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Phone number icon(800) 943-5032
Bahía Del Espíritu Santo S/N, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Bahía Del Espíritu Santo S/N, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Playacar Palace


2543 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmenspashowitalian restaurant
 - I think our most special part was at the Italian Restaurant which in my opinion is the best Italian restaurant at Palace Resorts.
 - The food was good at the Italian restaurant and the Asian restaurant Momo.
 - He was so fun and took great care of us at the yummy Italian restaurant.
 - The Italian restaurant and Luis, our server, was awesome.
 - Both Momo (Asian restaurant) and Bocelli (Italian restaurant) offered many dishes that were delightful to try.
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 - The location is right next the action of the fun town of Playa del Carmen.
 - We loved our stay and will definitely choose this place again if we come back to Playa Del Carmen.
 - I strongly recommend this location especially for first time visitors to Playa del Carmen.
 - This stay exceeded my expectations and would recommend this to anyone looking to go and stay in playa del carmen.
 - Review context: non-member at Palace, usually stay at the Hilton Playa Del Carmen (formerly The Royal) and am a Real Club member.
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 - The pool service was so friendly and efficient I have to mention Silvia, Danielle, Perla, Besilio, Juan and also the entertainment staff worked very hard and I must mention Fernando?
 - Nightly entertainment was fun.
 - Pool staff from servers to bartenders and the best Entertainment staff never fail to keep you smiling and assuring you have a great day.
 - stocking the bar in the room, Francisco also Joshua to ensure that our late night entertaining was properly attended.
 - Entertainment: Fania always keeps the place moving!
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 - The spa is also very nice.
 - We return to Playacar every year for the food, the spa, the location, the cleanliness,
 - We love the spa and Virginia and Mercedes are the best.
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 - The new restaurant Lhana was a fun and unique experience.
 - Chef Daniel is very hands on and will go above and beyond to make sure your dinner is an experience.
 - Walking distance to shops, restaurants and ferry to Cozumel.
 - You eat as little or as much as you want.
 - The meals were excellent and the service was exceptional.
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 - Umbrellas and pool chairs are plentiful vs paid upgrades to cabanas at the Hilton and no umbrellas anywhere.
 - Management no where to be seen unless you are a Diamond member, everyone else treated second rate.
 - but pay close attention to the notable disparate treatment among the clientele present.
 - but for us, the perks did not justify the price.
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Phone number icon(929) 207-1033
5 Avenida, Playa del Carmen 77719 Mexico
5 Avenida, Playa del Carmen 77719 Mexico

Paradisus Playa Del Carmen


4629 reviews

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restaurantplaya-del-carmenkid friendlywater parkswim
 - Playa del Carmen does have a better pool for families with a nice water park that our kids loved.
 - This resort caters to families, the shows, areas, water park, pools and food are all very much geared to a great family vacation.
 - The water park pool and pirate ship pools were also fun for the kids.
 - He water park was also fun
 - We spent a lot of time in the water park which always had the perfect temperature water.
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 - My wife and I stayed at Paradisus Cancun 4 years ago and then Paradisus Playa del Carmen with the whole family this year so I will be comparing the two.
 - We had a really nice stay at Paradisus in Playa del Carmen.
 - We loved our stay at the Paradisus Playa Del Carmen.
 - We had a wonderful stay at Paradisus Playa del Carmen.
 - We visited Paradisus by Melia Playa del Carmen The Reserve and we had the greatest time.
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 - Food wasnt great at all, except one restaurant in adult area.
 - It is easy to make dinner reservations and we even cancelled some to change to others last minute.
 - The food was mediocre at best.
 - The food was first class - especially the Tuna tartar and the Flank steak.
 - Delicious food, excellent service, and they were so fun!
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 - Overall great for kids,
 - Great for kids one years old to 18!
 - We visited this beautiful resort Dec 2021 with our two children.
 - We visited this beautiful resort Dec 2021 with our two children.
 - We had snorkels and swimsuits and all the things for a fun day with the kids.
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 - We booked the swim up delux room five months in advance.
 - The rooms are clean and spacious, highly recommend upgrading to a swim up suite if possible.
 - We stayed in a Reserve swim up suite , with Hector as our concierge.
 - BUT you can dine in adult only restaurants and swim in adult only pools which is awesome.
 - We stayed in the reserve area that had a swim up room and it was absolutely lovely.
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 - It is filthy, unsafe and rundown.
 - Additionally, other problems were: Ongoing renovation works everywhere and it smells of toxic paint (very dangerous for kids) Very loud noisy events (they said that they wouldn’t have any events the time we stayed there
 - The other issue that we noticed while on the beach was the often unpleasant odour ( it smelled like sewage).
 - Also, unfortunately, when we got to the new room, it smelled like natural gas. Badly.
 - Hotel Room: During the day time, they were painting the hallways right outside of our room which created horrible smell during our entire stay.
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Carretera Federal Cancun Km 298, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Carretera Federal Cancun Km 298, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Fairmont Mayakoba


