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Carretera Transpeninsular Km 22.5, San Jose del Cabo 23400 Mexico
Carretera Transpeninsular Km 22.5, San Jose del Cabo 23400 Mexico

Club Regina Los Cabos


1288 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The view of Sea of Cortez, from your balcony is a sight to behold- very relaxing.
 - We loved our balcony with a direct ocean view.
 - This unique hidden gem is exactly that, quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of San Lucas and gives you the never-ending beauty of the Sea of Cortez.
 - Love waking up in the morning having a cup of coffee on the balcony watching the Pacific Ocean and seeing the fishes jumping out of the water.
 - The views are breathtaking, the grounds are well kept, the staff was kind & attentive, our suite was all we needed and more!
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 - The beach at this location is hazardous and inaccessible.
 - Multiple scenic pools, right on the beach, rooms built into a cliffside.
 - Might be better to upgrade for a massage on the beach.
 - Beach access, awesome pools, the staff were amazing and friendly, I will likely return!
 - Nice beach to take walks, watch sunrise and moonrise.
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 - They offer golf cart rides to and from your room to the front desk, pool and the property restaurants.
 - Matteo was wonderful with coming to help us out at all times with the golf cart to take us around.
 - The golf carts are very helpful for getting around the property.
 - The golf cart driver remembered us after 10 years away.
 - Please note there are hills and transport by golf cart is the primary way to get around the cliffs.
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 - We have vacationed in the Cabo del Sol area many times,
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 - There is only one restaurant for dinner and it is slow, mediocre, and lacks any variety.
 - Service is very slow, don't go there hungry.
 - Restaurant service is a bit slow
 - Sometimes when you are getting the food it is a little slow,
 - Unfortunately, the food service is very slow.
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 - Dangerous water condition’s.
 - Pots and pans were warmed, coffee maker from 1980, dangerous exposed electrical outlets, caulk in bathrooms peeling and sink almost falling through.
 - Swimming must be done in the several pools because the surf is dangerous here,
 - The only negative is that you can hear your neighbor and there was no drinking fountains or drinking water in the gym.
 - The only negative was the sea was very rough and rocky and dangerous if want to walk closer to water.
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 - There is construction going either direction on the corridor so I can only imagine what Los Cabos will look like in a few years.
 - I saw a cooker tasting food to see if it was still ok. Service is not friendly and with construction next door is just terrible.
 - The parking was full once and we had to park on the dirty area., My car was dirty due constructions all over.
 - With the construction at the Westin there are two security checkpoints and the overflow parking (which we seemed to always have to park in) is in a dirt construction lot pretty far from the hotel itself.
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 - Highly recommend the Mexican bingo and water aerobics.
 - My boyfriend and I had a great time at the pools, doing their activities.
 - He led Yoga and water aerobics with much enthusiasm!
 - It is also located too far from most of the fun activities.
 - Ulises and Miguel made activities fun, lighthearted and inclusive.
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 - but the furniture and the electronics are very outdated.
 - however the furniture is dated and needs to be upgraded.
 - The rooms and furniture are too old, need to be replaced.
 - The furnitures is old and hard and uncomfortable.
 - The resort could use some furniture updates
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 - but in Cabo it's really best to have a rental car to explore ($6 night for parking).
 - Same with calling for our rental car to be brought up to the parking lot.
 - - Parking is $6/day for a valet to take your car to a public lot where it will sit in the sun, or $10/day for you to park yourself in a garage that’s a mile away.
 - The inconvenient , unsafe parking lot stinks for self parking .
 - The parking was full once and we had to park on the dirty area., My car was dirty due constructions all over.
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Carretera Transpeninsular KM 7 Manzana 10 Punta Ballena, Cabo San Lucas 23410 Mexico
Carretera Transpeninsular KM 7 Manzana 10 Punta Ballena, Cabo San Lucas 23410 Mexico

Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection


2937 reviews

Trip advisor
 - but what made this trip were the services and helpfulness of the staff.
 - We were deeply disappointed by the inattentiveness of much of the staff.
 - Staff is friendly and always available to assist with anything.
 - Another great trip, weather and staff were both amazing.
 - Service, housekeeping and restaurant staff was also generally great.
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 - Views were breath taking, food was spectacular
 - Beautiful room overlooking the ocean.
 - The pool views and service were amazing.
 - Can’t wait to get back in November to enjoy the fall weather and the amazing views !
 - This hotel is stunning, beautiful, clean and has amazing amenities.
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 - But the hotel can help book other activities (off road tours / golf) also.
 - And around property, if you don't feel like walking, there are plenty of golf carts happy to transport you.
 - Answered the phone on the first ring and had a van waiting to take us to the golf course or downtown.
 - butler, Gerardo, catered to our every need, arranging taxi service, golf tee times, tennis court reservations, sending over golf carts to transport us to around the resort, and much more.
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 - We also loved our golf outings to both Puerto Los Cabos and Cabo del Sol desert courses.
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 - but what made this trip were the services and helpfulness of the staff.
 - Excellent service.
 - We spent $9000 for four days, so we expected five star service.
 - Service is immaculate.
 - but service makes up for that.
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Phone number icon011523319304216
Carretera Transpeninsular Km 10.5 CSL-SJC Lote D Cabo del Sol, Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas 23455 Mexico
Carretera Transpeninsular Km 10.5 CSL-SJC Lote D Cabo del Sol, Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas 23455 Mexico

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos Resort


1497 reviews

Trip advisor
golfcabo-del-solrestaurantbeachkid friendly
 - Beautiful, white sand beach, crystal clear ocean, amazing sunrises.
 - Hacienda Del Mar has the most beautiful landscaping, beach and pools Adelina at Tomatoes restaurant is the best.
 - There are lots of beautiful little shells on the beach in front of this restaurant.
 - The pools and the beach were just well done, they are spread out so that no particular pool was overcrowded.
 - To include housekeeping, the gardeners, maintenance, transportation, wait staff, bell boys (Andres, Octavio, Heriberto), beach and pool staff.
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 - If you like to golf, Cabo Del Sol has two courses so you don't have to go far.
 - Additionally, the resort is in a secure facility (Cabo Del Sol)…I felt completely safe taking my 4-mile walk on the grounds and neighboring resorts each day.
 - I’ve returned to Hacienda Del Mar several times and enjoy the variety of restaurants on site as well as the walking distance to Cabo Del Sol, where an excellent Sunday brunch is offered along with other dining experiences.
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 - The meal plan is a good value if you plan to sit at the pool and drink all day.
 - The restaurants served delicious and diverse choices and the resorts activities and celebrations were numerous.
 - The food is delicious.
 - All restaurants have great views.
 - ENJOY ALL of the delicious food & drinkie treats!
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 - Everyone was very kind and helpful taking us and our 1 year old around the resort in their golf carts whenever we requested for a ride.
 - One pool has a swim up bar and overlooks a golf fairway.
 - The resort was so large you had to call to have a golf cart come pick you up.
 - It is our home away from home The staff at the pool and the gentleman who do everything zipping around in golf carts are the best and make our trip memorable and a true vacation experience.
 - The property is very spread out, and they will transport you around the premises on golf carts anytime you ask.
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 - However, at the time of our stay a large construction of their expansion of resort esp at the side of those timeshare owner are happening.
 - To be honest we didn’t even know there was any construction going it’s not very loud.
 - However the Cons are Significant if they truly want to compete with 4 seasons that is currently under construction near the Resort .
 - Some of the rooms near the construction are listed in their system as ocean view that are next to the ongoing construction that starts at 7:30 am.
 - Construction of the Four Seasons Hotel next door was beyond disruptive and the resulting dust and dirt made it impossible to use our room balcony.
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 - All of us appreciated how marvelous Lizeth was with the children.
 - So many family memories we have in addition to our daughter getting married at this resort!
 - The kids club and pool area was a lot of fun for my son!
 - Jose Reyes, Bell Boy was always very attentive.
 - Liz and Anel are excellent with children.
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 - Unfortunately, the beach was closed.
 - Cushions stained and disgusting, leftover trash laying around and several of the restaurants closed down.
 - Guests that just booked direct or through a third party had the same service and are not obligated to pay yearly maintenance fees Very limited “fun” events Bathrooms at the beach were closed - very poor service at the beach.
 - The bathrooms on the beach were closed and taped off with yellow streamers the entire week i was there.
 - Due to construction nearby they have temporarily closed Girasoles,
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 - Yesterday Max had to take down all the umbrellas due to wind, then he put them back up, then he took them down again!
 - although I didn’t come for the last two years due to the coronavirus I can say that it has gotten better.
 - Due to construction nearby they have temporarily closed Girasoles,
 - Also, half the resort amenities were closed off due to a private party that was not disclosed.
 - The food did not seem very fresh some days, I believe due to this.
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Avenida El Pescador S/N El Médano, Cabo San Lucas 23410 Mexico
Avenida El Pescador S/N El Médano, Cabo San Lucas 23410 Mexico

