiful view to the sea, I loved enjoying time with the entertainment team with Ellie, Marian and the guys, the chefs and the food were also top notch, definitely coming back next summer.
 - Best food was room service, Cobb salad.
 - Also got food poisoning from their crappy food.
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 - The soccer game and volleyball good parties and all that stuff, love this guys!!
 - Pamela Anibal and Stephany makes us dance all night and played pool volleyball everyday!
 - .the usual pool volleyball, beach soccer, water aerobics.
 - The pools were fun to swim in and play volleyball we came here for my parents wedding and it was so worth it we had a blast.
 - Pool volleyball is always fun.
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 - We went with BestDay Xcaret by Mexico, (There amusement park fee for 2 Adults $319.50 USD- $500.00 CDN). Also.
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 - Ate at the Japanese restaurant on our last night and it was a great experience.
 - The Japanese restaurant was very entertaining
 - Our Japanese dinner was amazing and Esteban provided endless entertainment.
 - The Japanese restaurant was nice ( where most of their reviews come from ) and the room was nice .
 - The food in the Italian and Japanese restaurants was very good.
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Phone number icon(800) 943-5032
Carretera Federal 307, Km 340, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Carretera Federal 307, Km 340, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Moon Palace Cancun


4948 reviews

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 - Traffic to xCaret is 2 hours.
 - We were at Occidental Xcaret, Sunset Princess and Dreams last Christmas and service was amazing there even at peak time - definitely a 10/10!
 - Other thing to do while in Cancun Xcaret, it’s amazing!!
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 - Stayed here because could golf …one round $300 each Ok course brought our clubs.
 - We stayed at the villas at the golf course and loved it.
 - A variety of distinct restaurants, activities for all ages, pools or ocean and 27 holes of golf of course.
 - Great facilities and good golf on tap,
 - Great golf, gym, food, service, and the spa was spectacular.
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 - Our room was located near one of the sound stages
 - The entertainment staff work hard and make it really fun.
 - Great entertainment for all ages.
 - Food was amazing and the shows were so very entertaining.
 - Everything was top notch from the airport transfers, check in, pools, food and nightly entertainment.
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 - At the end of the tour and a series of different salesmen trying to sell you a membership, which are very expensive, you are offered, what seemed to be, a fantastic offer.
 - We ended up getting charged twice the rate of a taxi for a slow shared bus ride, and "not my department" apology.
 - If you are a Diamond/Residence member and paid like we have this will put a very dark cloud on your pool experience while staying here.
 - We began payments 15 months before our stay and paid the balance off in full two months in advance for 7 nights yet didn’t have rooms when we arrived.
 - During the week the men all went golfing setup before we even got there by the groom which was only supposed to cost everyone $100 each
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 - The few great things were the hot stone massage that I got at the Awe Spa at the gold course.
 - Great golf, gym, food, service, and the spa was spectacular.
 - N/A
 - If using the Spa turn up around 45mins early to use the water Journey (this is a lot better at the Grand then Moon Palace) #DiamondLife #DiamondUkUSA AT adehd2012
 - We did the spa 25 min massages as well and they were very nice.
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 - Can’t go to restaurants …all Booked
 - We ate their multiple times during our stay and Alejandro Mendez, Luis and Lesly were exceptional.
 - Food was delicious throughout the resort, and our favorite part was the friendly and outstanding service of the staff/servers.
 - The food and drink are plentiful and delicious and Everywhere!
 - 1st the hotel is wonderful, Beautiful destination, amazingly friendly staff, awesome food, accommodation everything you'd expect from a 5 star resort.
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