2713 reviews

Trip advisor
 - During our stay, we went 3x to the centre of Playa del Carmen.
 - We went into central Playa Del Carmen for the action one evening. Recommended activities: -Paddle Boarding -Archery -Bike ride to the ceynote (get a tour!)
 - Top notch level of service - best I've experienced in my few trips to Playa del Carmen.
 - We would have breakfast at the hotel and then some drinks at the beach and would go for dinner to Playa del Carmen.
 - The hotel is about 30 min from Cancun, 10 from Playa del Carmen and about 40 from Tulum which makes it an excellent choice when visiting the sites.
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 - This year we also had the pleasure of meeting Juan Carlos the boat tour captain - not only was he knowledgable
 - Take advantage of the boat rides, the bikes, the spa is wonderful, and El Puebllito!
 - We spent 4 of 6 days entirely on the property: biking, taking boat tours, at the beach, snorkeling, dining in the restaurants, visiting the Pueblito & the cenote, and enjoying our casita.
 - - The boat tour of the property is lovely and the cenote is good to check out - The cooking lesson at El Peublito is fun for family or a large group Bring cash!
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 - The beach required a 5-10 minute golf cart ride as it’s a 2 kilometers away.
 - Met again when he was driving the golf cart offering people ride after a storm.
 - We moved specifically to this hotel after playing golf at Mayakoba, we knew it was beautiful
 - He helped with reservations, coordinated our various adventures (golf, etc) with a smile, and always checked in with us afterwards.
 - The service, food, restaurant atmospheres, beach, golf course and pool were all first rate.
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 - The food was also great.
 - The hotel, beach, food and sunshine were amazing
 - The hostess and staff at La Playita Restaurant went above and beyond as well.
 - Also Adalberto at the Laguna restaurant taught us the re open for chilaquiles!
 - Fairmont Mayakoba is a clean and environmentally friendly, the staff is great and the food was delicious!
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 - We chose the all-inclusive option for our family of 4 and we really enjoyed the restaurants available La Laguna, la Playita, the Sushi place and Tauro was amazing.
 - It was a set menu for all inclusive guests
 - Our family of four spent 6 days at the Fairmont Mayakoba on an all-inclusive package.
 - The restaurants on property were some of the best I’ve had at an all inclusive resort.
 - The All Inclusive package had tons of variety and everything was fresh and tasty.
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 - The Beach was just plain horrible when we visited, mountains of Sargassum rotting by the sand.
 - That in turn put me off the buffet breakfast seeing people picking food up, breathing on it without a mask and putting it back if they decided they didn’t fancy it.
 - Kids Pool Area Plenty of pool and a water slide to let the little ones burn off energy.
 - Welcoming lobby and adjacent huge bar with balconies overlooking the manicured jungle property and (sometimes foul smelling) water ways.
 - but we certainly were not disappointed with our room regardless of the musty odor.
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 - I was beyond frustrated - what a waste of money; avoid at all costs.
 - A taxi from the resort to the centre costs 400 Mexican pesos.
 - they are pricey,
 - On the first day we were asked to pay the full price without the upgrade reductions.
 - but well maintained ☐ Premium ☐ Business ☐ Motel ☐ Get me out of here Comparable to Mix between Ritz Carlton and St. Regis.
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Carretera Federal Chetumal - Puerto Juárez - KM 300, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Carretera Federal Chetumal - Puerto Juárez - KM 300, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

