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Boulevard Kukulcan Hotel Zone km 12.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Boulevard Kukulcan Hotel Zone km 12.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun


2784 reviews

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breakfastxelspaall-inclusivestaying experience
 - Overall our experience was amazing, between the travel and the actual resort, we were more than happy.
 - The people make the experience, the location, food and drinks are awesome.
 - The staff go above and beyond to make sure each guest has an amazing experience.
 - We were extremely impressed with every aspect of our stay and can't wait to return!
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 - The beach and pool cabins come with a foot massage, evens are being celebrated.
 - But you can not use is for spa, cabanas, upgrades, or practically anything else and it expires every day.
 - Everything is spa like.
 - The spa services and staff were excellent - very complete treatments, better and at a better price than those I have received in any Toronto spa.
 - The gym was very nice, along with the spa facilities.
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 - This was our 9th trip to an all-inclusive Mexican or Caribbean resort, and Live Aqua did not disappoint.
 - The food is incredible which is amazing because I have never had great food at an all inclusive resort before.
 - The drinks and food are what you would expect from an all-inclusive, some things were very good other things, just so so.
 - I've done a few "premium" all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and they've all been great!
 - All inclusive resort, food, drinks, and room service included!
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 - Also, you must order "The Bigfoot" at the breakfast buffet, and the shrimp tacos at Sea Corner were delicious.
 - The breakfast had everything, and you could not possibly get tired of all the different foods.
 - The best steak you can get with out paying for an upgrade is a 6 oz filet bacon wrapped steak in MD.
 - Breakfast at Siete!
 - but they had a wonderful breakfast menu and we'd pop in at lunch for the chips, guac and a margarita most every day.
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 - Xel-ha pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.
 - We were torn between Chichen Itza and Xel-ha and Leo helped us choose Xel-ha.
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Blvd Kukulkan, Km 5.5 Lote 6-C Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd Kukulkan, Km 5.5 Lote 6-C Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula


1084 reviews

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breakfastxelbreakfast restaurantlobby baritalian restaurant
 - Buffet and restaurants - Overall we only had good food.
 - The buffet restaurant had the freshest and most varied selection of any RIU we have visited so far, and the facilities were immaculate.
 - The buffet has a lot of food and was very good.
 - The buffet always had something for everyone and the food was consistently great.
 - Great food at the buffet.
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 - We mainly ate a the "Las Olas" buffet, as they usually had items that were also being featured in the specialty restaurants.
 - Buffet and restaurants - Overall we only had good food.
 - The buffet restaurant had the freshest and most varied selection of any RIU we have visited so far, and the facilities were immaculate.
 - The Italian buffet was very good, too.
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 - On the lobby bar .
 - We were glad to see some of our favorite people again like Diego at the lobby bar, Cruz at the beach and Raul with the Sports and Entertainment.
 - The lobby bar was good and drinks made well with decent choice of liquor.
 - We really enjoyed the evening entertainment, including music in the lobby bar.
 - Felix, Laura, Mara and Roman at the lobby bar, Brian and Myke were an awesome team serving us at breakfast, Elvis, Uriber and Edgar made our dinners full of laughs and great service in various restaurants.
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 - The Italian restaurant was probably our favorite. 2.
 - The steakhouse was awesome and the Italian restaurant had wonderful appetizers.
 - In the Italian restaurant, you'll want to ask for KEVIN.
 - We had No Problem Finding Good Food at All of the Restaurants.Alfonso and Kevin gave you Excellent Service at the Italian Restaurant, and Bianca made sure to take your Empty plates away.
 - but our favorite was the Italian restaurant.
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 - Xel-ha was very fun
 - Great 7 days- we left a few times for excursions (Xel-Ha, Chichen Itza, Cancun (Bad Idea), Hotel Zone Shops) and just took the bus- cheap and effective.
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 - Obviously, I'd prefer no smoking altogether,
 - Lastly, don't think about smoking weed or doing any drugs because you will get caught, handcuffed and drug to jail without your shoes in front of your 5 year old!
 - All the years I’ve travelled with Tui this was the last and i hope people understand if your in a situation don’t expect Tui to show anything apart from saying it can’t be true. Disgusting!!!!!!
 - We found multiple strands of pubic hair on the bed sheets and nightstands amongst other dirt and debris.
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Phone number icon011525570055661
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Wyndham Alltra Cancun


