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Camino Viejo a San Jose KM 3.5, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico
Camino Viejo a San Jose KM 3.5, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico

Hotel Riu Palace Baja California


1150 reviews

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breakfastdivorce-beachbreakfast restaurantswimmodern
 - Rooms: beautiful, super comfortable and modern.
 - The room was modern and
 - The resort is modern and clean, filled with the most friendly energetic staff.
 - In closing; The resort was beautiful the rooms were modern and clean as well as other areas of the resort.
 - Rooms were very modern and the resort was amazing.
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 - but after looking around we noticed all of our bags had been gone through and birthday cards opened.
 - I learned that the transportation scam is common and no credits no refund, nothing.
 - and they even lied to PayPal about charging us twice!
 - If you have a dietary restriction go talk to the hotel manager, they give you a laminated card to take to the restraints that explain to the served and the cooks what you need.
 - Two ladies at the desk said they emailed Orbitz and gave them permission to credit our card back.
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 - We used memo/Carlos and did the Camel/ATV combo Arch glass bottom boat tour Whale shark swim and hotel California in La Paz.
 - It is 15 minutes away (walking distance on the beach) from Medano where you can take a swim.
 - Pools were gorgeous, the pool on the far side of the resort with a swim up bar snd no bathroom would get pretty murky so we preferred the other swim up bar beside the towel service/bathroom.
 - Pool area: 2 infinity pools and 2 swim up bar pools with bathrooms and changing rooms near by.
 - If you aren't enjoying the service at the swim up bars, sit by Hugo's section!
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 - Recommend the short boat ride to The Cabo Arch at Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach.
 - We took a water taxi to the rocks and arch, highly recommend going to Divorce Beach there as the beach is beautiful.
 - Saw sea lions, lovers and divorce beach where we got out for an hour and enjoyed a swim.
 - Sea Lions, whale watching and more from the beach out there called Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach.
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 - The food is inedible.
 - Breakfast buffet was stacked with delicious food.
 - * Pools 4 total 2 swim up, 1 large infinity next to the ocean and beach and 1 large one next to the buffet restaurant.
 - Alcohol is plentiful and easy to get
 - Mask requirements: Masks are required inside the restaurants, while getting food at the buffet, and in the lobby.
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 - The food is inedible.
 - The buffet was the best part.
 - Breakfast buffet was stacked with delicious food.
 - * Pools 4 total 2 swim up, 1 large infinity next to the ocean and beach and 1 large one next to the buffet restaurant.
 - The rooms were beautiful and the breakfast buffets were perfect.
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 - Viewed the fireworks and drone show on NYE.
 - The only downside was the noise.
 - but some kiosk stores at yvr do not accept them and we thought we would use them on the plane for in flight food but they do not accept them either which was frustrating.
 - There is no quiet time, until after 11 pm.
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Blvd. Paseo de la Marina S/N, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico
Blvd. Paseo de la Marina S/N, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico

Sandos Finisterra


1869 reviews

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breakfastdivorce-beachmarina areashowmarina view
 - While there were some positives including the location being walking distance to the marina, quiet beach with whale watching views, and a really great spa, overall this resort was not worth the trouble and cost.
 - It had everything we were looking for in addition to the close proximity to the marina.
 - Absolutely love how close it is to the Cabo marina.
 - It is a beautiful resort, well situated by the marina for short walks into town.
 - The marina is just across the road where you can walk and shop.
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 - At breakfast Jorge and Jorge gave us great service, also Marlen.
 - Lunch options were plentiful and included tacos, burgers, pizza and sushi in addition to many other items.
 - The food is so good, especially the Marlin Toast (tostada) and the Baja shrimp tacos.
 - Fatima and Yessica at breakfast at Don Diego had a special table for us and a welcoming morning smile.
 - The breakfast was the highlight (particularly the omelettes) and aside from the lack of fresh fruit/fresh items to choose from, it was great.
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 - The entertainment crew were great and always around to make us feel at home!
 - He's always entertaining, never lets our glasses run dry, and we always look forward to seeing him.
 - All the restaurants and room service food was excellent and lots of nightlife and entertainment options!
 - Norman was especially welcoming and entertaining!!!!
 - Special shout out to Dana, Christian & Wendy with the entertainment team - they were amazing!
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 - We actually walked to Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach along the shoreline.
 - We were looking forward to the walk/scramble over to divorce beach
 - although you can't swim at the beach at the resort, the kids loved walking the half mile down the beach to the rocks and climbing over them to Divorce Beach.
 - Plus we were able to walk from our beach to the arch, lovers beach and divorce beach.
 - We took a water taxi to Lovers Beach and walked round to Divorce beach.
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 - From the back of the resort you have views of the marina & the front of the resort faces the ocean.
 - Beautiful views of the ocean and marina.
 - The Marina & the sea of Cortez on one side & Atlantic ocean &mountains on the other.
 - Access to the Ocean and the Marina.
 - It is a smaller resort within walking distance of the marina and great views from so many areas of the resort.
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 - but extremely dated, dirty, had zero decor, was not restocked from the previous guests and was situated directly beside the elevator and a staff supply room which was very loud.
 - Wear your face mask in the elevator and do not go against the rules some people just do not respect the indications!
 - Going to our room we noticed mandatory mask rule for the elevators, which are quite small so probably a good idea.
 - To access the cliffside, you can either take an elevator to an open-air bridge, or go up a long, steep stone stair case from the porte cochere.
 - Yes, we were given a room on the first floor and there are elevators,
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Camino Viejo a San Jose, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico
Camino Viejo a San Jose, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico

Hotel Riu Santa Fe


1978 reviews

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breakfastdivorce-beachpool partyshowmarina area
 - To start off, If you want minimal noise, pure relaxation, and not much of a partier, book the Palace next door.
 - The lack of bathrooms by the pools is disturbing.
 - A few times the music was being played at that bar and while very loud outside, I actually couldn't hear it at all in my room.
 - Pools that were full and warmer were full of drunken individuals
 - When we have had a table, buffets themselves have been very difficult to find food in with the anywhere between 20% and 50% of the dishes being empty with barely left to choose from, and this is regardless of whether the restaurant is quiet or busy.
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 - Most of the day, you will find your parties in the pool.
 - Oddly enough, they did have a pool party called after party that you could attend for $40 per person.
 - I stayed in block 8 facing that party pool
 - A couple pros: Pool party was fun and this is definitely a party resort (which is what kind of vacation we wanted) so if you want a relaxing vacation, this won’t be it.
 - There are so many different pools and they each have different party levels (from family friendly to totally rowdy) so you can choose what you’re looking for.
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 - Evening entertainment standard resort stuff.
 - Good food and beverages, nice entertainment including shows and activities, and the staff is so friendly.
 - Good was amazing, entertainment shows we’re out of this world, food was awesome.
 - The evening entertainment, including the Super Bowl party was a lot of fun.
 - At night they had some entertainment at the main theater which we actually really enjoyed.
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 - Booked water taxi through resort for 10 American round trip to Lovers/divorce beach where you see the famous Arch formation.
 - The arc, lovers beach, divorce beach were beautiful.
 - We recommend taking the water taxi to lands end, lovers beach, and divorce beach as well.
 - They’ll take you across to lovers and divorce beach.
 - Trip to lovers/divorce beach amazing rock formations, seals & pretty fish.
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 - Aside from that, masks weren’t heavily enforced around the resort.
 - Room smelled off damp, No fans in the bathroom all our clothes smelt musty.
 - The Riu gave us the ultimate experience at half the cost of the dirty disgusting resort mentioned above.
 - 90% urine I estimate those pools to be.
 - First night beer in tap tasted & smelled horrible.
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 - We took uber to Marina and took a water taxi to the arch and lovers beach which the kids loved.
 - Good location close to the town, we took a taxi up there it was $14 each way and they dropped us right at the marina.
 - well maintained resort in a great location, 20 min walk to Los Cabos marina along the beach, with five beautiful pools, tasty food with good variety of choices, we liked the fresh juices in the morning, very friendly staff.
 - We were heading to the marina (off-site) for a private excursion, which sent a driver to us.
 - That being said we did book a boat to the arch and then to Pelican Beach, the boat dropped us close to the Marina after so that we could go explore the town.
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 - The omelette bar in the morning was really good.
 - but they are mostly buffet.
 - The buffet has great selection.
 - I went to the buffet (which was closed) and asked staff for a fork.
 - I did enjoy the food, lots buffets,
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Camino Viejo a San Jose Km 0.6 Tourist Corridor, El Medano, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico
Camino Viejo a San Jose Km 0.6 Tourist Corridor, El Medano, Cabo San Lucas 23453 Mexico