BlueBay Grand Esmeralda


2931 reviews

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restaurantplaya-del-carmenmexican restaurantbreakfast restaurantfrench restaurant
 - I refer specifically to masks - while we were waiting for the elevator, the door opened and the maid was in there and she was masked.
 - The only negative for me was the room I stayed in was noisy, the walls must not be very insulated.
 - the 24 hr snack bar that was there in the brochure was none existent , it was quite frankly not worth the money we paid , and the entertainment at night was horrendous.
 - We were put up here by Jet Blue as our flight was cancelled, I would have rather tried to sleep on the tarmac.
 - When we arrived yesterday our fan was making a weird noise.
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 - We managed the Italian and Mexican restaurants,
 - The specialty restaurants featuring Mexican French seafood steakhouse All have wonderful atmosphere attentive service never disappointed.
 - Meats and pastas and mexican fare. Etc.
 - There's a steakhouse (our favorite), an Italian restaurant (also amazing), a Mexican restaurant (yum) and a seafood and French restaurant (didn't eat at either of these).
 - There are 5 restaurants (Mexican, French, Seafood, Italian, Steakhouse)
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 - I will come back here again for more fun and activities Thanks a lot everybody I love the food and drinks
 - The food was, for the most part, excellent!
 - Food very good and varied.
 - Clean, room is really nice, food is great too.
 - The food was great; I had a really great steak dish, everyone smiled and was so pleasant every day.
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 - The resort offers a cheap shuttle into Playa del Carmen.
 - The collectivo's bring you to their station in Playa del Carmen , where you can take a second collectivo to Tulum.
 - This is our first time visiting Playa del Carmen, I'm glad we choose this place, specially the hotel.
 - close to playa del carmen.
 - I had such a great time visiting playa del carmen.
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 - I refer specifically to masks - while we were waiting for the elevator, the door opened and the maid was in there and she was masked.
 - but only 3 American English stations, including Fox (yuck), not that we spend time watching, but would have been nice to see some Canadian Olympic coverage.
 - Our towels were clean, our sheets were clean, and nothing smelled of mildew.
 - The smell when opening the door nearly knocked us off our feet, it smelt severely damp and mouldy.
 - The rooms were disgusting, the doors didn't close and the entire place felt like a bad dream.
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 - The buffet in the restaurant closest to the lobby was amazing!
 - A couple of days they had a pool-side lunch buffet set up.
 - Room are spacious, food is delicious and everything is in a very good order.
 - The omelette bar was exceptional and breakfast buffet was the best meal.
 - The tacos at the buffet were my favorite.
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 - There's a steakhouse (our favorite), an Italian restaurant (also amazing), a Mexican restaurant (yum) and a seafood and French restaurant (didn't eat at either of these).
 - Benjamin from the French and steakhouse restaurànts went above and beyond to make sure we were attended to and constantly topped up water and wine while having a very positive attitude.
 - Kudos go out to Alfredo at the Italian restaurant, Eddie at the Steakhouse and Benjamin at the French Restaurant.
 - Also want to mention Edgar at the French Restaurant, Augustine & Daniel Breakfast and Lunch Buffet - great people to have looking after you.
 - We missed Angel as the maître D for the French restaurant.
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Prolongacion 5ta Avenida Mza 20 Lote 006, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Prolongacion 5ta Avenida Mza 20 Lote 006, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Grand Riviera Princess