2296 reviews

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breakfastxelshowkid friendlymexican restaurant
 - We also really enjoyed all the nightly entertainment, which was different every might and great for all ages.
 - Entertainment was also fantastic.
 - The entire entertainment team is the best in the business.
 - PROS: The beach, kids club events and what makes everything run - a consistent helpful, friendly staff.
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 - The kids park is a huuuuge hit with the kids!
 - Mom and daughter trip that was wonderful!
 - We had a great time my Kids enjoyed so much the kids' areas, this is a place for family food was wonderful all the times we love the pool area, and everything was super clean.
 - There were even some earlier shows just for the kids.
 - This is the 7th year in a row my daughter and I have come to this resort.
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 - Excellent hotel service is outstanding at the Mexican , Italian and Asian restaurants all the hotel staff very accommodating food is great beach is beautiful We have travelled extensively and this is one of our favourite Mexican holidays
 - This is our 5th trip to Mexico and we keep coming back because of the amazing Mexican people and the gorgeous beaches! !
 - It is clean, the staff is friendly and polite, like all Mexicans, it was a little too busy when we were here,
 - 😍 Food is great, specially at the Mexican cafe, which runs 24 hrs and I was so pleased to find that out.
 - The restaurants have good variety , including Azul (all of Asia) And Rosa (Mexican) … and if you don’t want to wait they have one with the international buffet that’s pretty good.
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 - We did not have a good experience with the transportation to Xel-Ha handled by Discova.
 - We spent every day lounging around in the cabanas besides the day we ventured out to Xel ha.
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 - Their breakfast and dinner have been the best!!
 - The only accepting to this was breakfast at Ventana, which was fine.
 - Alltra was beautiful, the food was delicious.
 - For example the breakfast at Ventanas was very good and healthy.
 - To start with the buffet.
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 - We were charged for night that we were not there, which I understand,
 - but we were charged the $50 so that change may not be in affect yet.
 - Since they just became a Wyndham Alltra I was hopeful we could have used the credit anywhere
 - No unexpected charges.
 - We couldn't PROVE it so only offered room upgrade voucher to come back; NO credit for what we'd lost; then he didn't even leave us vouchers
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Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9.5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All Inclusive


1424 reviews

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breakfastxelspamexican restaurantstaying experience
 - The spa is very well-equipped, and the experience was a pleasant surprise.
 - Some positives were the spa was incredible and the beach was beautiful.
 - Our room included a free hydrotherapy session at the spa.
 - We also had a spa day with a couples massage & it was the best massage I have ever had!!
 - After that complaint, we were given a complimentary massage at the spa as way of a sorry for the inconvenience/stress, which I have to say was great.
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 - The buffet, Vina del Mar, is good quality
 - The food at all the restaurants were excellent and the buffet was plentiful.
 - The food was okay, sometimes inedible.
 - After breakfast, I decided that wasn’t really a good solution and went back.
 - For breakfast, we always went to the buffet.
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 - The best is La Joya (Mexican) which we went to twice and Basilica (French) which is $50/per person extra.
 - On site restaurants are great, loved the Mexican menu restaurant.
 - The restaurants were wonderful, especially the Mexican Restaurant which had a mariachi band on our 2nd visit.
 - My experience at the Mexican restaurant… We were able to enjoy this beautiful place and its delicious food, the attention of Rolando and Azael was excellent, two very attentive guys.
 - We went to the dinner buffet a couple of times, the Mexican evening and BBQ was our Favourite.
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 - GFA delivered on some aspects,
 - Overall had a great experience.
 - He will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.
 - This was the best spa experience of our lives.
 - Fernando and his crew did everything they could to make it a memorable experience!
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 - The only reason we did the pitch was for discount tickets Xel Ha and breakfast buffet.
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Phone number icon(800) 578-2900
Boulevard Kukulcan KM 16.5 L-48 Mza.53, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Boulevard Kukulcan KM 16.5 L-48 Mza.53, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas


1930 reviews

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 - but quiet, which may be the aim since you're at an all inclusive anyway.
 - The food was as you expect at an all inclusive.
 - even tho it’s an all inclusive.
 - Breakfast is really good and so much better than other all inclusive hotels.
 - We got room service once which was an additional $5 with our all inclusive, super convenient.
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 - My only complaint on what was a great week was the tour to Xel-Ha.
 - We took two all-day excursions: XEL-HA PARK: The first was Tuesday, with an all-day trip to Xel-Ha Park that started at 7 a.m.
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 - Ruben gave me an Omni therapeutic massage and it was absolutely amazing!
 - We hired the cabana on the beach and had package 3 which included champagne massage seafood platter and waited on hand and foot I’d highly recommend it
 - Amazing rose body scrub and Omni massage hot stone and reflexology by Gaby.
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 - The food was delicious and the employees were very nice and helpful for my friend who is vegan.
 - This restaurant had all the options for breakfast, like fresh pastries, fresh fruits, omelette bar and much more.
 - The food was freshly made excellent breakfast buffet.
 - Shout out to CRISTHIAN, the best server in La Paloma buffet.
 - The meats are delicious, as well as the sides and salad bar.
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 - Covid doesn’t stop these guys when it’s time for good family vacation or friends !! !
 - The staff went above and beyond to make us feel like family while we were here.
 - There is great service and there are lots of shows to enjoy with friends and family.
 - Our family just returned from the Omni with this being our fourth stay at the resort.
 - Family friendly resort with lots to do and right on the beach.
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Blvd. Kukulkan 18.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd. Kukulkan 18.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Crown Paradise Club Cancun


3158 reviews

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breakfastxelkid friendlyadultmexican restaurant
 - We spent an hour every morning on the phone trying to reserve a restaurant.
 - Desserts are bland and small selection The a la carte can only be booked via phone between 8am-2pm,
 - You have to call each morning starting at 8 am to make a reservation for only that night.
 - Plus you can only get into one of the better restaurants by calling a reservation number about 50 times at 8 AM or else they are all booked up.
 - but she never returned to the call.
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 - The Mexican restaurant IS great
 - The Mexican restaurant was probably the best food we have ever eaten.
 - It's mainly Mexican cuisine if you are ok with that.
 - Specialty restaurants: we didn’t go to the French (required dressing up and kids weren’t allowed) Seafood, Mexican and Italian were very good, Steak house was just okay.
 - Mexican restaurant is fantastic- we went twice.
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 - There was no reservation booking desk for outside excursions such as xel ha which I was surprised about
 - Did Xel-Ha (great, go on a sunny day), Xplor Fuego (fantastic, you must go), and a Cenotes tour (great day out) the 3 trips cost over £600 for all four of us including all food drinks and transport so not cheap
 - We would recommend the Jungle tour on the speedboat, it was one of our most enjoyable days, as well as the Xel-Ha natural water park!
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 - One night in the adult bar we were amazed at how busy it was and he handled all the orders with ease while looking like he was having the time of his life.
 - Food expectations should remain realistic for adults.
 - There were activities for adults too,
 - Highly recommend getting the Adult Crown Paradise Club upgrade.
 - Gabrielle is an awesome bar tender at the adult pool and works very hard to make sure everyone has drinks.
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 - Our daughter loved going to it!
 - Elena always remembered all of my kids names, (including their nicknames).
 - Me and my kids had so much fun.
 - The kids all loved it
 - We vacationed with children and grandchildren.
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 - The room was disgusting.
 - If you wanna sleep like you live with the flinstones book here 😂 the smell of the buffet still makes me sick .
 - It is disgusting.
 - The rooms were disgusting and the beds were not comfortable.
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 - With an exiting show every night, fun pool activities conducted by the most amazing employees, really delicious food, and more!
 - Variety of food in restaurants and very delicious.
 - We tried all of the restaurants at the Crown least once and all had delicious food.
 - On the plus side, the food in the buffet was mostly really good and, in hindsight, as we wanted to eat mostly Mexican food during our stay we should have eaten 3 of our 5 dinners there.
 - But to be fair resort layout is nice and buffet serves decent food other than that DO NOT STAY HERE.
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Phone number icon(800) 943-5032
Carretera Federal 307, Km 340, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Carretera Federal 307, Km 340, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Moon Palace Cancun


