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Blvd Kukulcan Km 20 Lote 64 Bis 2a Etapa Seccion A, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd Kukulcan Km 20 Lote 64 Bis 2a Etapa Seccion A, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Royal Solaris Cancun


756 reviews

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 - At Marco polo resturant, food is excellent.
 - Food and service was overall good.Our waiter Delfino from Marco Polo Restaurant was amazing.
 - Marco Polo restaurant, was amazing.
 - I wanted to especially mention Marco Polo restaurant here.
 - Absolute Wonderful We had dinner at Marco Polo Restaurant, the food was wonderful from preparation to presentation, very pleasing.
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 - In addition the wifi sucks!
 - WiFi was a bit sloppy
 - 1) The wifi sucks.
 - If it wasn’t for the poor WiFi I would’ve rated this place a 5.
 - Their gift shop internet was down.
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 - The food was amazing.Me and my kids really enjoyed our visit to Royal Solaris.
 - we checked our the children area and it looked good as well.
 - Plenty to do for kids.
 - He was patient, translating the items on the menu and with the kids.
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 - in the day time or to have dinner in pool side bar.
 - The food is average, there's a buffet for breakfast and dinner, 4 lunch options around the pool and a couple restaurants you can make reservations at for dinner.
 - The wood fired pizzas by the pool are delicious
 - The food is good and always fresh (wait in line for pizza by the pool, it is worth it).
 - Clean workout facilities with lots of options, breathtaking views from the pool and great restaurants, and so much entertainment!
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 - ventura park" which was a lot of fun.
 - We spent a day by Ventura Park where we swam with the Dolphins at Dolphinarius.
 - Close to Dolphinarium and Ventura park
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 - Our room was clean and comfortable.
 - Hotel is very modern and clean and rooms are very spacious.
 - Compliments to the chef for making such great streak!
 - The Good: Clean overall.
 - The pool was very clean, the activities were very engaging for both the kids and the parents.
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