2887 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The swim out room was very cool.
 - The swim up suite was so wonderful, particularly as we just wanted to chill and relax, not really party with new friends.
 - The pools are immaculate, well sized & the addition of swim up bars is a nice touch.
 - Swim up bars were good.
 - although not in perfect condition - didn't stop me and mine from enjoying the free drinks, free food, endless pools, swim-up bars and beach bar and grill, with tons of beach chairs and tiki huts, massages on the beach.
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 - There is a musty cigarette smell in the rooms too.
 - I did not try all ( I judge by look and smell first)
 - Tips- room a bit stale smelling so we always take a plug-in freshener -Bring aqua socks -tip frequently.
 - The rooms are outdated, extremely musty, and smell damp all day long.
 - They'd sit on your sunbed with you, play loud music and smoke cigarettes.
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 - 7) GROUNDS: the grounds are kept up nicely.
 - The grounds and facilities are nice
 - The resort grounds are still very well maintained.
 - The grounds were very clean.
 - The pools are nice and the grounds are cared for and well kept, as is the beach, I saw plenty of staff cleaning at all times of the day.
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 - There is a wide selection of restaurants and you are only 10 minute's from 5th av in Playa del Carmen.
 - The best day of food was when I went into Playa del Carmen and ate at a restaurant for lunch.
 - Playa del Carmen the local town is beautiful for scenery & some nice bars tho very touristy.
 - Down town Playa del Carmen 5 minute drive.
 - The hotel is the best in playa del carmen.
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 - The staff there were very friendly and always happy to help.
 - The staff were all friendly, helpful welcoming during our stay.
 - The staff was so friendly and energetic (special shoutout to Erck, Ever, Yessi, Bono, & Angel) & the atmosphere at the resort was great!
 - Beach volleyball was a big hit, and the friendly animation staff kept us entertained.
 - Everything was really good the food in the miso restaurant was delicious I loved the Mohanna show as well the entertainment crew was amazing I enjoyed to play horse shoes with Ever also Erick were very friendly I recommend this resort I will be back soon
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 - Food is at best mediocre.
 - The food at the à la carte restaurants were fantastic
 - But the food was great across the board.
 - A variety of ala carte restaurants, included in the all inclusive package, have all been wonderful.
 - We only tried the lunch buffet one time, it was ok, pretty basic.
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Prolongacion 5ta Avenida Mz. 20 Lot 006, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Prolongacion 5ta Avenida Mz. 20 Lot 006, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Grand Sunset Princess All Suites Resort


2616 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmengroundsmexican restaurantfriendly
 - The staff at the front desk were very friendly and happy.
 - I will say the staff was friendly and amazing
 - Staff were all very nice, friendly and efficient.
 - Food was excellent and the staff were friendly.
 - No matter who the server was in any of the buffets always friendly & smiling!
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 - Room was ok, the sanitizer smell was awful and the room was freezing cold.
 - however, the washrooms at the beach are disgusting.
 - There is a pipe that deverse smelly and brown substance about 50 meters from the beach.
 - The beach absolute horror, smells fishy and mountain of seaweed, they dont bother cleaning it.
 - Their beach was not usable due to the excessive seaweed and the horrible rotten egg smell coming from it.
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 - There is lots of shops available to pick up souvenirs or take the bus service to Playa del Carmen , costs $4.00 us one way and leaves the resort 3 times a day, we did it and we felt safe and did some shopping, it's way cheaper and a nice day trip.
 - you can take a taxi they organize to go into Playa del carmen a couple times a day.
 - The Grand Sunset Princess in Playa del Carmen is beyond gorgeous and extremely clean!!!!!
 - Take the trip into playa del Carmen and try an authentic lunch and pickup all your souvenirs.
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 - We did get into 2 al a cates , Mamma Mia (Italian) it was delicious and La Hacienda, ( Mexican ) also delicious, a lot of food served.
 - The a la carte restaurants need to be revamped and some ambiance added.
 - The restaurants aren't bad.
 - And about restaurants reservations, if you’re persistent and lucky, you can get a reservation using the resort app.
 - Food service ends about 10 ish.
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 - We did get into 2 al a cates , Mamma Mia (Italian) it was delicious and La Hacienda, ( Mexican ) also delicious, a lot of food served.
 - Our favorite was the La Vageria, La Fleur and the Mexican.
 - but this seems to be a complaint at all Mexican resorts including the airport.
 - Mexican Raccoons, monkey(s) and cats).
 - When my friend MIGUEL who is Mexican asked, he gave them to him right away.
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 - The grounds of this resort are very well maintained , beautiful walkways to get around, it is a bigger resort, they have a trolley that you can take as for us we enjoyed the walking, in the evening the walkway's are lite up.
 - The rooms were nice and the grounds were beautiful and well maintained.
 - The grounds are beautiful & lush!
 - Resort grounds were beautiful, many pools and swim-up bars.
 - The best part of the hotel was that the hotel grounds were really nice.
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 - but were told we would have to pay for an upgrade to get a quiet room.
 - I am so disappointed as we paid a lot of money to come from the uk, we are not food snobs in any way.
 - Of course while I was at the resort, they would not honor the price even with me showing the screen shot from my phone.
 - but the prices were crazy: $15US for a package of 18 lozenges.
 - Needless to say, we won't be returning to this resort, it was expensive for what we got.
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Paseo Xaman Ha Manzana 1 Lote 1, Playacar, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Paseo Xaman Ha Manzana 1 Lote 1, Playacar, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Sandos Playacar