3233 reviews

Trip advisor
 - We also visited Xel-ha which was a fabulous day, swimming in natural rivers, rope swings, etc.
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 - Stayed here because could golf …one round $300 each Ok course brought our clubs.
 - We stayed at the villas at the golf course and loved it.
 - A variety of distinct restaurants, activities for all ages, pools or ocean and 27 holes of golf of course.
 - Great facilities and good golf on tap,
 - Great golf, gym, food, service, and the spa was spectacular.
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 - The few great things were the hot stone massage that I got at the Awe Spa at the gold course.
 - Great golf, gym, food, service, and the spa was spectacular.
 - If using the Spa turn up around 45mins early to use the water Journey (this is a lot better at the Grand then Moon Palace) #DiamondLife #DiamondUkUSA AT adehd2012
 - We did the spa 25 min massages as well and they were very nice.
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 - Food was delicious throughout the resort, and our favorite part was the friendly and outstanding service of the staff/servers.
 - The food and drink are plentiful and delicious and Everywhere!
 - We would spend our day with a leisurely breakfast at Rivera maya.
 - A huge selection of delicious food and drink available.
 - Bravo to all the staff there- from the omelette makers (please get them more cookware so they don’t have to share), to the restroom attendants, we were extremely impressed.
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 - At the end of the tour and a series of different salesmen trying to sell you a membership, which are very expensive, you are offered, what seemed to be, a fantastic offer.
 - We ended up getting charged twice the rate of a taxi for a slow shared bus ride, and "not my department" apology.
 - If you are a Diamond/Residence member and paid like we have this will put a very dark cloud on your pool experience while staying here.
 - We began payments 15 months before our stay and paid the balance off in full two months in advance for 7 nights yet didn’t have rooms when we arrived.
 - During the week the men all went golfing setup before we even got there by the groom which was only supposed to cost everyone $100 each
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 - Our room was located near one of the sound stages
 - The entertainment staff work hard and make it really fun.
 - Great entertainment for all ages.
 - Food was amazing and the shows were so very entertaining.
 - Everything was top notch from the airport transfers, check in, pools, food and nightly entertainment.
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Phone number icon(844) 526-0240
Blvd Kukulcan Km 17, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Blvd Kukulcan Km 17, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Iberostar Selection Cancun


915 reviews

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breakfastxeljapanese restaurantrestaurant reservationgrounds
 - The buffets had tons of choices of food, and the food was fairly good (I say this because we went to Xel-Ha, and the buffet food there was better).
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 - They would say all their restaurants were booked and each time we saw them they were at half capacity at best.
 - reservation for restaurants must be done for the entire stay as most were already taken
 - You also have to make reservations to have dinner at one of the restaurants and they are always booked.
 - Our concierge, Enrique welcomed us, made our dinner reservations, and provided us with any information that we requested!
 - I actually cancelled our second dinner there; - Buffet: we ended up going to the buffet after dining at the restaurants.
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 - The grounds are beautiful and well maintained.
 - General - the general grounds of the property are beautiful.
 - The grounds are VERTY well kept, the landscaping is top-notch and beautiful.
 - There is a protected turtle breeding ground even here.
 - Grounds are nice.
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 - We went without a warm shower until 2/26.
 - half the time there wasn't even any soap.
 - This is a very basic hotel, basic service, basic amenities, and not a pampering/relaxing vibe in any way
 - The tubs had dirt all in the grout and the hallways were filthy.
 - The rooms are old where some of the drawers were broken, mattresses were severely saggy in their middle, tiles around the faucet were broken and glued back.
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 - Our best meal was at the Japanese restaurant.
 - Then guest relations booked us at there Japanese restaurant they were rushed the whole time, to get us out and get the next reservation in.
 - Chef at the Japanese restaurant had lots of trouble with his tricks, maybe he was new.
 - The food and restaurants were ok. Best restaurant was Japanese.
 - The restaurants like the steak house and japanese resturant were okay.
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 - simple stuff like a lime, coke, champagne, etc The buffet is very limited, I didn’t love it.
 - From the Suites we booked into, to the Buffet and Restaurants we ate at, the giant pool we swam in (meeting others from around the world) to swimming in the Caribbean Sea and volleyball on the beach, our family vacation was amazing to say the least.
 - Wow Been going to Mexico for 25 years and this Place from Our Villa to the Buffet and Nightly Dinners was Fantastic.
 - we had some concerns about eating at a buffet due to Covid,
 - the food was ok, basically you have to eat the buffet all day long except dinner where you can chose from the other restaurants.
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Phone number icon(833) 313-3142
Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 4.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 4.5, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Occidental Costa Cancun


