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Camino Viejo A San José Km. 4.5, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico
Camino Viejo A San José Km. 4.5, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico

Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas


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staffchileno-beachall-inclusivebreakfast restaurantmarina area
 - We ended up at the buffet afterwards to eat after almost all of these speciality restaurants.
 - Facial tattoos are welcome 👊👊👊 Towel cards will get you exactly 1 towel, no privacy in the bathroom, buffet for breakfast and lunch, it's literally spring break for old people.
 - The food is absolutely terrible with the best meals being the breakfast buffet and the tacos by the pool.
 - The breakfast and lunch buffets always had plenty of variety and the waitstaff were incredibly attentive.
 - The restaurants and buffets are delicious and the nightly entertainment is fun!
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 - We took a taxi to go to the Chileno Beach excellent clear waters to go to the beach.
 - If you like snorkelling, lovers beach, Chileno beach and Santa Maria beach are all worth a visit.
 - We spent a day at Chileno Beach which is a MUST DO!
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 - We visit quite a few AIs each year and this was one of our least favorite resorts.
 - We stayed at the Riu Palace 5 years ago and chose to return to this resort for our adult daughter’s first “all-inclusive” experience in Mexico.
 - The food was excellent for an all inclusive with many choices.
 - This was our first time staying at an all inclusive resort, and we had an amazing trip.
 - So we ended up staying at the RIU Palace All Inclusive.
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 - Location was also great beautiful views of the arch and the lagoon with the marina was great.
 - They offer cheap transport to the Marina and the Arch
 - Its 5 miles to the marina and a $15 taxi ride one way.
 - Central San Lucas is over a 40 min walk so not feasible for quick joints into town or the marina.
 - The location was convenient for getting to the marina where many of our excursions started as well.
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 - There was a musty smell that lingered
 - We ate at all of the specialty restaurants and with the exception of Medano Steakhouse, the majority of the seafood was often inedible and clearly rotten, as denoted by a terrible fishy odor.
 - Walls need paint refreshed and/or wiped down, bathroom could definitely use some cleaning - there was dust/dirt in the corners of the floors and doorways, mold in the corners of the shower floor/wall and urine around the toilet seat hinges.
 - Website clearly says mask mandatory public areas , GYM signs say the same.
 - It was clean, dark, old and musty.
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 - The workers are delightful.
 - The staff was searching for ways to help us.
 - As for the hotel in general, five stars for the gorgeous views, the cleanliness and the friendly staff.
 - I also think it is easier for the staff to receive pesos as gratuities rather than American dollars as well.
 - Great food, excellent staff, and a beautiful property all in one vacation.
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