3514 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmenshowmexican restaurantspa
 - but the Mexican, Brazilian and Argentinian were fine.
 - Food was good at the buffet, very bad at all the other specialty restaurants, except for the Mexican one- that was decent.
 - The food was quite good, we really liked the Japanese restaurant (Asiana) and the Mexican restaurant (Gourmex) and ate at both twice as well as the other restaurants.
 - The Mexican restaurant was good !
 - We celebrated two birthday's on this trip and the staff was great at Gour-mex with celebratory tequila shots and Mexican hat.
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 - The Playacar is located right in Playa del Carmen on a wonderful stretch of perfect white sand beach.
 - The best beaches on Playa del Carmen, the service was great at all the Royal Élite locations.
 - Only $14 round trip to go into Playa del Carmen for the day, which was the only time we left the resort since we were having such a great time.
 - TLDR: the resort and beach is gorgeous and beautiful as it in in Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya; the all inclusive was not that great in terms of food quality and service;
 - We were so much happier after we moved out of the resort into a hotel in Playa Del Carmen.
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 - The spa promised a 25% discount for Elite
 - We had a wonderful couples massage at the spa.
 - I also want to give a shout out to the Spa and my person, Karen.
 - It was so lovely to have a massage outside!
 - The spa was great!
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 - The show is excellent Pedro and aidee are the most amazing people at sandos.
 - Evening entertainment, tho not our particular taste, was well done & spirited.
 - Of the evening shows, the Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga tributes are very good, the rest so-so, and because we have been here the past several years, the unchanging nature of these shows have generally made them a bore for us.
 - The nightly shows were excellent and the entertainment staff by the pool were very good.
 - The entertainment in the pool areas were fun and the night concerts were entertaining.
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 - We were given a room that smelled like sewage and was dirty, the side bed/couch thing didn't have a sheet on it.
 - - The space in between the beds and night stand were absolutely filthy.
 - but our neighbors in the Haciendas were chain smokers so our room smelled liked a 1980's bowling alley if we opened the veranda doors.
 - She held it to her nose and said the dress smelled of perfume and sweat and even asked one of the sales women, Sandra, to confirm, then both smirked/laughed.
 - butts , leftovers of drinks ,meals ,corks in the sand with bad smell .
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 - The service and the food is immaculate I recommend to other people because you can always trust them.
 - We learned on the second dinner where we would order one item at a time to be able to enjoy our time and food at the same time.
 - Dinner reservations system is not at all easy.
 - The beach is really fabulous, and the pools as well, so these more than made up for the cuisine issues.
 - If you like to enjoy a good tasting cocktail, you won't find it here.
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Phone number icon(888) 721-4431
Cancun-Chetumal Highway Km 289+10, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Cancun-Chetumal Highway Km 289+10, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