899 reviews

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breakfastxelroom cleanlinesscrewsnack bar
 - I spent 4 days in this hotel, entertainment Crew (espexially Daniel and Janet), barmans and waiters are VERY friendly.
 - And more on the staff -- the bartenders, servers, reception staff, cleaning crew, entertainment staff, the hotel manager -- they were all phenomenal.
 - Such a wonderful entertainment crew overall.
 - The entertainment crew was amazing!
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 - 1:30 hours away from major parks and Archeological sites like Xcaret, Xel-ha, Xplor, Xenses, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba.
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 - I had to leave early in the morning for an excursion and the snack bar didn’t have water.
 - Yolanda in the snack bar also made our trip special.
 - There is a snack bar located on the 2nd floor with hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, topping bar, coffee Machine, drinking fountine, and pastries that’s self serve 24/7.
 - The food in the restaurant and 24hr snack bar is gross.
 - If you’re desperate you’ll eat at the snack bar.
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 - If you want WIFI, don't go to this hotel - barely any service.
 - We had little to no problems with the wi-fi and the covid testing was made quite simple.
 - We did have to work in the am’s and the internet was horrendous.
 - but as we were always using the 2 working outlets to charge our various devices we rarely had an available outlet to plug it into.
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 - The rooms are clean, checking was easy, and the people were great.
 - I love this resort, the food is amazing, the rooms are clean and comfortable, and the best part about this trip would be the staff, everyone is so sweet and nice especially Janet, Daniel and Jonathan, made our time here very fun
 - Room was clean and relaxing.
 - The room was clean and the hotel itself was clean and well maintained.
 - Hotel was great and great customer service, room was clean and very nice people!!!!!!!
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 - although the diesel fumes can get quite strong especially if you are eating on the deck at the buffet.
 - Dinner in Mexico Lindo was delicious, all the food was very good and we enjoyed the duck tacos the most.
 - Hotel have 1 buffet restaurant and 3 a la carte restaurants.
 - They had various foods every night that were delicious along with the fact that there are three restaurants and a buffet.
 - Although buffet menu changes each day so you may get lucky.
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 - Too noisy and smelly!
 - There are fumes from the ferry plus loud noise from the engines.
 - We had to switch our room as it smelled like mold and they took 12 hours to provide us with a different room.
 - The snack bar is old stale food.
 - Room smelled like mildew.
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Phone number icon(844) 409-3081
Nizuc, Carretera, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico
Nizuc, Carretera, Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500 Mexico

Club Med Cancun


3319 reviews

Trip advisor
breakfastxelkid friendlyholiday tripstaying experience
 - Those incredible ocean views, delicious food and drinks, and ample activities such as kayaking, trapeze, tennis, snorkeling, and more, made for the best vacation we've had in years.
 - The shows were great and the food was very good, including 2 delicious BBQs at lunchtime.
 - The food is delicious.
 - Food at all restaurants was lovely, often with young kids the buffet was much better timewise, the a la carte restaurants seemed a bit chaotic seevice-wise.
 - Which it remind me of the delicious food there.
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 - Great food, great facilities, clubs for kids of all ages all the time.
 - Family friendly, plenty of activities and a variety of food for picky children.
 - We went to Club Med Cancun Yucatan for Spring Break with a familiy of 14, including adults, young kids and teenagers.
 - We have been going to Club Med Cancun for many many years as a family with 3 boys.
 - Kids clubs are awesome.
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 - Our stay in the Jade Exclusive Collection was the vacation of our dreams.
 - We went to Club Med Cancun Yucatan for Spring Break with a familiy of 14, including adults, young kids and teenagers.
 - It's a good place to go for an escapist holiday if you're not that interested in Mexico itself.
 - This mother-daughter escape into the sun was the healthiest, happiest vacation we've ever done together.
load more ...
 - Special Thanks to BRUNO, the tour manager and his staff Emily and Anna who worked hard arranging our private tours to Chichen Itza, swimming in a Cenote, Telum and Xel Ha.
load more ...
 - but there were also many other great moments and experiences.
 - This was one of our best club med experiences thus far, and the tennis drills and private lessons contributed greatly to our positive experience.
 - If you are going to allow special events to impact standard GM experience, you must at least post this in advance and give us the opportunity to change our plans.
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 - One thing that stood out to me was that our room smelled very musty which is probably something that just comes with being so close to the water and a very humid environment.
 - The one complaint I have is that people there smoke a lot.
 - but the smell was not.
 - The general feeling of the room is disgusting.
 - The low point was the 20-30 rowdy Americans drinking booze, smoking cigars and playing loud music next to the kids pool.
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