Bahia Hotel & Beach House


346 reviews

Trip advisor
 - The window in the shower faces the outside walkway.
 - We had an issue with our vertical blinds not closing correctly so my wife went down to the front desk to let them know.
 - My boyfriend and I had a short two week window before he had to go back to work August 1st (he's a football coach) and we decided to come down to Cabo for one of those weeks.
 - Two days into our stay we come across the paper and complete it in which we were told there was no way to reserve a shuttle since we were within the 72 hour window.
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 - And they charged us more than $5 for a tiny pack of stale chips.
 - **Management literally only offered for us to leave as the viable solution to compensating for the noise, dust, and smell*** I can guarantee that a chain property like Hilton or Marriott would never, ever, treat their guests like this.
 - The hottub is filthy 3.
 - The not good: There was a strong chemical smell from cleaning supplies.
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 - If you are golfing, check out Cabo Del Sol with 6 holes on the ocean.
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 - It apparently was a higher priced room, which they originally were going to charge us more for,
 - Having access to this as part of the Hotel would normally be affiliated with a property who’s rooms Cost 5 times more.
 - however, I feel like I was mislead by the lack of information and feel that they should be transparent about their rooms and pricing.
 - I put a 3 for the value because for me my room was very expensive in Mexico prices.
 - No WiFi in the rooms unless you paid extra.
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 - The hotel has a check-in time at 3pm.
 - she was always on property checking in and making sure everyone was well taken care of!
 - Checkin was fast and simple.
 - Staff was attentive and even had a text system to request our car, checkout, etc.
 - Checkin was a pleasure.
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 - She clearly said that the restaurant would give us what would look like a bill and not to worry- that it would not be charged to our room
 - And at check out tried to drop a Snickers charge from the mini bar on onto our final bill.
 - The food service is a bit confused in taking orders and prepare the bills.
 - but I think our bill only came to about $60 and it was fine.
 - I am also disappointed that three weeks after my stay i still have a pending charge on my credit card when the bill was settled in full upon leaving.
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 - Marta also said that they sent me an SMS text to explain this ,
 - And if you get bored and need a playa (beach) fix walk around the corner their sister property SUR BEACH HOUSE for some great music, sun, food and libations.
 - Boutique hotel in the heart of Medano beach.
 - The pool area is beautiful and the beach club is awesome.
 - The Bahia is comfortable and so private and quiet by the pool, it creates a perfect escape from the Cabo San Lucas waterfront during the hot hours of the day.
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 - The Sur beach house is a very very short walk (like less then 2 minutes) down the street or a golf cart ride which is easy.
 - • They offer a golf cart ride to the Sur beach club and restaurant • The water pressure in the shower was great and the water got HOT not just warm.
 - but it's less than a 5 minute walk and if you're feeling lazy, they will shuttle you in a golf cart which is actually kind of fun.
 - It’s a short golf cart ride down the hill from the hotel.
 - though it is not on the beach, they have a great beach club only 5 minute walk, or they will shuttle you in a golf cart in 2 min.
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 - This was the host hotel for the pacific fleet Liveaboard company.
 - Beach service is wonderful and cannot beat the views!!!
 - I googled about 10x, each time BAHIA was always front and center available, 2 web sites had described it as ocean front, I trusted it as the name of the hotel said “beach house’
 - Good option right behind the Main Street, no ocean views that we were aware of
 - The hotel site is full of pictures of a beach view and people doing yoga.
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Phone number icon(855) 605-0316
Carretera Transpeninsular, San Jose del Cabo 23400 Mexico
Carretera Transpeninsular, San Jose del Cabo 23400 Mexico

Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort


772 reviews

Trip advisor
 - Covid 19 test was offered at the hotel, which was very convenient.
 - but convenient to eat on property.
 - It was very convenient.
 - We always have a great time, the food is excellent, the swimmable beach and access to water activities on the beach is very convenient and is a great perk since many hotels in the Corridor area do not have swimmable beaches.
 - The amenities are great, everything is super convenient.
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 - our water socks were fantastic on the beach and in the water.
 - We enjoyed the pool and beach everyday.
 - We had a beach cabana our first day, which was perfect,
 - Incredible views and a nice quiet beach.
 - The resort is beautiful, with a gorgeous beach, palm trees and stunning swimming pool.
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 - Signs for the various places on the property are limited and not very helpful.
 - - Put a sign at the adult pool, that says “Adults Only”.
 - there are no signs present of the "no refund policy" I feel completely ripped off.
 - but there was no sign of her shoes.
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 - The property is confidently located to Cabo Real golf course, and close to many others.
 - The Hilton Los Cabos Golf and Beach Resort is the most beautiful, pristine hotel location we have ever stayed at.
 - Spent Feb 6-13 2021 at Hilton Los Cabo’s Beach and Golf.
 - My family and I had a great weekend golf getaway!
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 - Incredible views and a nice quiet beach.
 - but no music so very quiet.
 - Christian gave us great service, and the peace and quiet and refreshment of the infinity pool are exactly what we needed!
 - Very quiet and relaxing, with the exception of a large convention at the end of our trip which was a little obnoxious.
 - Our only complaint is we had an ocean front room on the second floor and were awaken early every morning by the service staff.
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 - Only complaint, which is not hotel's fault at all, is that it got somewhat loud due to a wedding in the hotel next door on one of the evenings.
 - but still I don’t blame them because in the end of the day hilton paying them maybe 10$ a day And charging you absurd amounts for drinks and food on top of unfair rates per night.
 - After arguing with the guy taking my order I eventually talked him into having the chefs make food.
 - but not hotel’s fault.
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 - Hilton Los Cabos is well located- near Palmilla, Cabo Del Sol and Los Cabos & San Jose.
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Camino Viejo a San José Km. 0.5, Col. El Médano, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico
Camino Viejo a San José Km. 0.5, Col. El Médano, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico

Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa


2889 reviews

Trip advisor
 - Yusef was an amazing waiter, his customer service skills are impressive.. he was very attentive, helpful, detail oriented and kind.
 - The service at El Patron was fabulous.
 - She has amazing service.
 - The service is amazing, everyone works so good, we had an amazing attention.
 - I declined all services and booked what I needed directly with Tripadvisor.
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 - They have come up 3 times to try to fix it,
 - On top of that, there efforts (our lack thereof) to fix this problem was very weak.
 - When I alerted the front desk that the dryer did not work, a repair person came up immediately to fix it.
 - Then we needed maintenance to fix deficiencies in the new room.
 - Nothing was fixed or added to my room during my 5 day stay.
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 - The staff at La Casona and El Patron were amazing as always!
 - He was patient & amicable with all of us.
 - This resort is gorgeous with great hardworking people.
 - All of the staff are excellent.
 - Also very attentive.
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 - Think about heading to Cabo del Sol for a Sunday brunch.
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 - Masks cut off human connection and have been proven to be harmful to the health of the individual.
 - However, we had major issues with internet, key entry not allowing us back into our room several times, extremely loud rooms next door to us.
 - Please be advised that internet is not free, you have to pay $10 a day per device.
 - The only negative feedback I have for this hotel is they do not have FREE WiFi.
 - The ONLY downside, no free WiFi.
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 - She helped us make some decisions and book some safe excursions for golf and dolphins.
 - The Palmia golf course about 15 minutes by cab is the best value for the $.
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 - The food was amazing, the shows were amazing, and the staff are the best!
 - Great food and ambiance.
 - The food was phenomenal - even better than I imagined.
 - The food is always hot and tastes really good.
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