The Royal Haciendas All Suites Resort & Spa


2615 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmenkid friendlyall-inclusiveholiday trip
 - An oasis in Playa del Carmen.
 - Love that it is so close to Playa del Carmen - we go there a lot to enjoy the large variety of restaurants and shops.
 - We had planned to walk or take their shuttle into Playa del Carmen
 - the Royal Hacienda is a great getaway, It has beautiful grounds, a caring staff, and close access to Playa del Carmen.
 - Even when it rains, the Royal Haciendas and the nearby Playa del Carmen have lots to offer.
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 - All inclusive option is a solid value.
 - Pro - Great food buffet, restaurants are good, customer service, room service are amazing and Enjoyed the music night near sol-grill Lots of activity, family friendly resort Cons - All-inclusive offers very cheap liquor and beers (Avg.
 - We opted to decline the all inclusive option and that was the right choice for us - we just don't eat and drink enough to cover the inclusive cost.
 - I definitely recommend the all-inclusive package for a large group!
 - We definitely recommend the all-inclusive package!
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 - our flight had been canceled due to bad weather.
 - We stayed at Royal Haciendas previously as a time-share guest in 2010, and decided to return as a paid guest to enjoy a no-stress all-inclusive beach vacation due to the desire to be farther away from the hustle of Cancun.
 - Like many places in the US, they were understaffed due to COVID.
 - After missing last year due to Covid we are so grateful that we got to go back this year.
 - We decided to go during mid-October since we couldn't make our week last December due to Covid.
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 - I can honestly say this was the best experience we have had on a vacation.
 - the Royal Hacienda is a great getaway, It has beautiful grounds, a caring staff, and close access to Playa del Carmen.
 - A wonderful vacation!
 - He helped make my visit to Royal Haciendas enjoyable and he helped make me be accountable to exercise while I was on vacation.
 - Maids make it a true vacation.
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 - The amazing staff at the Kid’s Club were so friendly and fun that our child signed up for every evening activity.
 - From helping us find (and move to) a place under an umbrella to happily fulfilling all my kids pizza and drink requests to the extremally clean rooms, quick room service and more - they were always happy and generous.
 - Lots of different activities, and all of the kids were excited to go back each night.
 - The chef Gilmer thanks for everything, Jorge (mornings), Jorge (nights), Eduardo, David, Cesar, Johana, Ángeles they made our time wonderful and unique; pizza Luna Aldo and the kids club Mariana is super good with children always helpful.
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 - The suites are amazing, the food, the drinks.
 - We spent a week just chilling by the pool and enjoying the wonderful onsite restaurants.
 - Room service is well done.
 - All staff from Luna Grill were amazing and fast to take our orders and drjnks were amazing from family Leon y Diazmanzur
 - Premium restaurants are included too.
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Carretera Federal Chetumal Puerto Juarez Km. 282, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
Carretera Federal Chetumal Puerto Juarez Km. 282, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Occidental at Xcaret Destination


5578 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmengroundskid friendlyholiday trip
 - Overall a great and relaxing holiday.
 - The entertainment staff was incredibly kind, fun and helpful during my vacation.
 - We had a great 7day vacation, the first out of the country for the family.
 - Grat Place to stay if your looking for a quality vacation with the family!the staff is so kind and will take the effort to get to know you on the best way possible!
 - We enjoyed our vacation a lot in Occidental at Xcaret.
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 - Also Cristell Vazquez the massage girl is amazing
 - He is a sexy Mexican baby. Gracias!
 - You could not build a better beach area for kids.
 - They are the best, they go above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied and are great with our kids.
 - Lots of different options for adults, kids, and dessert.
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 - Dinners at the Hacienda, The Pescador, D’Oriental, D’Oliva…Five stars.
 - The food was exceptional and also the staff!
 - Food was decent
 - Amazing atmosphere, food & drinks.
 - Swimming lagoon is great, many fish.
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 - We make it to the room definitely not 5 star the decor was dated the bathroom could have used a good scrub and it smelled like mildew.
 - but stayed away from it due to people smoking.
 - This room kept moisture in the room, there would be condensation spots on the floor and the sheets would be cold and moist, hence the mildew smell.
 - The room smelt strongly of damp and mould.
 - The room was very damp and musty smelling.
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 - but what really shined through was the atmosphere and the grounds.
 - Beautiful resort and grounds.
 - The grounds are nice, and the staff was pleasant.
 - The grounds are absolutely beautiful, you felt that you are in the middle of the jungle with all the animals, and the beach was also just a short walk away.
 - The grounds were clean, and the room cleaners were fast and efficient.
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 - Such a cool experience and first great night in playa del Carmen.
 - Occidental at Xcaret Destination Playa del Carmen Wife and I traveled down to Mexico Jan 10, 2022 to spend time with friends.
 - Needless to say, this is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the Playa Del Carmen/Cancun vacation scene.
 - If you are considering a family friendly, all-inclusive resort in the Playa del Carmen area, Xcaret, then also consider the modest cost of an upgrade to Royal level.
 - Antonio from building 20 gave us lots of recommendations to explore in Playa del Carmen and Julio Valdez was excellent at service in breakfast and lunch.
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 - So then my hubby goes to pay for it and he is told its expired umm no its not expired exp date is 6/2024.
 - As much as I don’t agree with it being the customers responsibility to pay the staff (greedy companies) it’s still unfair to penalise them.
 - They charged us $120 USD for the small load of laundry they did (3 days of outfits for 2 people).
 - TOTAL rip off.
 - The price was reasonable and starting in the Royal Level, I received a 20% discount.
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1A Avenida Esquina Calle 26 Colonia Centro, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico
1A Avenida Esquina Calle 26 Colonia Centro, Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen Resort