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa Cabo San Lucas


1909 reviews

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 - The grounds were well taken care of.
 - We had no problems and felt like the hotel was very clean and well taken care of.
 - but, Arturo took very good care of us at the Bella California.
 - Julio, Luis Angel, and Iracema were so good at taking care of us during meals.
 - Thank you to all the staff at Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco for all the extra care they took to make sure we and all guest at the resort felt safe.
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 - Rooms…Smell like pinesol and musty 4.
 - Once we got through the entire checkin process we proceeded to our room to find that our ocean front room is more of a sliver of the ocean, the room smelled musty, and to top it off - They gave us 2 beds instead of the 1.
 - Strong mold or mildew smell coming from air-conditioning system and room in general is unbearable.
 - rooms are outdated and smelly; resort offers all inclusive AND time share rooms so you never know what is included and what's not unless you ask.
 - The hallways smell humid.
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 - The breakfast was amazing!
 - We loved Carlos at Tomatillo’s and Pedro at the Taco bar with delicious food and drinks.
 - The breakfast buffet sitting by the ocean each morning was great and very relaxing.
 - Our all inclusive was generous and delicious!
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 - there were dinner shows and musicals every night as well as a clean pool, free beach access, and a whale water slide!
 - It's very family friendly, the food is great, and we loved the evening shows.
 - We were able to see 3 shows and each one was better than the next.
 - Had so much fun doing all the activities especially bingo with Alana from the entertainment team.
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 - but strange that being all inclusive you have a stocked fridge full of drinks that you have to pay for.
 - I did think it was a bit much to have to pay for kids club when we were all inclusive
 - But for some reason, the beer, water, soda, and snacks in our fridge were considered "Honor Bar" and we would be charged if we drank them.
 - but only received $89.00 because apparently the resort has its own exchange rate that is different than the banks when it comes to credits (???)
 - So we had to take a 2-bedroom deluxe, oceanfront at Palmar and pay almost double the points.
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 - Quick check-in ALL Inclusive for 7 to be presented with 180 degree view of beach n ocean busy with anchored ships & jet skies having a great time, Los Arcos, to the marina.
 - Very unusual practice for an all inclusive resort.
 - They were confused and didn’t want to honor the 5 day all inclusive, I had problems with my certificate for the market and the spa. 2.
 - My partner and I booked our trip through Book VIP and did all inclusive stay at a discounted rate for attending the "vacation ownership" presentation.
 - Our all inclusive was generous and delicious!
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 - Activities/swimming-I definitely recommend taking a tour to the Arch and spending some time on Lovers Beach and Divorce beach.
 - It is close to the famous arc, land’s end, lovers and divorce beach.
 - Lovers beach with Divorce beach on the Pacific side is breathtaking & a must see!
 - We also did a water taxi tour to the Arc, lovers beach, divorce beach, seal rock etc.
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 - but also needed to work and The WIFi either wouldn’t work or was extremely poor. 3.
 - It costs $10 per device - per day!
 - Another example - there is NO free WiFi at the resort, the snacks in the room are pay as you go etc.
 - internet cost is $45 PER DEVICE, not per room and still bad reception.
 - I just stayed at Villa Del Pamar Cabo (came back yesterday( and I booked this special and WARNING you won’t get the free WiFi like it says and the front desk is extremely rude about it.
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Phone number icon011523319309478
Av Playa Grande 1, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico
Av Playa Grande 1, Cabo San Lucas 23450 Mexico

Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa


2091 reviews

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breakfastdivorce-beachshowmexican restaurantmarina area
 - The entertainment was great!
 - On a positive note, all staff at Playa Grande are the best and work very hard for all guests whether owners or hotel guests, especially Andriana Torres and Jesus at front desk, Waiter-Julio Cesar and Aimee and Salma in Entertainment.
 - The entertainment staff are amazing.
 - All the entertainment staff are so amazing.
 - The beach party and Fiesta were also fun, with dancing and live music.
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 - The Mexican Fiesta was a blast with wonderful food, dancing, and fireworks with Roberto being the perfect emcee.
 - We loved the Mexican fiesta and the Beach party.
 - The Mexican Fiesta and Beach Night are worth doing.
 - They offer so many fun activities from morning stretching on the beach, water balloon toss, Mexican Fiesta, aerobics, Beach Party and Fireworks!!
 - Jorge took care of us at the restaurant and made us special Mexican coffee.
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 - Imagine walking to the iconic arc along the beach then crossing over the the Beach of Love and The Divorce beach.
 - You can walk down the beach to get close to where divorce beach is,
 - It's absolutely gorgeous and if you're able to climb over the rocks you can get to Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach!
 - You are also technically within walking distance of lands end, lovers beach, and divorce beach.
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 - The buffet is excellent.
 - The food was delicious and the service was superb!
 - He showed us a place where we brought fish we caught and they cooked it and it was delicious! !
 - The buffet and endless drinks are the best option for an inexpensive dinner on-site.
 - Both events hosted an array of excellent food (buffet style) and unlimited drinks - shout out to Jorge for his excellent job waiting on our table.
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 - Note that they made us pay the other have of the room charge BEFORE telling us they did not have a room for us.
 - When I told her we had already paid for the weekend she told my husband that it wasn't her problem.
 - People who actually care and pay attention.
 - It may not be the cheapest mani/pedi in Cabo
 - Drink prices were a bit outrageous in my opinion ($26 for a margarita).
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 - We reserved a penthouse 2 bedroom unit with the understanding that we would have an ocean view and it was literally the unit as far as possible from the beach (building E) and facing the Marina.
 - The layout of resort allows for some sweet views of both the Pacific Ocean and the ever so entertaining marina.
 - Located a short walk from the marina, I truly think its location is ideal.
 - The Monday night fiesta is a blast- great show and comedy We could easily walk to the marina for excursions.
 - Walk around the entire marina until you reach the high end shops at the opposite end.
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 - Note that they made us pay the other have of the room charge BEFORE telling us they did not have a room for us.
 - Although they charge $14, many are weak and made with questionable ingredients.
 - So instead of what I thought was a ~$330 credit at the resort, I still owed an additional ~$470!
 - 6) We were accidentally charged twice for our COVID tests.
 - Then they put an additional $300 hold on my credit card without informing us before hand.
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