1714 reviews

Trip advisor
restaurantplaya-del-carmencenote-spaspastaying experience
 - While the sites themselves were fantastic, we were a bit annoyed that we paid for an english speaking guide and driver and got neither.
 - She applied just the right pressure and paid special attention to my shoulder, as I was having issues with it prior to this trip.
 - If I would of had to pay for it, I would not have did that twice.
 - The service was really bad and slow, we even got a downgrade on the suite we paid because they had no capacity.
 - Overall, I would have to say that I would not recommend this property for the cost, given the chance that you may not be able to enjoy it fully due to being violently ill.
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 - We also visited the spa.
 - - Classes: Yoga class with Carlos in the Cenyote spa was AMAZING.
 - We had couples massage Erica and her colleague were great.
 - My massage with Erika was wonderful!
 - Will be coming back to visit the sauna and the hidden jacuzzi.
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 - Also, as you'll read in my many reviews the beach club North of the hotel is LOUD.
 - but very noisy.
 - The noise is unavoidable from late morning to about 7pm.
 - Our driver who picked us up at the airport was very rude and the driver who took us to Chichen Itza had horrendous driving skills.
 - The biggest problem is unquestionably the noise from Coralina (the beach/day club).
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 - The club food was decent,
 - The beach and pool area is excellent with food and drink service available all day
 - We ate at all 3 restaurants and the food was terrific.
 - We could look down into the main strip of the hotel where all the action is -- restaurants, pools, coffee shop.
 - Ate most meals out here!
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 - It was wonderful experience at Cenote Spa.
 - would recommend cenote spa
 - I love the CENOTE SPA and more the gym, the manager Carlos is always helping out with everything!
 - We also did a spa buyout for our event and the spa manager, Damariz took care of all details and supported our requests for creative spa offerings like a sound bath in their Cenote spa.
 - Very kind and soft-spoken, Armando was my randomly selected male masseuse at the Cenote Spa.
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 - It was wonderful experience at Cenote Spa.
 - They specifically helped make our experience at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen truly amazing with their hospitality.
 - Wonderful experience in a beautiful setting.
 - Fantastic experience overall highly recommend to anyone looking for a great workout
 - Carlos was very helpful in making sure my gym experience was exceptional.
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 - We had a fantastic 5-day stay at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.
 - We had the best time at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen and Ricardo taught the best, most fun Zumba pool class.
 - They specifically helped make our experience at the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen truly amazing with their hospitality.
 - Overall, great experience in the gym at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.
 - Based on my experience with her I definitely plan to send more clients to Hyatt Playa Del Carmen.
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 - I would go here again without hesitation except I was travelling with my kids and the other guests were loud partying deep into the night.
 - The restaurant/bar had a DJ and loud bar guests most nights we were there.
 - This hotel did not play about COVID.
 - I’m at a complete loss to understand why the hotel continues to rent out space to a 3rd party company to operate a beach club that not only provides no added amenity to their hotel guests,
 - Ours was on one side overlooking a day club on the beach so the views were not unobstructed (a bit of a disappointment) and the party music was thumping away every day until the evening.
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